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Nylon Pink Camo Holster

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The Pink Nylon Camo Holster is made for the MACE Pepper Gun.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Nylon Pink Camo Pepper Spray Gun Holster

If you have ever had to walk down a street at midnight, you know the feeling that some mugger or killer might be lurking in the shadows, lying in wait for you. You should always be armed with pepper spray out there, but the last thing you would want is to have to hunt for your weapon just when you are under attack. Weapons have their own holsters for that reason, like this pink camo pepper spray gun holster that was made specifically for the Mace® Pepper Gun.

After all, what if you could not find your pepper spray in your bag when the attack is underway? Or is it maybe in your pocket along with the other things that are only getting in the way? Do not just carry pepper spray. Carry it properly so you can always grab it when you need it.

The Importance of Pepper Spray Holsters

It is not of much use to be armed if you can’t reach your weapon right away or can’t even find it. Your pepper spray gun, just like many other kinds of self-defense weapons, will need a holster for pepper spray gun use.

However, just as there are good-quality sprays and otherwise cheap ones, there are also well-made holsters as well as cheap, badly made ones. So, do not go and get just any pepper spray belt pouch that you find.

Your holster should be made to fit the exact model of pepper spray that you carry so it will retain your weapon securely. This Nylon Pink Camo Holster is one such example in that it fits the Mace® Pepper Gun perfectly.

A good fit is important, as it is pretty useless to be armed with pepper spray that tends to fall out of its holder, anyway. And this can happen, especially if you are struggling with an attacker. At the same time, the holster’s fit should not be so tight as to prevent instant weapon deployment just when you are facing a threat and seconds count.

Belt holsters are typical choices since their location on the belt means that the weapon is in a convenient place for accessibility. Likewise, a Pepper Gun holster should always keep your Pepper Gun safe but within reach.

This Mace® Pepper Gun Pink Camo Holster in Nylon is designed to hold its intended content. It is made of soft nylon that is durable, and it has both a snap closure and a belt loop. This pepper spray holster functions as well as the weapon it was made for.

The Mace® Pepper Gun Advantage

There are a lot of pepper sprays out on the market, but you will not find any quite like the Mace® Pepper Gun, which has several advantages over traditional pepper sprays. First off, it is natural to hold and shoot because it was designed just like a water gun, and water pistols have a shape that is highly familiar to everyone. This will give you a huge advantage when you are trying to protect yourself in an actual encounter because, in that kind of a situation, you are going to be forced to react instantly and under very high stress.

However, this pepper spray gun’s real secret lies in its unique pepper spray delivery system that uses Bag-in-a-Can™ technology from Mace®. What that new system does is allow you to spray the pepper solution continuously just like you would from an aerosol can, instead of in separate bursts like you would have to with ordinary pepper spray. And it lets you do this from any angle, even if you are forced to shoot upside down. This gives you more chances of getting out of a deadly situation alive.

The other major advantage of the Mace® Pepper Gun is its superior range compared to ordinary pepper sprays. It shoots out to a maximum of 25 feet, which means that you can keep the bad guys farther away from you than you could with another kind of pepper spray weapon. This will keep you safer, and it can buy you more time to get away from your attackers. That is especially important if you are protecting not just yourself but your loved ones as well. The gun pepper spray holds up to 7 bursts.

Why You Should Get Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is tough to beat as a defense weapon. It is hard to find another device that can be both a powerful and a non-lethal weapon, which is exactly what pepper spray is. It inflicts a severe burning pain into an attacker’s eyes and onto their skin, which will make the suspect drop and will let you get away safely. Unstoppable coughing, choking, and excessive tears can also occur.

If you are particular about how your weapon looks as well as how it functions, fashion pepper sprays like the Mace® Pepper Gun offer you a selection of colors. You can get this neat defense device in camo, matte black, pink, and silver. Go ahead and mix or match the Mace® Pepper Gun Nylon Pink Camo Holster with any of those color options.

Remember that being armed with pepper spray does not mean being ready to use it. Even though anyone can fire pepper spray, being able to shoot an assailant effectively with it requires practice and training. Without any practice, many people have either been unable to fire their pepper spray accurately or forgotten entirely about their weapon because they panicked. That is why it is always good to get some training in pepper spray use. There are self-defense training programs that combine manual defense methods with pepper spray tactics.

Pepper spray has another edge over many other self-defense weapons. It is legal anywhere in the United States, but with some restrictions in only four states. Make sure first that your area permits pepper spray before you order your weapon. And if there are any restrictions, ensure that you learn first how to follow the law before you ever acquire pepper spray, or you will just end up going to jail along with an assailant you just used your weapon on.

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