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Mace® Police Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye

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Mace® Police Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye.

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Detailed Description

Police Model Pepper Spray Mace Tear Gas UV Dye

There are rare occasions wherein street criminals who receive a dose of pepper spray are still able to attack their target and defend themselves. This can be due to the person's natural resistance to the chemical OC or oleoresin capsicum, or it could be because the target's pain receptors are numbed by alcohol or whatever other substance. When you are armed with this Pepper Spray Mace Tear Gas Spray combo weapon with UV dye, you will not encounter that sort of problem when you are taking down criminals.

Triple-Action Defense Spray

The Mace® Police Model Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye is a combination of three active ingredients, each one contributing to the effectiveness of this non-lethal weapon in taking down and possibly apprehending criminals. You probably already have an idea of what pepper spray does. If not, here is a quick rundown of the basic effects of 10% pepper sprays.

The face will feel like its burning. This is the first effect that will take place. It will be followed by the eyelids closing themselves forcibly. The tear glands and mucous membranes will go into overproduction. Coughing and choking will occur. The end result will be an incapacitated target, unable to move with purpose, immersed completely in pain and discomfort.

Those who are able to resist these effects tend to ignore the pain and fight through it, albeit blindly. Any criminal who can resist a dose of OC to the face remains a threat, which is where the pepper spray tear gas combo comes in. CN tear gas is similar to OC in that they are both powerful irritants and lachrymators that force the body to engage its natural defenses. With tear gas, however, it is less about pain and more about targeting the person's air passageways.

In the question of what hurts more tear gas or pepper spray, the answer is the latter. But it takes more than pain to incapacitate aggressive adult criminals. While OC induces profuse burning and some coughing and choking, tear gas induces profuse coughing and choking with some burning. In a way, the two chemicals complement each other's terrible (but completely non-lethal) effects. It is what makes a combination pepper and tear gas spray effective. In some cases, CN tear gas can even induce vomiting, making it even easier to keep the criminal immobile and harmless until the authorities arrive.

Double-Action Pepper Spray with UV Dye

Let us not forget about the third chemical in the mix: invisible ultraviolet dye. Along with OC pepper and tear gas, UV dye stains the skin and clothes of the target. Because it is invisible, the target can escape and not notice they have been marked by the dye. This is going to make it easy for the police to identify them using UV light.

Other Important Product Features

Now that you know what is inside the Mace® Triple Action Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye, what else can it do? Seeing that they combined three anti-criminal chemicals into one spray, Mace® also outfitted this particular spray with features that guarantee safety, convenience, and general ease-of-use.

It is the same size model used by modern law enforcement today. It also comes with a flip-top safety cap that prevents the trigger button from being pressed accidentally. Your thumb (or trigger finger) just needs to slip under it to get to the trigger. It also eliminates any guesswork on where you need to point the weapon, as positioning your thumb or trigger finger on the trigger points it automatically in the right direction.

Its finger-grip dispenser makes handling the weapon a breeze. This ensures you have a firm grip as you are trying to spray criminals' faces during possibly frantic encounters.

You can spray the weapon up to distances of 8 to 12 feet. That is a lot of distance to cover for a criminal who wants to get close to their victim. As the one being targeted by criminals, it gives you enough time to react appropriately and give those criminals a solid dose of the Mace® Police Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye squarely in the face. There is enough of the chemical in the canister, at 18 grams, for up to 10 one-second bursts.

It will be easy to carry the weapon in a place where you can grab it easily, as it is attached to a built-in belt clip and key chain. You can use either one to secure the weapon to yourself. Your belt would be the easiest way to carry it. If you are going to put it in a pocket or in your bag, make sure you will be able to retrieve and aim it in less than 2 seconds. You never know when you are going to be attacked by some street criminal, so it is better to be always ready to defend yourself.

If you are worried about being attacked by the criminal elements in your city, you can't just have a cop follow you around 24/7 for protection. That is why it is sometimes necessary for citizens like you to carry police-level personal protection, which, in this case, is non-lethal pepper spray with tear gas and UV dye. It is your right to be able to defend yourself from criminals.

You should also know how to deal with tear gas pepper spray should you get some accidentally on your own face. The first step is not to panic. And then try calmly to spit, cough, and blow everything out of your mouth and nose. As soon as possible, use water to rinse the skin and any clothes that have been touched by the chemical.

The triple-action defense spray formulation from Mace® comes in different sizes. You can get a slightly smaller canister of the stuff in the Mace® Personal Model. Even smaller is the Mace® Pocket Model – as the name suggests, it is tiny enough to fit in most pockets. If you want the formula in that size but also want a holster to keep it in, you can opt for the Mace® Leather Plus Model.

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