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Nylon & Velcro 1 lb. Pepper Spray Holster

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Holster with Belt Loop for Wildfire 18% sprays - 1 lb.

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Detailed Description

1 lb. Pepper Spray Large Size Nylon Velcro Holster

For a personal self-defense weapon like pepper spray large size canisters can hamper reaction speed. However, there is a way to avoid this: use the Nylon & Velcro 1 lb. Pepper Spray Holster to secure your large canister of pepper spray. It is the simplest way to keep your weapon in a place that makes it easy to grab and shoot in an instant. Quick reaction time is just one of the perks of using a holster to keep your weapon beside you.

The Many Benefits of Holstering Your Weapon

Many people do not see holsters as essential equipment in self-defense. This is a big mistake because there is no handheld weapon in the world that can't benefit from being holstered. From samurai swords to large pepper spray cans, holsters play a vital role in the effective use of any personal weapon that you use with your hands. They are far more than just fancy accessories that go with your weapon. Holsters can give you certain advantages that might just give you the edge over the criminals who decide to attack you.

A pepper spray with holster is a weapon that is covered consistently with a layer of protection. In fact, weapon protection is the original purpose of the very first holster designs. In the case of this nylon pepper spray holster, that protective layer can dampen certain physical impacts to your weapon. Besides protection from the obvious, holsters also aid in weapon retention, or the ability to not let others take your weapon from you.

By positioning your holstered weapon in a place where your hands can grab it easily, you are also putting it in a secure place that can be protected easily by those same hands. This way, anyone who attempts to grab your weapon is more likely to end up getting sprayed.

1 lb. WildFire Nylon Pepper Spray Holster with Velcro

Most of this product is made from nylon. Besides being a protective material, nylon is also tough and will likely last for years if used properly. At the back, you will find its belt loop. You can put your belt around this loop while you are putting your belt on. Just pick a position on your waist where you intend to keep the holster. The most ideal and ergonomic positions are either the 9:00 or 3:00 positions of your waist. These are the positions that give your hands quick access from comfortable angles.

The 4:00 and 8:00 positions will work great, too. Pick whichever position gives your dominant hand the most ergonomic advantage. As you are putting your belt on around your pants, simply place the holster in the correct position and put your belt around its loop. Close your belt, and the holster is secured. If you are not comfortable with the initial position you picked, open the belt, take off the holster, and adjust its position accordingly.

It may take some time, but finding the right position for your holster is crucial to its proper operation. The more comfortable you are with where your holster is, the better you will be at unstrapping it and retrieving the pepper spray.

This particular holster is not just made of tough nylon. It also uses Velcro to secure its 1 lb. load. A simple and straightforward design allows you to access your weapon from this holster using just one hand. This is the next important thing you need to master after picking the position of your holster: the quick retrieval of your weapon.

In fact, you should devote some time to practicing the motions of unstrapping the holster, drawing the pepper spray, and aiming it in the right direction while your finger rests on the trigger, ready to fire. The more you train in these particular motions, the more you will be comfortable with the movements, and the faster you will be able to execute them. Practice these enough, and you might be able to do it in less than a second.

The ability to draw your weapon in an instant is one of the most crucial benefits you can get from holstering your weapon. You can utilize it to deal quickly with criminals who make the mistake of attacking you, even before they can make any move to harm you. And because this holster is ideal for arming yourself with either the 1 lb. WildFire FireMaster or Pistol Grip hot 18% pepper spray, these criminals are in for a painful surprise.

WildFire Pepper Sprays are more potent versions of the regular pepper sprays on the market. At 18% OC (oleoresin capsicum), WildFire's appropriately nicknamed ‘hot pepper sprays’ induce the effects of OC much more aggressively than their 10% OC counterparts. The results are the usual effects of chemical pepper spray: facial burning, temporary blindness, coughing, mucous overproduction, choking, and tears running down the person's face. But in WildFire's case, everything lasts longer and hits harder.

In fact, in the Scoville heat scale, a collection of data that measure the heat-inducing potential of pepper-based products, WildFire clocks in at an impressive 3 to 4 million SHU (Scoville heat units). And while its effects are terribly painful, you can rest assured that you will not be killing your attacker, as these chemical sprays are non-lethal weapons. You will, however, be fully incapacitating the culprit.

The 1 lb. WildFire Pepper Spray Holster in Nylon with Velcro is ideal for carrying large pepper sprays for use outdoors or while mobile. This is because holsters allow you to be armed and ready while also keeping your hands free for chores and whatever other activities.

Whether you want to carry WildFire with you 24/7 or are just looking for some personal security while you are hiking or camping in the woods, you can use this holster for your large pepper spray canister. The amount of OC spray you can carry also makes it ideal for police and security officers who are in charge of controlling rioting crowds.

If you are looking for a holster for smaller pepper spray canisters, you can also get these in 2 oz. and 4 oz. sizes.

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