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Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor

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The Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is an effective low cost motion alarm that can be used to effectively to deter an assailant.

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Detailed Description

Personal Motion Sensor Travel Alarm with PIR Detector & Flashlight

Self-defense is a term referring to a wide range of factors and elements that can be introduced to the situation. Sometimes, this can lead to techniques and means that might not seem to be effective at first, but in reality, can do a lot to affect the outcome of most hand-to-hand and even ranged confrontations. Such is the case with this motion sensor travel alarm. This non-lethal, non-confrontational device is a personal alarm for self-defense, and its primary weapon is sound. Additionally, it is equipped with a passive infrared motion-detecting sensor that can prompt that sound to go off.

Sound Defense with the Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor

Whether powered by aerosol or by electricity, personal alarms use extremely loud sounds that are easily recognizable as distress signals. This alarming device in particular is electronic. The sounds that it makes are so loud and distressing that, if you are in a safe place and situation and you know a personal alarm is about to go off, you are still going to be startled and uneasy once it does.

Go ahead and try this little experiment when you purchase yours. Also, try to see how you would feel if the alarm goes off without notice. This is what makes loud alarms very effective during self-defense scenarios. These personal security devices can be very resourceful in how they deal with street-level thugs and criminals.

Thieves, burglars, rapists, and other criminals prefer to work unnoticed. As much as possible, they do not want anyone else to be involved in their crimes besides their target. From the criminal’s point of view, the more people are involved, the harder it is to keep control of the situation. This is why a loud noise easily construed as a distress signal can be any criminal’s worst nightmare.

People from hundreds of feet away would hear the sound easily and very instantly, notifying concerned civilians and possibly police or security personnel that something is going on in the direction of the distress signal. This is why a personal alarm can dissuade some criminals immediately from pushing through with a criminal act. As soon as the noise is heard, some criminals might even just bolt on the spot, fully aware that the police might be on the way, ready to seize control of the situation.

When you use a personal alarm, you can also be sure that the effects are non-lethal and non-confrontational. You are really only blasting criminals with sound. You can also get creative with how you use it. Besides calling for help, there are other ways to make use of a loud sound in a criminal confrontation.

In case your attacker manages to get within a close proximity even before you can unleash your personal alarm, it can act as a surprise weapon. If you blast the alarm just a couple feet from a person’s ear, it is definitely going to stun them for a second or two. You can use this window of confusion to do whatever you want. A second or two is a long time during a close-quarters fight. Disarm them. Use another weapon like pepper spray or a stun gun to fully incapacitate them. Grab their weapon and run. You can also simply run while they are still trying to figure out where the ringing sound is coming from.

The best part about these sonic self-defense alarm weapons is that basically anyone can use them. If you want a non-dangerous, easy-to-use self-defense weapon for your teen, this is it. The same goes for people who are elderly, sick, or physically challenged. They can even use this device to call for help easily even during a non-violent emergency.

The Portable Travel Alarm and Its PIR Sensor

There is more to this portable alarm than being a sonic weapon for street encounters. It is also a travel alarm with motion sensor capability. If you are a traveler who likes to sleep in places that you had never been to, then you can bring this device with you and use it as a security precaution.

There are two ways to activate the alarm: either pull the alarm cord at the top of the unit or activate and disturb its PIR motion-detecting sensor. To activate the PIR sensor, slide the cover down to expose it. You will see an off/auto switch under the cover, too. Press auto, and in 60 seconds, the sensor will start detecting motion (up to 9 feet away). It would be advisable to face the sensor towards a door, window, or wherever an intruder is likely to pass through to get to you. This will allow you to always be protected by a motion activated sound alarm, wherever you may go.

Just how loud is the alarm going to be? Once activated, the alarm is going to emit a 100dB or decibel sound for 15 seconds or until you press ‘off’ (or if the cord was pulled, until you put it back in). For your reference, 100dB is the same amount of noise that bombards the ears of a person using a jackhammer (hence, their ear plugs). Not only is this going to surely wake you up in the event of an intruder, it is also going to startle that intruder.

Besides a motion sensor alarm light can also be provided by this device. It comes with a built-in LED flashlight that can be useful in any low-light or zero-light situation. Not only is this convenient but, as you can imagine, also useful in emergencies or criminal encounters in the dark. You can even use it to blind an attacker temporarily, distracting them as you pull out another weapon with your hand.

These personal alarms can also be considered mini alarms or travel alarms because of their size. Besides being pocket-sized small weapons that can be handy on the streets, they are also very easy to travel with. Highly portable, easily concealable, and practically undetectable, these sonic weapons and motion-detecting alarms are definitely worth it.

The Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor uses three AG13 batteries (included for free).

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