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Bear Repellents

Animal Repellent Bear Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Since the 1900s, there have been reports of approximately three bear attacks each year in the United States and Canada alone. While these animal incidents are rare, they are still a major concern, especially for people who are living in bear country. In most cases, bear attacks can be fatal and would result to death. However, your risks may be reduced if you have a clear understanding of the species and if you are prepared with non-lethal bear pepper spray for self defense. Even if you are just exploring the forest or camping in the wild, it is best to prepare in case you encounter a hostile or hungry bear.

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Be aware that there are basically two kinds of bear, the black and the brown. Identifying the type you are facing can help in determining your next moves in order to survive the situation.

It can be confusing because black bears may appear cinnamon or brown in color. Mostly, these bears do not have a concave facial appearance and a shoulder hump. Keep in mind that this kind of bear generally attacks for offensive reasons, such as it is either hungry or simply hostile. When you are faced with one, you are advised to be loud, appear big, or fight off and use bear grade pepper spray to scare it away.

On the other hand, brown bears such as the grizzly bears are generally territorial, and when a sow attacks, it is essentially to protect her cubs. Brown bears are mostly shy and often stay away from humans, so do not be foolish enough to enter their territory or take photos of them up close. They can also attack when threatened or surprised. Thus, experts on wild animals suggest that playing dead may work when encountering brown bears.

Bears that have prior experience in entering human territories such as campsites and residential properties are even more dangerous, as they start to lose their aversion to people. And with the fast-paced loss of their habitats these days, bear attacks may increase soon.

Bear Pepper Sprays to the Rescue

There are bear repellent sprays on the market that can protect us from the frightening attacks of bears. These are practical self-defense products for those who are living in bear country because they are convenient to carry around and easy to use. Any ordinary person can use them.

They are also useful when you are out on a camping trip or on fishing and boating holidays in places where bears may live in the surrounding areas. In essence, these bear repellent camping items are ideal for the nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Keep in mind that bear repellents are meant to be used as defensive tools to protect you from being attacked. They should not be used in an offensive move to pursue bears aggressively into their territories or when they start to run away from you. Bear sprays are designed to ward off the bear so that it can return to its own kind. You will also be able to move away slowly from hostile grounds and to safer territory. In addition, these self-defense weapons will help teach the bears to not bother people and to stay away from them next time.

Aside from protecting you from animal attacks, bear pepper sprays will not harm the bears since the contents are non-lethal. And they should not, especially because many of the bear species are at risk of extinction today.

Before these repellents were made available, bears often encountered harsher experiences with humans. Back then, some people resorted to gunning down the bears they saw that came close to their homes without understanding why the animals were there. It was both cruel and unlawful. Thanks to bear repellents, the chance of injury and death is minimized for both the person and the animal.

The difference of bear pepper spray vs regular pepper spray is that it is specially formulated for the animals. It should not be used for humans in the same way that the regular pepper sprays should not be sprayed on the animals. When you are walking through the woods or the countryside in bear country, make sure you are carrying with you the right kind of pepper spray.

Choosing from Bear Repellent Sprays

A true outdoor enthusiast can surely delight in knowing that there are different bear repellents and bear sprays to choose from these days. There are many manufacturers of these products, and each model may come with different features than others. Whatever you choose, make sure it does what it was meant to do: warding off bears in times of danger.

One product to consider is the Guard Alaska® Bear Spray. It does not contain ozone-depleting substances, and thus, is an environmentally friendly product. It is the only bear spray approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use against all species of bears.

Another product to look into is the Mace® Bear Spray, which is generally known for being able to affect the target as far as 30 feet, farther than many pepper sprays out there. You will definitely feel safe during an attack and have a higher chance of getting into a safer spot.

To make these self-defense weapons even more effective, you can wear bear sprays holsters. They are adjustable and can thus fit comfortably around your chest or hips, making them convenient for you in which to carry the bear sprays. They also allow for quick-draw access to your defense spray so that you can ward off the bear at the right time, with the correct stance in order to avoid spraying the contents to yourself accidentally.

Do Not Compromise Your Safety

Even if the occurrence of a bear attack is lesser than that of shark or rabid dog attacks, you should not take your safety for granted, more so if you are residing in or traveling to bear country. Bear pepper sprays and their accompanying holsters are good investments. They do not just protect you from harm. You can also be sure that the animals are not injured or killed in the process.