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Paintballs - 250 pack

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Paintballs - 250 pack for use with blowguns.

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SKU: PB-250


Detailed Description

Paintballs 250-Pack for .40 Caliber Paintball Blowgun Pistol Repeater

If you want a more carefully planned paintball game, one where every shot counts, then you should use a paintball blowgun pistol instead of the regular paintball guns that rapid-fire. Blowguns are very powerful, but they require patience and practice to use properly unlike the clumsiness and randomness of shooting regular rapid-fire paintball guns.

Of course, to use a paintball blowgun, you will need paintballs. This Blowgun Paintballs 250-Pack holds enough paintballs for a small and short game. Also, 250 paintballs are perfect for target shooting and practicing your aim and strength in blowing into the blowgun.

Keep in mind that these are for .40 caliber paintball blowguns like on this site. Most .40 caliber blowguns use real darts and are used for survival or for hunting due to their high-velocity firing power. But with a simple attachment, you can use them to fire these .40 cal blowgun paintballs.

These Blowgun Paintballs

This particular pack contains 250 paintballs. 250 is already a very high number if you are using a blowgun since firing each ammunition requires time and skill unlike the randomness of squeezing a trigger on a regular paintball gun. It turns a paintball match into a very tense, very skill-based game.

For a large game 250 might not be enough but it is ideal for short games and for target shooting. If you have a son or friend who isn’t used to using a paintball blowgun then they can use this short pack to practice and get used to the differences. It’s even ideal for kids since paintballs are safer than darts.

250 paintballs are also perfect for people teaching self-defense and hunting to classes. You don’t want students to use real darts because their inexperience could lead to someone getting hurt so using paintballs will be an ideal starting point.

If in case you are going to need more paintballs, say for a wide-scale paintball war game in the woods with several friends or for a competition, then you can avail of the 500 pack and the 1,000 paintball pack. They are also designed specifically for the .40 caliber paintball blowgun.

How can you convert a dart-firing .40 caliber blowgun into a paintball gun? All you need to fire these 250 paintballs is the Splatmatic attachment. Just remove the mouthpiece of your regular blowgun and lock-in the Splatmatic. Once it’s attached you can now fire paintballs instead of darts.

This ensures that you can get a cheap paintball blowgun; you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a dedicated paintball gun since this attachment, which costs less than $15, will turn your professional .40 caliber blowgun into a paintball gun instantly and without much effort.

It’s a cheaper and quicker solution compared to buying a separate blowgun. Dedicated paintball blowguns for sale can be expensive but this cheap but durable and powerful attachment you can use your regular blowgun. It’s convenient, quicker, and cheaper.

The Splatmatic magazine holds 20 paintballs. It is a semi-automatic so all you need to do in order to reload is press a button. This is much faster than manually putting a paintball in your blowgun after each time you fire. It will allow you to keep firing in case your opponent is very close or is trying to get away.

A pack of 250 paintballs can go by quickly in a match. However, the Splatmatic attachment only holds 20. Where will you put the rest of your ammunition? Luckily you can also avail of an optional Splatmatic magazine quiver that holds 4 additional magazines, allowing a person to have 80 extra ammunition.

With the magazine quiver you’ll have 100 paintballs at the ready. You can keep the remaining 150 in your pouch. This will let you stay armed at the ready at all times. If all 100 paintballs have been fired you can quickly fill the magazines again to get back up and fighting.

How Paintballs Work

But how do paintballs work in the first place? Paintballs are actually quite similar to gel-cap pills. The capsule is very fragile but won’t shatter when dropped from a short height. Inside the capsule is the “paint” which is actually a biodegradable, non-toxic and washable liquid.

The reason for using a paintball blowgun is because the paintball won’t shatter until it hits at a high speed and with enough force. A .40 caliber blowgun can fire at 350 feet per second which is enough for a dart to penetrate a quarter inch of plywood with ease so imagine what it can do with a paintball.

Impact from getting hit by a paintball can be quite painful but there are no permanent injuries sustained from paintball hits. The paint will often splatter with a 6-inch radius, making each hit quite visible. This is important for professional matches because it lets the players easily know who was hit and who hit them.

How Else to Use a Blowgun

While blowguns are often used for paintball games, they can be used for other purposes as well. As a matter of fact, a blowgun is often associated as a hunting or survival weapon.

This particular blowgun is powerful enough to hunt down deer, rabbit, and other large game. Using a dart you can even use it to defend yourself against wild dogs, bear, and other dangerous animals. You might even need to defend yourself against unruly people trying to mug or rape you.

Other people use blowguns for target shooting. It is a professional sport and hobby, similar to archery and target shooting with firearms except these use paintballs or darts. Many people become quite proficient with a blowgun and if you want to try this is the ideal tool to start with.

The most powerful variety of this blowgun is its 72 inch variant but it is also available in 18 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches. All of them are attachable to the Splatmatic paintball converter. If you do have the Splatmatic, make sure to keep yourself loaded with this 250 paintball pack.

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