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Mini Personal Alarm with Key Chain LED Flashlight and Belt Clip

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The Mini Personal Alarm LED Flashlight with Belt Clip and key chain has a very sleek and compact design, but don't let its small stature fool you.

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SKU: PAL-120

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Detailed Description

120dB Self Defense Keychain Alarms with LED & Belt Clip

Personal alarms are often the best first line of defense against burglars and house break-ins, mugging, and aggravated assault or rape. These small self defense keychain alarms can effectively make a criminal panic and run away before they attract too much attention.

This Mini Personal Alarm with Key Chain, LED Flashlight and Belt Clip fits perfectly the type of small personal alarms recommended by police officers. This is because it is incredibly easy to use but very efficient in frightening off a criminal. Even more important is that it is a safe device to use.

This keychain personal alarm is a non-lethal and non-confrontational self-defense device, meaning it will scare off any attacker or burglar instead of making you confront them. If you do need to fight back, you can use this alarm in conjunction with pepper spray, a TASER, or another non-lethal self-defense weapon.

A Keychain Portable Alarm for a Civilian’s Defense

At first glance, this might seem like a very small and flimsy device, but its small size is really a part of what makes it very useful. No burglar, assailant, or rapist would notice you have it in your hand. Even if they notice, they would not know what to make of it, ensuring you always have the surprise advantage.

Personal alarms for runners need to be portable, and that is another benefit of this one’s small size. You can fit it in your pocket, use a strap to keep it around your neck, or loop it around your belt loops. You can keep it in your purse easily or even just hold it in your hand, and no one will notice you have it with you.

This personal keychain alarm has two main functions: as a bright flashlight and as a loud sound alarm. To activate either function, all you have to do is press the corresponding button. There are no complex knobs or buttons to press; just one button for the light and another for the alarm.

A bright flashlight can help you see your path during a dark night, and it can help you see if there is someone trying to follow you. More importantly, you can use a flashlight as a self-defense tool.

A flashlight gives you the element of surprise. If someone is following you or breaking into your home at night, they will be surprised when you flash a light suddenly, directly at their face. This can disorient them and even blind them for a few seconds. This gives you a free moment to run away or to fight back using other non-lethal weapons like a stun gun or pepper spray.

The flashlight will also draw attention. This is very important because all criminals do not want attention drawn to them since it might bring in more people, including the police. With too much light, they will flee before they get caught.

However, the main power of this Mini Personal Alarm with Key Chain, LED Flashlight and Belt Clip is its 120dB sound alarm.

How Do Decibels Work?

A decibel (dB) is the unit of measurement for sounds. 0dB is absolute silence, while a soft whisper will register up to 15dB. The average conversation will scale up to 60dB. Once you get to 85dB and above, you are reaching the really loud sounds that can damage the ears after long exposure.

A rock concert or the sound of a jet engine will register up to 120dB. This keychain alarm also emits a powerful 120dB sound. You will not really be jarred by it because you are expecting it, but a criminal trying to steal your purse will be shocked by the sudden, painful ring.

The loud sound will draw attention quickly. This will force any criminal to drop their attempt on you and run away. This is especially useful on the street where people will instantly look your way or during a house break-in, as the burglar will panic and scramble to leave before the neighbors come investigating.

Package Contents

When you purchase this Mini Personal Alarm with Key Chain, LED Flashlight and Belt Clip, it will come with the necessary LR44 batteries. It uses three batteries, all of which are easily replaceable. What is even better is that this device will take a long time before the batteries ever die out.

The back of the alarm features a belt clip, which is important for those on the go. You will always want to keep this alarm within reach. Otherwise, it will not be of any use. When someone is trying to mug or rape you in an alley, you do not want to waste time looking for your alarm in a big bag. With this clip, you can grab the flashlight alarm fast.

It is available in two colors: black and pink. Businessmen and those trying to hide the device in plain sight might want to use the black variant. Women, or those who want to disguise it so that criminals will not think of it as a self-defense tool, may want to use the pink version instead.

How to Use Your 120dB Keychain Security Alarm Effectively

The first thing you should keep in mind is to always keep your portable alarm within reach. Make use of the belt clip when you are on the road, and keep it nearby when you are at home or in the office. You should always be able to pick it up in a moment’s notice.

Use the flashlight to disorient and then activate the loud sound alarm to cause panic. This is often all you will need to do in order to make a criminal run away. Keep the sound alarm on so that other civilians will notice and come over to aid you.

If you have other non-lethal weapons, such as a stun gun or pepper spray, make sure you use them only after using this sound alarm. It will ensure that the criminal will not be able to retaliate and that they will not have the strength or awareness to take your stun gun or pepper spray from you.

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