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Inert Practice Pepper Spray Fogger or Stream

Pepper sprays are among the best self-defense weapons, but to be able to use one properly, you should undergo some training and practice. Using real pepper spray for practice can be a waste of a potent product, which is why you can instead use a practice pepper spray fogger or stream product until you get comfortable enough to try the real thing.

Pepper sprays are quite powerful. Their OC or oleoresin capsicum content can make a person temporarily blind while also making it hard to breathe. However, pepper sprays can be affected by strong winds or the angle they are fired at, and not all of them shoot at the same maximum distance. For these reasons, practice or inert pepper sprays are needed.

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What Are Practice Pepper Sprays?

Inert pepper spray or practice pepper spray is basically an aerosol spray with no OC content in it. Most of these inert products contain only water. However, they will still fire and behave like regular pepper sprays, allowing you to perfect your skill and accuracy.

Inert pepper sprays still should not be fired at another human being, though. They may contain only water, but the canister contains nitrogen as well in order to pressurize the water content. Nitrogen exposure to the eyes can cause itchiness and painful irritations. These may be practice pepper sprays, but you should treat them as the real deal.

Practice pepper sprays also look like real pepper sprays. The only difference is that they are often blatantly labeled with big words to let you know these are water-based inert practice sprays and do not contain OC. If you are training with other people, always make it a point to read the labels prior to firing off bursts.

Are Practice Pepper Sprays for You?

As already mentioned, practice pepper sprays are designed to help you get better at defending yourself when it is time to use actual pepper spray. You never want to find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by muggers or rapists and you spray the spicy hot content on yourself accidentally.

You will want to know the proper angle when using pepper spray, and you will want to know how each type behaves. However, a big benefit of using practice pepper sprays is that you can keep using them to get better and better.

There are several things you will want to practice for: the accuracy of your aim, understanding the maximum distance your pepper spray can reach, and the factors that may affect your pepper spray stream or fog. Those factors include wind direction, the angle you are firing from, and the type of pepper spray you use.

Training classes often use inert sprays to teach the basics of self-defense to their students. If you are an instructor who is introducing pepper sprays to people who have never held or used one before, then inert defensive sprays are going to be the first thing you let them try so that they will not hurt themselves or anyone else accidentally.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that practice pepper sprays save you money. You never want to waste real pepper sprays for target practice and to get comfortable with how they work. Inert sprays often do not cost more than $4 or so, which means you can buy many of them without worrying about the cost.

Real pepper sprays tend to cost much more. You might have to spend anywhere from $15 to $95 for self-defense pepper spray, so why waste the cash you spent on target practice? You can use practice pepper sprays first since they are cost-efficient. Once you think you are ready, you can buy the real deal.

Types of Practice Pepper Sprays

There are a lot of different factors to take into consideration, with the type of pepper spray you have as one of the top priorities. Fogger pepper sprays and stream pepper sprays behave very differently and are meant to be used for different locations and situations.

Fogger pepper sprays fire a thick mist, which covers a greater area, but they can be blown back by the wind. They should be used indoors, like in instances where you are attacked in your car or thieves break into your home.

Stream pepper sprays fire a solid stream like a water gun. They are better for outdoor use since they are not blown back by the wind and they can reach a farther distance.

Also remember that not all pepper sprays can fire from awkward angles. Some foggers need to be held at shoulder height and straightforward to be efficient. Stream pepper sprays can be fired at any angle. To make sure you know your limits, use practice pepper sprays to see how each type behaves.

With practice pepper sprays, you will be able to use the right pepper spray accurately in the right location for the right type of emergency. It is not a matter of pepper spray stream vs fogger but a matter of figuring out which type works best for your personal situation.

The Tactical Defense Spray Book

The Tactical Defense Spray Book is a complete guide that will train you on how and when to use pepper spray properly. It also teaches how to use pepper sprays against all sorts of attackers, even when they have guns or knives, or when they are too many to handle.

This guide book will be the perfect companion to a set of practice pepper sprays. You can follow the training guide to teach yourself or others so you can put the practice pepper sprays to good use. Training this way will ensure you are 100% ready for an emergency.

Practice pepper sprays are cheap, but they might be the best deal you can go for, especially if you are a novice to pepper sprays or if you are an instructor looking for something to help introduce pepper sprays to your students. They are much safer to use, yet they still behave and look like real pepper sprays, ensuring that everything learned with these inert sprays carry over to the real products.