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2oz Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster

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Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster

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Detailed Description

2 oz. Tactical Leatherette Small Pepper Spray Belt Holster

The purchase of a self-defense weapon is a decision. You zero in on one thing out of myriad choices that you think you can use the best to save your life. Now, if you will be picky about your weapon, then why not get smart about how you will carry it, too? Wearing your personal pepper spray in a personal pepper spray belt holster means one less big obstacle to defense: that of the spray getting compromised before it can be of any use.

This 2 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster is, for various discernible reasons, the perfect place to hold a 2 oz. pepper spray on your person at all times. After all, your excellent choice of a weapon is pretty pointless if the weapon is going to be unusable or unavailable when the time comes.

Ways to Carry Pepper Spray

Here is an idea: cling to your pepper spray for dear life. Stick with it 24/7, even to the restroom or when you go to bed. This is the rule of thumb with defense weapons. Carrying one in any frequency less than all the time only defeats the purpose of having it in the first place since the one time you leave it could be when you get attacked.

If you can commit to being armed around the clock, then you can commit to being ready and able to defend yourself. For carrying day in, day out, the ideal pepper spray is simply one that is small and portable. These small pepper sprays come in what consumers know as personal sizes, for personal carry and use, so they are also called personal pepper sprays.

With these compact pepper sprays, you never have to worry about your weapon sticking out of or showing in your workwear or evening clothes. It is never an issue to bring it along wherever you are going, and it can fit in just about any pocket or purse. You can even hide it in your hand when an attack is incoming. It will feel as natural to have on you as, say, your house and car keys.

Carrying such a portable and small pepper spray around while it is bare and unprotected is never a good idea. If you put your phone, passport, and sunglasses in their cases, then your defense spray should have one, too. Popular options include pepper spray leather case holsters, for example.

If you have or want to buy a 2 oz. pepper spray, then put it in this 2 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster. Even mini pepper sprays and key chain pepper sprays come holstered in attractive leather pepper spray holder types for retention, style, protection, and concealment.

How to Wear a Spray Holster

There is much to be learned from the police duty belts that hold law officers’ lethal gun, non-lethal gun, non-lethal chemical spray, flashlight, and handcuffs, among others. One is the importance of being armed always, including being armed with a non-lethal weapon. Certainly, unless you are as much at risk as the police of encountering crimes repeatedly and having to control riots, then one single weapon would suffice. Bringing that many along at any given time is plain excessive.

Another is the benefit of holstering a non-lethal yet incapacitating chemical spray, be it OC pepper, CN tear gas, CS gas, or a combination spray. This is for everyone’s protection, including the officer.

A third is the effectiveness of carrying these different weapons on a belt, at the waist or hip area, in the 4:00 position. This location is long established as the best, most accessible location for just about any handheld object, including cell phones, cash, and push daggers. With your pepper spray at your 4:00, you can grab it when you are standing up or sitting, kneeling, or lying down.

There are exceptions to the rule. If you want to carry your weapon concealed, then you could keep it on the belt area but inside the waistband or on the small of your back, or elsewhere, like on the chest or thigh. You may also want to carry a backup weapon around the ankle that you can grab while handcuffed.

Our 2 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster is very versatile in this regard. It is equipped with a belt clip that you can even use alternatively as a belt loop to secure it to a lanyard or a drop leg or ankle garter. In addition, it sports a key ring that will transform your device into a pepper spray key chain. This, you can attach to a purse or bag zipper, like if you are wearing a dress or some other beltless or one-piece clothing.

What Pepper Spray Holsters Add to Defense

No doubt a primary function of pepper spray holsters is to situate their content where this can be within lightning-quick reach of you. For that to happen, the ideal conditions are that your spray be small and light. The 2 oz. canisters are a good size that has more formula than ½ oz. mini pepper sprays.

This 2 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster is compatible, for example, with the 2 oz. Pepper Shot 10% Pepper Spray Fogger or Stream, with or without a flip-top actuator; 2 oz. WildFire 18% Pepper Spray Stream with a flip-top actuator; 2 oz. WildFire Pepper Gel; and 2 oz. Inert Practice Pepper Spray Fogger or Stream.

Moreover, holsters encase pepper sprays for protection from wear and tear, canister damage, and content leakage. Leather and leatherette both do this job well because they are tough, but unlike hard plastic or metal, still pliant enough for comfortable wear. A pepper spray with leather case is a smart choice, but leatherette is even smarter because it is all that but cheaper.

This one is even designed with a snapped-on flap lid that, when opened, reveals just enough of the canister so that you can pull it out and upright from the spray actuator and then aim that correctly. It also increases retention, or your capability to retain your weapon rather than have it fall out or be snatched away.

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