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Automotive Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety Devices & Car Self-Defense Kits

The convenience of having your own vehicle comes with big responsibilities, and it does not stop with car maintenance. Now, other than protecting yourself, you have to protect your car and your passengers. That is what motor vehicle safety devices are for.

Whether you are just a newbie or a veteran who already knows a lot about cars, it would be in your best interest to put these products on your automotive safety checklist.

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Automotive Devices for Everyday Safety

The Nap Alarm is a simple, lightweight device that can be hooked gently but securely to the top of your ear. Using an electronic position sensor, it can detect when your head is no longer in an upright position, which happens mostly if and when you fall asleep accidentally at the wheel. It then plays an alarm noise to wake you up, as well as to alert the other passengers that you, the driver, might have fallen asleep. If you are the type of car owner who does a lot of late-night driving, you can certainly benefit from using this unique sleep alert every day that you drive.

Not many people come across this device when they are searching for car safety products. That is what makes it the perfect gift for your dad, mom, or anyone whom you do not want sleeping at the wheel. Other than drivers, it is great for students who need to study long texts or anyone who can't afford to sleep on the job.

Another great device you can use in your car every day is the Mini DVR Car Dash Camera. It is a small spy cam that mounts to your car's dash, allowing you to record your every vehicular movement. In certain situations, you can use the footage it records to prove your own actions on the road, possibly settling any legal disputes you may have with another citizen or with an officer of the law. The footage can be viewed on its built-in multi-purpose monitor.

Besides recording simultaneously from the front and back cameras, this dashboard cam uses specialized software that allows you to connect to Google Maps and trace your own route on the road via GPS. You can even record your entire route so you can later review it for figuring out which roads are the fastest. While the device is not USB-compatible, you can access footage and other data through its high-capacity TF card. You just need a reader.

These are devices you can use every time you get in your car and drive. If you do use them every day, you will be decreasing your chances of causing accidents and committing traffic violations.

These products cover factors that you have some control of, but what about the outside factors that threaten your security? It is not just vehicular collisions but also burglars and car thieves. Even worse are the possible natural disasters that may leave you and your car vulnerable. Any of these could strike when you are on the open road, stuck in traffic, or in poorly lit and potentially dangerous parking lots.

Automotive Devices for Emergency Preparedness

If you are making a list of safety devices a vehicle should have, you should factor in those that can help you during emergencies. Definitely check out the 4-in-one Auto Emergency Tool, which is designed for responding quickly to different types of situations.

It has a Super Bright Flashlight to aid you in any repairs that you might have to accomplish in the dark. Its Blinking Emergency Light can make it a tool that can be used to warn motorists that you and your car are on or near the highway, protecting you from getting hit accidentally by cars, as well as getting the attention of any authorities who might be able to aid you.

Should you get involved in (or be a live witness to) a vehicular collision, it can be used as a Window Escape Hammer as well as a 7-inch-long Seatbelt Cutter for retrieving people from inside wreckage. As you can imagine, it is also a good weapon for fending off criminals who want to either harm you or take your property.

There is a safer way to defend yourself from these criminals. Instead of at close range, you can engage them at medium range with the Pepper Shot Auto Visor Clip Pepper Spray. As the name suggests, you can keep it right above you when you are at the wheel, accessible at a moment's notice.

With it, you can shoot OC pepper spray from 6 to 8 feet away. You can even pretend to surrender to the criminal's demands and ask them to give you a moment to “retrieve your money,” when in truth, you are just retrieving the canister of Pepper Shot car pepper spray hidden in your visor.

Other ways to trick criminals can be accomplished through the available diversion safes: secret containers designed to look like ordinary objects. The Gunk Engine Degreaser Safe is one that will not attract attention when placed inside your car. The same can be said for the Tire Inflator with Hose Diversion Safe, which is even better, as it has a hose that supports the illusion it is not a secret container.

What can you keep inside them? Jewelry, cash, special and expensive tools, even weapons – anything you want or need to keep out of sight. You can even keep Mace Pepper Spray in one of these diversion safes, serving as a secret reserve weapon that can be hidden in plain sight almost anywhere in your car.

Cover Almost All Situations with a Vehicle Safety Kit

If you want the simplest, fastest way to protect yourself from these threats, you can grab the Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit from SafeFamilyLife. It is a single-purchase kit that includes all of the safety devices mentioned here, except the Tire Inflator with Hose Diversion Safe and the Mini DVR Car Dash Camera. It also contains more things that can be very useful during emergencies, including all the batteries that you need to power all the electric devices that come in the kit.