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Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye

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Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye.

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Detailed Description

Mace Triple Action Pocket Pepper Spray Tear Gas

Unless it is for law enforcement purposes, having several self-defense weapons on your person is highly inefficient and unnecessary. If you feel the need to do that for personal protection, then the Mace Triple Action Pocket Pepper Spray with Tear Gas and UV Dye just might prove you wrong. It contains a mixture of three different and very effective crime deterrents. Pepper spray and tear gas stop attackers, and the dye is used to track them even if they get away.

Introducing Triple-Action Defense Sprays

It can be difficult to choose from the wide array of self-defense products available these days. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The Mace® Pocket Model Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye is a powerful combination spray that simplifies this complication.

Pepper spray, otherwise known as oleoresin capsicum or OC spray, is the main component of this defense spray from Mace®. It is known to cause severe burning pains primarily. The other effects of OC spray include skin inflammation, coughing, choking, vomiting, and respiratory problems. These take effect quite quickly and last for long periods of time.

CN tear gas is the other prevalent component of this all-in-one pocket spray. Tear gas takes effect by targeting the mucous membranes in a person’s eyes, mouth, nose, and lungs. This can cause temporary blindness and uncontrollable tears, as well as burning sensations and disorientation. It also causes breathing difficulties, sneezing, and coughing. Tear gas sprays have a large area of effect, which is effective in riot control situations.

The third component is UV dye. This becomes helpful once you have gotten away safely from your sprayed attacker. UV dye can be seen only under black light or UV light, meaning the felon might have no idea they have some on them, and it is hard to wash off. The dye helps law enforcement officers determine if a person was indeed involved in a certain crime by marking them for future identification.

These three components come together typically in triple-action defense sprays. However, some variations involve only any two of them. Some popular variations are combination pepper and tear gas spray and double-action pepper spray with UV dye.

The Mace® Pocket Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye

This pepper spray tear gas UV dye combination spray from Mace® is available in Pocket as well as Police, Personal, and Leather Plus models. There is bound to be one variant that suits your specific needs.

The Pocket model, specifically, is a compact pepper spray that can fit in small hiding places like pockets and purses. It is arguably the best pepper spray for pocket carry because it contains two other anti-crime ingredients that OC pocket pepper sprays do not have.

You can carry this device around easily without experiencing fatigue, as it is small and light. There is a key chain attachment on it so you can attach the weapon to your bag, purse, or belt.

This Mace® pepper spray key chain comes with a finger grip dispenser. What that does is orient the user’s aim properly, so the trajectory of the spray will be away from the user and not towards them. This is useful in situations where there is little to no light, as the user risks misfiring their weapon in those scenarios.

Another feature of the Mace® Triple Action Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye is its flip-top actuator. It protects you from potential pepper spray blowback caused by strong winds. This feature directs 100% of the OC to the target and removes virtually any chance of you suffering from any effects of pepper spray or tear gas.

A lot of people compare CS tear gas vs. pepper spray. Either one of them is more effective than the other, depending on the scenario. If there are one to a few attackers in close quarters, then pepper spray is more effective. On the other hand, CS gas is better for controlling large crowds of people.

Luckily, Mace® has managed to put the two of them together along with UV dye. Each canister of this product contains 11 grams of 10% OC pepper spray. 10% OC is enough to immobilize attackers even if they are under the influence of substances such as drugs and alcohol. CN tear gas increases OC’s effectiveness greatly.

Each unit contains 11 grams of the OC solution. Eleven grams, on average, can be used for 5 one-second bursts. It can be fired within a range of 6 to 12 feet, giving you enough distance from the attacker to retreat easily to safety.

Pocket Pepper Sprays

Pocket pepper sprays like the Mace® Pocket Model Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye are quite advantageous because you can travel easily with these on your person at all times. They can be carried around inside pockets and purses. No matter where you keep your pocket pepper spray, you need not worry about accidental discharge.

Another advantage of using a pocket model pepper spray is concealed carry. Because it is a small pepper spray, most people will not notice that you are carrying one. This is helpful, as it can be used to catch an attacker off guard.

Pocket pepper sprays make excellent backup weapons, too, since they can be drawn easily from wherever they are kept. This ease of access is useful during a struggle against an attacker. The easy grip design and key ring attachment on Mace® products make their pocket pepper sprays easy to use as well.

Pepper Sprays

Many civilians and law enforcement officers recommend pepper sprays as their non-lethal weapon of choice. These are extremely effective in immobilizing criminals by causing severe burning pains and a number of other effects.

The majority of the pepper sprays on the market, including Mace® Pepper Sprays, have a 10% OC concentration. That means that 10% of the pepper spray is made of the active ingredient, OC. This concentration has heat comparable to that of some of the hottest chili peppers out there. The Infinity Chili, Spanish Naga, and 10% pepper spray all measure about 2 million Scoville heat units.

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