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Paintballs - 1000 pack

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Paintballs - 1000 pack for use with blowguns.

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Detailed Description

1,000-Piece Pack .40 Cal Blowgun Paintballs for Repeater

Do you and your friends and family like the idea of shooting at one another with paintballs but do not really want to do it with armor and paintball guns? You should check out these .40 cal blowgun paintballs. Each piece in this Blowgun Paintballs 1000-Pack is designed to be used not with paintball guns but with paintball blowguns. Yes, there is a way to shoot paintballs using blowguns, and if you want to know more, just read on.

Change the Battlefield of Paintball

Using blowguns to launch paintballs can change the way that you and your friends play the game. There would be no need to don heavy pieces of protection just so you will not get bruised or worse when hit by a paintball. Ammo from blowguns hurt, but it is nowhere near the level of damage that a paintball launched from a paintball gun can do. In a paintball war with friends and family, the essential safety gear would be goggles to protect the eyes, along with instructions to not hit anyone below the belt.

Naturally, the lack of bulky armor will leave you with more freedom to move as you please. You would have the choice to move quickly and silently, just like every shot from your blowgun. If you were playing in a thick forest or an area with a lot of cover, you could take advantage of the terrain and take out the other team without ever being seen nor heard. It is the perfect way to play ninja and ‘assassinate’ friends and family.

Another advantage is that with paintball blow guns tools for paintball-proofing playing areas are less necessary. You could play in any backyard with regular fencing. There would be no need to put up specialized nets at every angle of the playing area. Unless you want to be extra careful, there would be no need for a net in the first place as paintballs launched from blowguns aren’t really dangerous.

Whether you want to be a serious marksman, a weekend warrior, or a combination of both, paintball blowguns are the weapons that you’re looking for. And with the blowgun paintball sale prices on this website, you’ll be able to get yourself tons of cheap ammo. Practice makes perfect, and if you want to get lots of practice, you’ll need the ammunition.

Complete Your Paintball Blowgun Arsenal

This Blowgun Paintballs 1,000-Piece Pack is just a part of what you’ll need to get started shooting paintballs from blowguns. Another essential part is the Splatmatic blowgun accessory. It attaches to any .40 caliber blowgun, and becomes a chamber that enables semi-automatic shooting action with paintballs as ammunition. It can turn any ordinary blowgun into a blowgun paintball repeater.

Here, you’ll also be able to purchase T-6061 aircraft-grade aluminum blowguns in different lengths: 72”, 60”, 48”, 36”, 24, and 18”. Each one can be fitted with a Splatmatic accessory attachment because they’re all .40 caliber. Longer blowguns are heavier and more difficult to aim and carry, but once you get the hang of using them, you can shoot more accurately over great distances. Provided you have the lung power, any one of these blowguns can shoot projectiles up to more than 200 feet, even the smaller blowguns, which are also much easier to carry, aim, shoot, and conceal.

The Splatmatic comes with a paintball magazine with a capacity of up to 20 paintballs. If you want to be able to hold more ammo than that, you’ll need the Splatmatic Paintball Magazine Quiver. It’s another attachment to your blowgun, and allows you to effortlessly carry 4 magazines. Along with the magazine that’s already loaded into your weapon, this allows you to hold a total of 100 paintballs, right on your blowgun. If you want to be a paintball blowgun commando, you’ll definitely need this quiver.

Besides the Blowgun Paintballs 1,000-Piece Pack, you can also get paintballs in packs of 250 and 100. But as you can tell from the prices of the packs, it would be cheaper in the long run to get the 1000-Pack. Of course, that depends on your current budget, which is why these smaller packs are available. A 1000-Pack would be perfect for a backyard paintball blowgun shootout party with friends and family.

Darts: the Basic Ammunition for Blowguns

Without the Splatmatic, the most basic ammunition for your blowgun would be the metal dart. Despite its humble looks, any ordinary strong steel dart is capable of astonishing things.

Even from a distance, a dart that’s been properly launched from a blowgun can pierce even a ½” piece of plywood. In fact, any amateur who’s just learned how to use a blowgun can easily pierce a ¼” piece of plywood with a dart. This type of practice shooting using non-moving targets is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the use of your blowgun without spending paintballs.

Darts come in a 250 or 100-Pack. Having a lot of darts on hand means more time to practice and a lot less time walking to your target and retrieving ammunition. More darts also make more sense for the other activities that you can do using blowguns.

If basic target shooting at non-moving targets starts to bore you that means you might be ready for advanced techniques. Try shots that are more difficult, like using darts to separate the fruits from a tree. Try to shoot accurately while your body is in motion. If you can do these comfortably, then you’re ready to hunt small game using your blowgun.

With enough practice, you’ll be able to instantly bag small animals like squirrels, rabbits, and even small birds. Some blowgun marksmen have been known to regularly hunt doves and pheasants while the birds are flying in the air. The best part is that the animals you hunt won’t even hear or notice the dart that’s flying straight at them.

If you manage to perfect your aim, you could even use your blowgun to stop a wild animal attack. It’s in this type of situation where you’ll really appreciate the long range of the .40 cal blowgun.

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