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Pen Knife

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Pen Knives are actual pens that could save your life.

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Special Price $5.10

Regular Price: $6.00

Detailed Description

Disguised Ballpoint Pen Knife Self Defense Weapon

Effective pen knife self defense relies on quick and precise motions using a portable short blade disguised as a normal, everyday ballpoint pen. Hold it in your hands, and it is going to feel and weigh like a normal pen. And just like any pen, you can take it with you anywhere. You can even just clip it on your shirt or jacket pocket in plain view. But open it up, and instead of just a pen, it reveals a short, non-deadly blade that can be efficiently used in self-defense.

Defend Yourself Using a Combination Pen and Knife

There are plenty of defensive tactics you can apply using this ballpoint Pen Knife. Thanks to its disguise, keeping and carrying it will be easy. You can hide it in plain sight because of how it looks and feels, whether on your person or in a specific location, like your work desk at home or at the office. You can even put it in a container along with real pens, and it can disappear completely into the scenery, without anyone being the wiser.

Should someone who needs a pen happen to pick it up, they could use it as a pen without even realizing it is also a short blade. That is right, this is a pen knife that writes as well as cuts. Besides supporting its disguise, this makes the weapon ideal for the work desk as both a pen and a neat little letter opener.

In fact, the length of the blade is just 2.13 inches. While this length is considered non-deadly, as you can imagine, even such a small blade can be highly effective in the hands of someone who knows how to wield it properly.

Practical Weapon Tricks

Besides its being inconspicuous, there are plenty of pen knife tricks you can learn and apply when defending yourself with this weapon. For the purposes of practicality in self-defense, you only really need to know a couple of these tricks. The first is simple enough. Hold the pen knife's handle (it is the pen end of the device) firmly in your closed fist. Use your forefinger and thumb to get a grip on the other half of the Disguised Pen Knife, and push it off, revealing the knife.

In the event that a criminal is already near you, just drop this part of the device. It will be faster. As soon as you separate this half of the device and reveal the knife, get your thumb and forefinger back on the handle in a firm grip. You can practice this motion on a table so you can easily retrieve the half that drops off every time you do it. As with any knife trick, you should keep practicing until the motion becomes completely natural to you.

There is an even more practical trick or tactic you can apply. Keep your knife in a pocket in your pants, preferably at waist level. In your pocket, the pen end of the device should point upward while the knife points downward. Reach into your pocket, and grab the pen end firmly. Use your thumb and forefinger to feel for the pen clip on the knife end's cover. The pen clip should face the back side of your pocket. If it does not, rotate it so that it does.

Once the clip is in position, hold the handle or the pen end firmly, and pull the device out. The trick is to open the knife as you pull it out by hooking the clip to the back edge of your pocket. It is a similar trick used by certain military personnel armed with special notched folding knives. In the case of the Ballpoint Pen Knife, the pen clip acts like that special notch, revealing the blade automatically as the device is pulled out of the pocket.

Besides being time-saving and ergonomic, this trick or maneuver drops the cover, not on the ground but in the pocket where you keep the weapon. With a little practice, you will be able to accomplish this move in one liquid motion. You can even pretend to surrender your phone over to a criminal and reach slowly into your pocket, only to attack quickly with a short but nasty blade. Anyone who is not expecting it can be disarmed quickly with a precise slash or jab to the fingers.

Practical Tactics Using a Disguised Pen Knife

The abovementioned tricks can be better utilized when you take advantage fully of the fact that these are disguised self-defense weapons. Even before the actual confrontation with any criminal, you can build the ground work of a surprise attack simply by looking unarmed. This is because the more harmless you look, the less your attacker will expect you to be able to defend yourself.

Once you convince stalking criminals that you are harmless, it will be a lot easier to keep them at bay using any of the two practical pen knife tricks you have already learned above. They will not be able to dodge what they will not see coming. This way, you can target precise areas of the body that can be really painful when stabbed or slashed with a 2.13-inch knife.

Another key advantage of having the element of surprise on your side is being able to attack first. In a melee with a criminal, having the initiative to attack and using it wisely can allow you to end the encounter swiftly on your terms. With a quick attack or two, you can leave your attacker bleeding, confused, and possibly even disarmed.

This might be the tiniest knife that you will ever hold in your life. It is also one of the fastest and most discreet.

The Ballpoint Pen Knife is available in black, gold, and silver. Any of these colors look more like they belong in the office rather than a self-defense situation, although as you know, they will work fine for both. Anyone who has any sort of use for a pen, a small knife, or both, will enjoy a pen knife gift for their birthday.

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