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Mace® Police Model 10% Pepper Gard®

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Mace® Police Model 10% Pepper Gard® is a superior formula of high-grade OC pepper designed to make the eyes slam shut, causes uncontrollable coughing and choking, plus a painful burning sensation.

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Detailed Description

Mace® 10% PepperGard® Police Level Pepper Spray

Among the civilian pepper sprays, one that is police level pepper spray is considered the most potent. This is because it is designed to be nearly as powerful and as versatile as real police issued pepper spray.

When comparing police pepper spray vs civilian pepper spray, the only real difference is that civilian pepper sprays have limited ammo and reach. But the stopping power is the same. You get the same high-grade intensity that police officers use to subdue criminals.

This means you get the full force of police pepper spray with which to defend yourself against any assailant. No longer will you be worried if pepper spray can stop a six-foot-tall brute trying to mug you. In this light, the best police-quality pepper spray might well be the Mace® Police Model 10% PepperGard® Pepper Spray.

Police Pepper Sprays from Mace®

Mace® Pepper Sprays, this one included, are designed and tested by actual police officers. This makes them the most trusted pepper sprays out there. If the police trust this Mace® Pepper Spray, then you know you can, too.

The first feature you will discover right upon gripping it is the finger-grip dispenser, which is shaped so you can hold the spray comfortably in your hand. This grip makes sure you can hold on to it tightly so that attackers can't swipe it off your hand.

Using the pepper spray is very quick and easy, thanks to its flip-top actuator. You can flip it open easily and press down on the actuator with just your thumb. You will be thankful for the flip-top cover also because this ensures you do not press the actuator accidentally while walking or when the device is in your pocket.

This mini pepper spray is designed to be portable and concealable. After all, you will want to maintain a surprise advantage so you can spray an attacker when their guard is down. To ensure this, the Mace® PepperGard® Police Model Pepper Spray has a belt clip and key chain.

The belt clip allows you to holster the defense spray to your side. This ensures you can always reach for it the moment you are attacked, even in your home. Just think about every police officer you see: all of them carry their weapons at their waist because this makes their weapon easy to reach for when needed.

The key chain is perfect for those who are traveling since it will be right in front of you at all times, which is useful if you are attacked while in your vehicle. This will ensure you can use your Mace® immediately instead of having to search for it in your glove box or on the car floor while someone is trying to break into your vehicle.

You will find the Mace® PepperGard® in three other models: Personal, Pocket, and Leather Plus.

The Personal model is perfect for indoor use, while the Pocket and Leather Plus are better designed for outdoor safety due to the portability of the former and the holster of the latter. All of them feature the high-grade 10% OC formula that all Mace® Pepper Sprays carry.

How the Mace® 10% PepperGard® Works

With the Police Model Mace® 10% PepperGard® Pepper Spray, you get 10 one-second bursts. This is a perfect amount because it ensures you will still have enough ammo in case you miss or in case you are facing multiple attackers at once.

Each burst is capable of reaching a distance of 8 to 12 feet. This makes it an ideal choice for indoor use. You never know when thieves might try to break into your home or assault you while you are in your car, so having this police pepper spray will guarantee your safety.

This is where the product differs from actual police-issued ones. Police-issue pepper sprays often can fire up to 50 bursts and reach a distance of 15 to 25 feet. However, in terms of stopping power, police-issued sprays and this civilian police model are the same.

That is due to the unique 10% OC formula that all Mace® Pepper Sprays use. OC or oleoresin capsicum is what makes pepper sprays hot, and the chemical is derived from natural peppers like jalapeño. However, the difference in heat intensity is quite extensive.

Jalapeño peppers can rate up to 8,000 Scoville heat units or SHU, but this Mace® Pepper Spray rates up to 2 million SHU due to its 10% OC content. This is why it is much hotter than other pepper sprays. The police pepper spray effects are felt quicker, and they last much longer.

What are the effects of OC? Getting sprayed with it causes the eyes to slam shut due to swelling and tearing. A person experiences excessive coughing and choking, which makes it difficult to breathe. The intense heat of the formula also causes a severe burning pain on the skin, which feels even more painful on the face.

Why the Mace® 10% PepperGard® Is Advantageous

With many different kinds of pepper sprays out there, what makes the Mace® PepperGard® the best choice? Its main advantage is that this police-grade pepper spray has stopping power that even the authorities rely on. You would be hard-pressed to find another pepper spray this strong and yet this safe.

Some pepper sprays fail to defend their owners because they are not hot enough. That is never going to be an issue with this Mace® PepperGard® Police Pepper Spray. It is guaranteed to be powerful enough to take down anyone, no matter how strong they are.

It is designed to be quick and easy to use, portable, and easily concealed. This makes it a versatile weapon, but like all pepper sprays, it is a non-lethal weapon. This means that you will be able to take down any attacker without causing anyone permanent damage or accidental death.

Another important advantage is that it is safe for use in tight quarters. It reaches an optimal distance for people being attacked in their home or in their vehicle, and you do not have to worry all that much about wind blowback and overspray splash.

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