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Blow Guns and Accessories

Aircraft-Aluminum Blow Guns That Shoot Paintballs & Darts

Blowguns are much underrated ranged weapons, especially in target shooting and paintball. Compared to the bow and arrow or the paintball gun, a blowgun is light, portable, silent, and easy to be proficient with. Whether you are using blowgun darts or blow guns that shoot paintballs, all you need to start shooting is some ammo and a pair of working lungs.

If you are comparing blow guns for sale cheap prices can be found right here. While they are unquestionably fun, do not mistake them for just toys. Each blowgun here, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72 inches long, is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum that is guaranteed to last for life.

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Blowgun Accuracy Tips

Owning a nearly indestructible blowgun is useless if you do not know how to use it. If you are going to a paintball war armed with our blowgun and Splatmatic paintball magazines, you had better know what you are doing. Before anything else, you have to find your firing stance.

Finding your stance is essential to accuracy. The basic stance is holding the mouthpiece with your dominant hand while your other hand is farther down the blowgun. This position allows you to aim with your dominant hand while your other hand acts as a fulcrum, letting you move the gun up and down, left or right. This is usually the most comfortable, basic stance for most people who use blowguns.

If you are not comfortable with this stance, there is plenty of room for experimentation. You can switch the positions of your hands. You can try aiming with both hands gripped firmly near the mouthpiece. There are even people who are more comfortable with using a single hand. It really depends on personal preference. Besides comfort, you have to consider which hand positioning works best to aid you in maintaining a steady aim.

If you do not get it right away, do not worry. Finding your firing stance for the blowgun is a bit like finding your stance for skating or boxing. You would have to get on the skateboard to see if you are a regular or a goofy. You would need to throw a couple of punches to see if you are regular or unorthodox. It can take some time to get it, but once you find your stance, the next parts will be easy.

Proper breathing needs to be considered. Firing a blowgun is simple physics: the harder you blow, the farther and harder the projectile shoots. However, there is really no 100% accurate way to measure the power of each breath that you use to shoot. In order to be consistent, it is best to just use a full breath with each shot of the blowgun.

Breathe deeply and away from the mouthpiece. Once your lungs are full, that is when you put your lips to the mouthpiece and blow. Remember: inhale until full, and then release. Practicing this consistently will, in turn, make your shooting more consistent and much more accurate. Once you get the hang of this, you can be the ninja of the paintball arena.

If you have followed these tips but are still having accuracy problems, there is a chance your blowgun might be bent. While this certainly will not happen with our aircraft-aluminum blowguns, it could happen to plastic ones that have been exposed to heat or impact. Correct this right away, as it could lead to inaccurate and possibly dangerous shooting (especially with darts).

If you are armed with an unbent blowgun you definitely know how to use, then it is time to practice your groupings. Similar to practice shooting with real steel, you should always aim for groupings that are as tight as possible. The closer each next shot is to the last, the more accurate you will be when you get the urge suddenly to shoot your closest friends with paintballs.

You can practice quickly with the Splatmatic magazine quiver. It allows you to hold up to 80 paintballs right onto your blowgun for easy access. Besides practice, this quiver is perfect for a relentless assault at the endgame of a paintball session.

You can use laser sights to see exactly where your projectiles will end up, giving you near-perfect accuracy. The problem with this is that lasers can reveal your location, possibly spooking the target, or worse, making you vulnerable to attack.

Using Blowguns for Hunting

Besides shooting darts at targets and paintballs at friends, the deadly silence of the blowgun is also ideal for hunting. That was what they were originally designed for. A blowgun dart may not look like much, but not only can it pierce plywood, it can also deliver a killing shot to a small bird, fish, or mammal.

When used right, the darts you are shooting out of our blowgun can reach speeds of up to 350 fps. That is 100 more than what a state-of-the-art crossbow is able to deliver. However, despite the speed, blowgun ammunition remains lightweight and is not enough to kill deer or wolves. You will be able to scare them off, probably, but not kill them. And do not even try using blowgun darts on a bear, as it is likely to just give the bear a reason to maul you.

That is the extent of the power of the blowgun. The ability to kill small game instantly may not sound like much, but in a camping or survival situation, it can be very useful. Doves are an example of birds that can be hunted by blowguns. You can use a dart to pierce through a dove's heart with a single shot. It is also easy to field-dress their meat.

Blowgun Safety

Treat blowguns like the weapons they are. They are not as dangerous as real steel, crossbows, or bows, but just like those bigger, deadlier weapons, a blowgun with a dart can blind someone permanently with a single shot. So, shoot responsibly. Do not aim at humans if you are ready to fire darts. If you are firing paintballs at people without head or eye protection, do not aim for the face.