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WildFire 18% OC Hot Pepper Spray Repellent

Pepper sprays are without a doubt some of the best tools for self-defense. They are effective without being lethal, and they are legal in the entire country. However, if you want guaranteed protection, then you need to get some hot pepper spray repellent. In the case of pepper sprays, hotter is better.

How Pepper Sprays Work and Are Measured

Pepper sprays are called as such because the key ingredient, oleoresin capsicum or OC, is derived from peppers like jalapeños. This is the ingredient that makes you feel like your throat is on fire and your eyes tear up when you have accidentally swallowed one while munching down on your favorite burrito.

The intensity of the heat is measured in the Scoville scale. Now, in a pepper spray hot sauce comparison, most peppers and hot sauce products scale up to 5,000 to 25,000 Scoville heat units (SHU). Pepper spray, particularly from the WildFire Pepper Spray manufacturer, scales up to 2 to 3 million SHU.

When someone is sprayed with pepper spray formula, their eyes shut tight and begin to tear up excessively. It is like crying nonstop because it feels like your eyes are on fire. The formulation also affects the throat and lungs. When sprayed, people get into choking and coughing fits that make it near impossible to breathe.

On the skin, pepper spray can become very painful. People sprayed feel a burning and itchy sensation on the skin that just will not go away, even when they are immersed completely in water.

In other words, pepper sprays are no laughing matter. They are intensely hot, and the damage they can do to a person is excruciatingly painful while it lasts. However, the effects are not fatal, which is why even civilians can use pepper sprays.

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Different Kinds of WildFire Pepper Sprays

WildFire Pepper Sprays come in different types. The most common is stream pepper spray in which the solution is fired like a water gun. This is useful outdoors because even a strong wind will not blow the stream back at you.

And then there are the mist or fogger pepper sprays. They shoot out the formulation in a thick mist. These are best used indoors or in a car, where the wind will not be a negative factor. They have larger coverage, which ensures you will be able to hit the target.

WildFire also has pepper gel. It is mixed to become sticky. When an attacker tries to rub the substance off their face, it will just stick and spread like glue, causing even more damage.

The Best Hot Pepper Sprays

Most pepper spray products contain about a 10 to 12% OC concentration. With WildFire, you will be able to get 18 percentage pepper spray, which is several times more intense and several times hotter than the average pepper spray product.

Of course, heat alone is not going to do you much good. You also need to hit the target. In order to do so, you need pepper spray that is small enough to carry with you and designed so that it is easy to conceal. Many WildFire Pepper Sprays are designed to hide in plain sight.

Just look at the WildFire 1/2 oz. pepper sprays in leatherette holsters with multiple color choices. Their colored holsters look more like cell phone holsters instead of weapons. If an attacker saw you reaching for one of these, they would not try to get away since they would never suspect you were going to fight back.

If you do not need one disguised by its color or holster, you will still want one that is easy to carry. After all, most attacks last only seconds so you will have a very short window to react and fight back. There will not be time to dig in a big bag to pull out your pepper spray.

With that in mind, you might want to consider using the WildFire 18% 1/2 oz. Key Chain Pepper Spray. With its key chain design and key ring, you can always have it at hand by locking it to your belt or shirt strap, or simply carrying it in your hand, whenever you are walking in a dangerous area.

For those looking for pure fighting power, there are the 9 oz. and the 1 lb. WildFire Pistol Grip 18% Pepper Sprays. These can contain up to 75 one-second bursts, all registering 3 million SHU, each one reaching a distance of 20 feet.

You can also try the 9 oz. and the 1 lb. WildFire Fire Master 18% Pepper Sprays. These are just as hot as the pistol-grip types, but their handles are slightly different, giving you more options on what type of trigger works best for you.

The Pistol Grip and Fire Master models are some of the most powerful civilian pepper sprays you will find. They are highly recommended for members of the neighborhood watch or even for small-time security guards.

When Is Pepper Spray Advisable?

There are generally four types of areas where pepper sprays should be used: at home, outdoors, in your car, and against wild animals.

You might think you would be safe in your car or in the comfort of your home, but remember that there are a lot of cases of break-ins these days. Many women are reportedly raped while resting in their cars so you really can’t take any chances. For these situations, always have pepper spray with you.

It becomes even more dangerous while outdoors. If you are traveling at night, then you can become victim to muggers, rapists, or even crazy people who just want to pick a fight. Even when it is sunny, you will have to deal with wild dogs and even bears if you happen to be camping in a forest.

Staying safe is a necessity, but it does not mean you should look for a tool to kill people with. Guns are dangerous, which is why it is a far better option to use non-lethal weapons like pepper sprays, and hot WildFire is the type guaranteed to get the job done.