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Paintballs - 100 pack

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Paintballs - 100 pack for use with a blowgun

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Detailed Description

Paintballs 100-Pack for .40 Caliber Paintball Blowgun Kit

The first uses of blowguns were for hunting and for warfare. For hundreds of years, blowguns were used for these purposes. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of other blowgun uses, such as for sport and recreation. People can purchase blowguns and use them to play paintball, for example. A paintball blowgun kit is available here for blowguns, so they may be converted into semi-automatic paintball guns. Paintballs for such blowguns are just as easy to buy on this site.

Introducing Paintball Blowguns

When people talk about playing paintball, they usually visualize the bulky guns that are used regularly to play the sport. However, this is not always the case. Other gun devices can be used to play paintball, such as blowguns. These blowguns for paintball can be filled with ammunition if you get this Blowgun Paintballs 100-Pack.

Make no mistake: the blowguns being used for playing paintball are not specially produced or customized. All it takes is the right accessories and a regular blowgun can now be used to fire paintballs at extremely high velocities. These accessories are affordable and can be attached easily to the blowgun without the need for assistance.

Paintball blowguns usually come with a variety of precautions to ensure the user’s safety while using one. A common safety precaution to be found on these devices is an anti-inhale safety mouthpiece.

Paintball blowguns are more accessible than their paintball gun counterparts. They are much cheaper compared to the latter, and they require less maintenance. From midsized to miniature paintball blowguns, they even require less training for you to learn how to aim and fire properly with great accuracy.

Even paintball blowgun reviews would indicate that a lot of paintballing enthusiasts have shifted over to the use of paintball blowguns because of their many advantages. They are lighter than the regular paintball guns and can therefore be carried around for longer without causing fatigue. Blowguns are also very silent, which will give you the extremely important advantage of stealth in the game.

Playing with the Blowgun Paintballs 100-Pack

This Blowgun Paintballs 100-Pack is intended for use in playing the game of paintball using a blowgun rather than the regular paintball gun. Getting paintballs for use as ammunition with a blowgun can’t be easier. You could buy paintballs in bulk or wholesale, and this would save you money, increasingly so in the long run. Being economically friendly is one of the main advantages of buying blowgun ammunition in bulk.

Those who make use of paintball blowguns regularly should see to it that they always have a stockpile of ammunition. You never know when you will run out of ammo suddenly. If you find yourself in this type of scenario, you might have to purchase paintballs in haste and possibly wait for an amount of time while being unable to wait for the best deals.

Our Blowgun Paintballs 100-Piece Pack contains 100 pieces of paintballs with assorted colors. This amount of paintballs is more than enough to cover the ammunition needs of most paintballing enthusiasts in each outing. This pack contains 100 nontoxic, high-quality paintballs that are sure to give you the most bang for your buck.

There are other versions of these paintball packs for sale. Aside from the 100-pack, we also have the 250-pack and 1000-pack, each containing 250 and 1,000 paintballs, respectively.

Using a Blowgun to Play Paintball

A lot of people are looking for ways to turn their blowguns into full-fledged devices for use in the game of paintball. Luckily, there are accessories and add-ons for blowguns that allow them to be used for paintballing. A very good example of this is the Splatmatic. This add-on for blowguns can turn one into a semi-automatic paintball rifle that shoots paintballs at remarkable speeds and with lots of precision. Targets can be hit using this device from great distances.

The Splatmatic works with any .40 caliber blowgun, and we have a range of .40 caliber blowguns that are compatible with it. You can go through the attachment process easily. In just a few moments, this accessory will be attached to your blowgun and ready to go. Getting a Splatmatic paintball blowgun is a great idea if you are into paintballing. If you already own a blowgun and want to dabble in paintballing, then it would also be a worthwhile buy.

Just like our blowgun paintball packs, there are also different available variations of our blowguns on the site. Blowguns vary in length, and ours come in choices of 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches long. These are all .40 caliber blowguns that were precision-manufactured with the use of seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing. They are 100% made in the USA.

However, can you use a regular blowgun to play paintball? It is not impossible, but without an accessory like the Splatmatic, it will be extremely ineffective. You will have to keep multiple quivers just to have sufficient ammunition, and you will need to reload after every shot that you take, which will be painfully time-consuming during the game. Imagine doing that with your Blowgun Paintballs 100-Pack.

Safety would also be an issue, as traditional blowguns are not equipped with the proper safety features in order to keep you safe while you are using it to play paintball. So, not only will it be ineffective to use an unmodified blowgun to play paintball, this also poses risks to your wellbeing. Obviously, this is not ideal.

The Other Uses of Blowguns

Aside from paintball games, there are no doubt various other uses for blowguns. You could bring your blowgun with you during your wildlife excursions. Blowguns can be used for hunting and for defense against animals, to be sure. There are also those who use blowguns for sport. Target shooting is a popular activity done with blowguns.

Blowguns are effective for hunting because of a number of reasons. The target will not see the ammunition coming because blowguns are silent when they are fired. The long-range capability of blowguns also allow users to be at a safe distance away from their target when they fire.

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