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Mace® Screecher Alarm

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The Mace® Screecher Aerosol Alarm emits an ear-piercing blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm Effective for 1/4 Mile

Anything can be used as a weapon. Any of the five senses can be assaulted in order to either dissuade an assailant fully or get the upper hand in an encounter that is escalating physically. In the case of this non-lethal aerosol personal alarm, you will be able to use your assailant’s sense of hearing against them.

Why Choose a Personal Alarm for Self-Defense?

Personal alarms are non-confrontational and definitely non-lethal self-defense devices that can be used by anyone who can carry a small can and press a button. This is why the use of personal alarms for pensioners, elderly, and disabled persons is a highly advised self-defense measure. The Mace® Screecher Alarm is one of the best personal defense alarm systems on the market. And when it comes to personal alarms best is the only choice there is.

This particular alarm is powered by aerosol, but generally, personal alarms are either aerosol or electronic. Whichever powers the alarm, the purpose is the same: to produce an extremely loud sound that is instantly recognizable as a signal for danger or call for help and direct assistance. No one within several hundred feet will be able to ignore the sound that is produced at the press of a button.

The idea is to immediately dissuade attackers who are trying their very best not to call attention to their crime or assault. At the sound of such a loud alarm, most weak-willed criminals will just abandon the attack for fear of getting caught, either by police authorities or concerned civilians. This tactic is especially effective if, along with the alarm, you shout out warnings or cries for help.

Alone, these non-lethal and non-confrontational weapons can be enough deterrents against criminal activities. However, as you can imagine, they can be even more effective when used in conjunction with other non-lethal weapons or forms of self-defense. For instance, combine the use of a personal alarm with the sting of pepper spray, and even the toughest criminals are going to be left in a state of defenseless confusion, allowing you to escape the situation unscathed.

The effectiveness of personal alarms rests in the fact that they can surprise anyone. A personal aerosol alarm is basically a barbarian’s cry that has been put conveniently into an easy-to-carry and easy-to-use canister for you to unleash at will. Whether you are using one as a way to call for help from anyone nearby or as a quick and unexpected way to stun your opponent and get inside their head, you can rely on this personal panic alarm.

Mace® Screecher Aerosol Alarm

This 10-gram unit contains enough for up to 30 short loud blasts of alarming noises. It can fit easily into any pocket, purse, or bag. Just make sure that wherever you put it is a place where your hand can grab it easily. One way of maximizing this non-lethal personal weapon is by making sure that you will always be able to draw and use it whenever the time comes to do so. This will be easy, as the Mace® Screecher Aerosol Alarm is designed to be convenient for anyone to carry around 24/7.

Just how loud of a noise can you expect from this device? It is going to be heard up to ¼ of a mile or 1,320 feet away. That is the power of its 125dB or decibels of sound. For reference, 125dB is considered the threshold of pain when it comes to noise levels. It is when sound starts to become genuinely painful and stunning. While standing near a working pneumatic drill or jackhammer will assault you with 100dB, and a nearby thunderclap will register at 110dB, this little canister can dish out 125dB. That is why it is quite effective at getting the attention of anyone who is within ¼ of a mile away, as well as stunning anyone who is less than several feet from the alarm.

Using the device is simple enough. Point the hole away from you, and using your thumb, press the push-top activator in order to engage the alarm. Of course, while doing this, you should be psychologically prepared that you are about to unleash a loud noise. Otherwise, you yourself might get surprised by the weapon. So, before you even use it against a criminal, it is advised that you try it out for a couple of times at home, just so you know what you can expect. Should anyone be alarmed by the sound, simply explain to them that you are testing out your new personal aerosol alarm from Mace®.

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Personal Alarms

The Mace® Screecher Aerosol Alarm is an uncommon self-defense device not everyone is familiar with. If your intention is to call for help, you do not have to point it at the direction of your attacker. Instead, point it at the direction where there are most likely people that will respond. Remember, this tiny canister has enough for 30 quick short blasts or 20 prolonged blasts. In a life-or-death situation, if this device is your only actual weapon, do not hesitate to blast its contents in every direction while shouting vocally for help.

As undetectable, easily concealable small weapons, these aerosol alarms are also great for surprise attacks. If you are going to use one in this capacity, then make sure that the alarm is less than a foot away from your target’s ear. In the instance that your attacker gets near you even before you can press the button on your personal alarm, you can use it as a nasty surprise for their eardrums. Unleash the alarm right in your assailant’s ear, and they are definitely going to be stunned for at least a second or two. And while a second might not sound much, you can use it to kick them on groin into submission, disarm them, or ultimately, run away from the danger.

This 125dB Mace® alarm is a sure way to get into your opponent’s head and mess with their defenses, allowing you to make your attack safely or just escape entirely.

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