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Pepper Gel

WildFire Hot 18% OC Sticky Cayenne Pepper Gel

There are plenty of reasons the police all over the world prefer hot cayenne pepper gel over other types or forms of pepper spray. It is simply the superior chemical weapon. Whether in hotness of formulation or the resourcefulness of its gel form, it is currently one of the best available formulas of OC pepper spray.

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The Hottest Pepper Gel on the Planet

Seriously, it does not get any hotter than 18% OC formula. Hot pepper sprays are about twice as effective as regular 10% OC pepper sprays. The effects are basically the same, but also, much more intense and punishing.

If you want a WildFire Pepper Gel review from a criminal who has been sprayed with it in the past, you are making them recall one of the most painful experiences of their life. The first, most immediate result is a profuse burning sensation that is going to die down only after a couple of hours. In the two to three hours before that even happens, the eyes are going to be forced shut because of the swelling caused by the active ingredient in pepper spray: oleoresin capsicum (OC).

Because it is 18% OC, it is going to be next to impossible to open those eyes, as the body itself will refuse for fear of further contamination and pain. The mucous membranes and tear glands are going to be working overtime in their attempt to resist the foreign chemical. This is going to result in coughing, choking, and a lot of tears and mucus. It is all going to happen simultaneously, within less than a minute of getting sprayed.

That is how 18% pepper sprays are very effective at taking down criminals and ending any further violence or confrontation. It is all about quick and thorough pain in and around the face, enough to disable an adult temporarily and practically pin them to the place where they were sprayed.

Pepper Gel as the Most Adaptable Form of Pepper Spray

When it comes to pepper gel vs spray that comes in direct stream, cone, or fogger form, gel is the best because of its adaptability. Gel is heavier, and shoots out in a thinner stream than non-gel liquid pepper spray. Its weight and thinness allow it to come out in a firing arc that is very easy to aim and control. You can keep control of it even if it is raining, or even when it is windy. Just watch out for some blowback if you are going to use it in really strong winds, like during a storm.

It is also as sticky as glue and will only spread and stick to other parts of the body when the sprayed person attempts to remove it with their hands. This makes it effective even during heavy rain, as water alone can't wash off its effects if it has already made contact with the face.

The consistency of the substance also minimizes cross-contamination, or accidentally spraying non-targets or non-hostiles that may also be in the area (such as your friends or family). Even when the wind is calm and poses no interference to the pepper gel's arc, firing in crowded or semi-crowded areas can pose the risk of accidental spraying. Pepper gel minimizes that risk by being precise and highly controllable.

Another interesting characteristic of pepper gel is how it breaks apart on impact. Once the gel makes contact with your attacker's skin, this is when it dissolves immediately into liquid, and not before, limiting the painful effects of pepper spray to its intended target. It then spreads profusely throughout the soft tissues of the face, and within seconds, can start disabling the target through sheer, sticky pain.

Different Sizes for Different Purposes

If you are looking for home pepper sprays, or car pepper sprays you can take with you every day, the 18% WildFire hot pepper spray gel comes not just in 2 ounces but also 4 and 9 ounces. With 9 ounces of pepper gel, you alone might be able to fight off a small gang of home invaders, all without taking a life. With a 4 oz. container of pepper gel on your car floor, you will always be ready to fend off any would-be carjackers who might attempt to steal your car. With a 2 oz. pepper gel canister, you could take this superior protection with you, on your person, at all times.

Pick a size that better fits your personal security needs. It would be inconvenient to always carry around a 9 oz. WildFire gel pepper spray, for example, and it would be impractical to keep just a single 2 oz. bottle to defend an entire home.

If you are willing to train yourself, your friends, and your family members with the proper use of pepper spray, you can get each adult in the household a 2 oz. WildFire Pepper Gel of their own instead of just a single 9 oz. canister for the whole house.

Planning the defense of your home is a good move towards preventing crime and home invasion in the future. It is even better if you can get the residents of your home involved. Pepper spray, especially 18% pepper gel, is a tactical chemical weapon that can be dangerous with or without training.

However, with some training, it can be kept safely in a home and then deployed ruthlessly when it becomes necessary to defend that home. The more you and the other adults in your household are trained with the proper use of pepper gel, the safer your home will be. You do not have to carry the burden of home security alone.

There is even an available pepper spray manual from the American Security Institute. There, you will find practical information on how to use pepper sprays against people who wield guns and knives. There is also advice on the best practices for home protection using pepper spray. It is filled with useful information if you are planning to train either yourself or your friends and family in the proper handling of this highly effective self-defense weapon.