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Child Trackers

Child Electronic Locator Devices, GPS Trackers, Wireless Alarms

According to the NCIC or the National Crime Information Center, in 2014, there were a total of 266,949 missing children and 168,205 missing adults. Children are easier to kidnap than adults. It is an ugly fact, and for a child, what might follow after getting kidnapped is almost certainly even uglier. If you are responsible for the life and wellbeing of one or more children, it would be best for you to purchase a child electronic locator for each of them.

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Child Locator Bracelet for Short- to Medium-Range Security

You can do your part to prevent your children from being added to that statistic. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using the Child Guard Panda. It is an adorably designed googly-eyed panda bracelet that kids who love bears will especially enjoy wearing. At the same time, it is a transmitter connected to a receiver small enough to fit inside your pocket (along with all your other gadgets).

Simply have the child wear the transmitter and set the signal. You can choose to set it from 6 to 30 feet. Whatever you choose will be the distance at which the transmitter sends a signal automatically for the receiver to beep, notifying the person with the receiver that the child with the transmitter has ventured beyond that particular distance. This will allow you to react immediately if and when your child wanders off, gets lost, or is taken.

If you are dealing with clever child abductors, they might already know what the Child Guard Panda looks like and might be intelligent enough to stash it in a place near you before abducting your child. To prevent such a case, you can opt to place the transmitter in the child's pocket, ankle, or anywhere else it will not just fall off, like a small purse that your child loves carrying.

If possible, instruct your child to take all precautions not to lose the wireless child alarm bracelet/transmitter, and even to notify you if someone tries to take it from them. Involving your children in their own security can help you deal with it a lot more easily.

GPS Child Locator for Long-Range Security

Sometimes, the distance of 30 feet is not enough. If you have no choice but to leave your child alone, such as at school or soccer practice, there is the Mini GPS Tracker. This tiny device can be attached to your child's clothing and will allow you to monitor their location, literally anywhere on earth, as long as the unit is working. In the event of a kidnapping, you yourself can provide law enforcement with the tools with which to get your child back.

In order to properly use this child tracker cell phone technology is going to be necessary. You will need a working cell phone SIM card from your network provider. The number on this new SIM will be assigned to the tracker, allowing it to communicate to your own mobile device. You will then be able to text instructions to the tracker.

Alternatively, you can use the special software to make changes to these instructions. These first few steps are all very easy to accomplish and are necessary in the proper operation of the device.

Once it is set up, the tracker can send you various information either via SMS or via your computer. All of this information can be used to locate immediately the child to which the tracker is attached. This includes longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, the speed at which the GPS tracker is traveling currently, and in most cases, even a map of the area where the unit is.

Besides being allowed to track your child's current location, you will also be privy to information that can allow law enforcement to predict where their kidnappers might be taking them.

There is also the SOS button, which automatically sends out a signal for help with one press. This feature can be used in conjunction with special instructions to your child. For instance, you can tell your child which specific adult is supposed to pick them up. In the event your child is taken by someone other than that specific adult, they can be instructed to press the SOS button, sending a signal automatically to your connected devices. If you are going to do this, tell your child to press the button subtly while keeping the tracker completely out of sight, preventing the abductor from disabling the device.

You can even call the device and listen to anything within 8 feet of it. This Call-In feature can be used to find out the abductor's plans. Older children can be trained to recognize when this is happening to the tracker, so they can then describe verbally the location in which they are being held.

The Mini GPS Tracker can also be used as a long-range version of the Child Guard Panda via the Geo-fence function. Using the tracker as the transmitter, and your own phone or PC as the receiver, this prompts the unit to send out an alarm once it breaches a specified location.

If you want to ensure completely the security of your children, you can use these two child locator devices in conjunction with one another. While the Child Guard Panda prevents loss or abduction and can allow you to locate a child in close to medium range, the Mini GPS tracker can act as a backup plan for when your child has already been taken.

Other Uses for Child Locator Devices

Lost and/or kidnapped children are not the only ones that these products can aid. They can be useful in plenty of other situations. For instance, both can be used to ensure that an elderly member of the family remains in a safe location. If you want to find out if the kids are using your car while you are away, or if you never want to lose another pet, you can attach the Mini GPS Tracker to either. Those are just some ways in which these devices can be useful outside of kidnappings.