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Bicycle Safety Lights

LED Bike Headlights & Micro Safety Lights for Cyclists

Bicycle enthusiasts should keep their safety in mind all the time. Aside from focusing on how to improve bike performance, they should also think of ways to keep themselves safe on the road. Various safety lights for cyclists are important bicycle attachments, as they do not just provide light to paths but also help the rider be seen, especially by motorists. Visibility is important when cycling, more so when cruising the streets. If the cyclist uses these lights for even a few minutes before sunset and after sunrise, motorists will be able to see them and predict where they will be passing.

When you are riding your bicycle on roads, you should not compromise your safety. It is best to also make your bicycle safety lights LED every time you purchase these. Take that as an important part of your bike just as cars should have functioning lights. Having reflectors is not enough for your bike because they shine just when a car\'s light points towards them. This means it would be too late for a motorist to realize they are going to hit you when they make a turn or are crossing an intersection.

Bicycle lights are also necessary for the obvious reason that they allow you to see your path in the dark. The distance that light can reach as well as the area it can illuminate should be considerations when you are buying a headlight. If you are a fast cyclist, then you should opt for those that are very bright from afar so that you can avoid crashing suddenly into objects. If you are generally using your bicycle on mountains, then you need headlights with wide-angle lights so that you can decide quickly where the safer paths are.

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Why Choose LED Bicycle Lights

Opting for light emitting diode (LED) products when buying bicycle safety lights is a good investment move. There are several reasons that LED is best, and one of these is that they can provide illumination efficiently. Compared to an incandescent variant, LED products are around 10 times brighter on a single watt. This means that seeing the path ahead of you or providing traffic warnings to motorists around you is more effective with LED products.

LED lights are also known to be energy-efficient, whether they are for buildings or for a simple flashlight. This means that your LED headlight will last long, and it will take several months or even years before you have to replace the batteries. That can prove really useful because you would not want your bicycle lights dying on you at the most crucial moment at night, would you?

Options for Bicycle Safety Lights

You can choose from several kinds of bicycle safety lights, although some of them are compulsory in many cities. Bike headlights for the front and bike taillights for the back are among the most important products that any cyclist should consider automatically when having a new bicycle, just as car owners make sure that the lights of their vehicles are in good working condition all the time. These two are essentially both for your safety on the road and for your ability to see even briefly before sunset and after sunrise. In some cities, having these lights is a legal requirement when riding your bike at night.

When choosing headlights, make sure they emit a bright white light that will let you see your path as well as enable motorists to see you from afar. Our Bicycle Headlight emits a super-bright LED light powered by batteries, which are included in the purchase. It does not just function as a bike attachment but also as a flashlight because of its easy-to-use mounting bracket that can be detached conveniently from the bike when not in use.

On the other hand, bike taillights are used generally at the back so that motorists can recognize you early on for safety purposes. They do not have to be as bright as your headlight, but make sure you have a red light at the rear, as this will help motorists behind you determine that you are moving away from them.

Opt to have bike lights with the flashing bicycle safety lights option in addition to the steady mode. Having a steady light will help motorists and other bikers to estimate how far you are from them. In comparison, flashing lights are more visible compared to the steady ones, making them ideal to use at night or when it is raining. With flashing lights, however, it is harder to determine your distance from other motorists, so bike lights with both flashing and steady modes are good options.

Aside from headlights and taillights, you can choose to have bike micro-lights. These powerful, small devices provide bright lights that can be used both as taillights or headlights and as supplements to your main bike lights.

Our Bicycle Micro Lights emit lights that are visible for as far as a mile. They come with a rubber strap that can be attached conveniently to your bicycle. These micro-lights are a good investment because they can last up to 100,000 hours. They come with flashing and steady modes so they are great to have for your bike.

You can also go beyond the minimum light requirements by going overboard with bicycle safety glow lights. You can add them into your wheels or throughout the bike's body to ensure that you are visible from the sides as well. They will make your bike look great, too, during nighttime.

Safety should not be taken for granted at any time, more so when you are riding your bike on the road or through mountain trails. Especially in a city that does not have enough bicycle-related laws, motorists would be surprised at seeing cyclists appear suddenly out of nowhere because those cyclists were not visible in their car lights. By having bike safety lights, you will be clearly visible to motorists from afar. They can determine safely where you will be passing through in much the same way they might read the car lights of other motorists.