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Pepper Shot

Keychain, Lipstick, Flip-top Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Reviews

Are you looking for a weapon to defend yourself out there against vermin on the streets? It rarely gets as good as pepper spray. That is exactly why law enforcement agents subdue out-of-control suspects with it and US marines employ it against unruly crowds in enemy territory. Pepper Shot pepper spray reviews reflect this effectiveness and usefulness in a variety of perilous situations.

Pepper spray takes down criminals with intense, burning heat. That makes it very effective. It does not set them on fire, but it sure feels that way to them. Their skin burns in pain, and so do their eyes, which shut from swelling and can’t be opened. This gives you plenty of time to get away and call 9-1-1 or get help from bystanders. However, the stuff is non-lethal and will not injure permanently so you do not have to worry about any extremely dangerous effects.

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Effective Defense for Anyone against Any Assailant

In a defense weapon, you want the ability to stop an attacker, any attacker, no matter just how big or tough they are. This is especially crucial to small people. True self-defense weapons do not rely on the user’s physical strength or speed to defeat a violent attack. They should at least level the playing field to improve an attack victim’s chances of survival.

Pepper spray is more than just an equalizer. It turns the tables on assailants. Even a five-foot-tall little old lady would drop a six-plus-foot, 300-pound knife-wielding mugger with a pepper spray shot to the face.

Some of the most potent defense sprays are Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays, as they are not made just like the others. They use a much finer grain of pepper than other brands, which is proven to be more effective. And they are rated at a whopping two million Scoville heat units (SHU).
No one who gets hit by this stuff can remain standing.

It gets even worse for the bad guys. As if burning the eyes and skin is not bad enough, these sprays will make a criminal’s mucous membranes swell, making breathing very difficult, and will also swell the eye veins, forcing the eyes to shut tightly. They will stay that way for as long as 45 minutes, far more than enough time for you to get away and call the police, yet the effects will wear off and leave no permanent damage.

What is good for you, even if pepper spray is very painful, is that it does not depend on pain to stop assailants. This means it works even on people strongly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are insensitive to pain.

Pepper Shot makes 10% pepper sprays, meaning that their concentration of oleoresin capsicum (OC), the key ingredient in pepper spray, is 10%.

Although these sprays can drop an outlaw in a second, they prevent users from firing them accidentally either at the users’ selves or at others. That is why they all have a locking flip-top actuator for safety.

Choose Your Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

The Pepper Shot manufacturer does not just make sure its products are easy to use. It also offers various models to suit everyone’s needs. You can get pepper spray for keychain attachments, for instance, that can also be secured to a bag or belt loop so it is right where it can be grabbed quickly and fired when trouble is encountered. And the company makes small pepper sprays that give you an extra edge over anyone coming at you. Since they can be hidden easily in the hand, you can take your assailant completely by surprise.

You can always get one of these pepper sprays in a holster with a regular color. If you would prefer your weapon to look a little more stylish on you, you have several options. You can get a ½ oz. Pepper Shot in an injection-molded holster in a color of your choice, or choose from several fashion pepper sprays in leatherette holsters in different colors or leopard or cheetah prints. There are also rhinestone leatherette holsters available in several colors.

As if being small and concealable is not a big enough advantage, there are disguised pepper sprays to make sure surprise stays on your side.

Lipstick pepper sprays look just like lipstick and would not get a second look from a criminal. The Pepper Pen looks just like any other pen and will fool the bad guys, likewise. By the time they learn what these disguised weapons really are, it will be too late.

You can also choose how your pepper spray will be delivered to your target. There are stream pepper sprays, which send the liquid to an attacker in a steady stream, and fogger pepper sprays, which engulf the unfortunate recipient in a cloud of pepper. They have different advantages. The stream is more resistant to wind forces but requires a more practiced hand. On the other hand, the fogger needs little accuracy, which helps a lot when you are shooting under stress in a life-threatening situation.

If you are sitting behind the wheel, you can have the car pepper spray with auto visor clip overhead, ready to be grabbed and fired. This will really come in handy against smash-and-grab robberies at red lights.

The Pepper Shot tri-pack offers value for money. It has a 2 oz. pepper spray for home use, a ½ oz. pepper spray with auto visor clip, and a ½ oz. personal pepper spray with a Quick Key Release key chain.

Keeping Safe Wherever You Go

Having a busy, active lifestyle does not mean that you can’t be safe wherever you go. And being safe on the move does not mean carrying bulky, awkward security equipment, either. You can get a Pepper Shot tailor-made for your needs.

Everyone should have a spray for self-defense on them every time they go out. Depending on the cops for protection is a big mistake. By the time they arrive at the scene, it will be way too late, but pepper spray lets you take your own safety in your own hands.