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Dog Repellents

Spray or Ultrasonic Dog Repellent While Walking, Jogging

For bikers, joggers, runners, and pet owners who like to take their pets for walks, coming across ferocious dogs can be a real problem. Even individuals who have to do their jobs, such as field workers, delivery personnel, door-to-door sales agents, and street and park cleaners, are at risk of dog attacks, either from canines that have marked their territories or those that interpret a person’s gesture as a threat. A simple trip to the corner store, taking the kids to school, or visiting a friend can turn fatal suddenly due to a stray. This is why carrying some dog repellent while walking, jogging, or biking to ward away canines that pose an immediate threat is a wise choice.

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Furthermore, unrestrained dogs can pose a great risk for other pets. By instinct, a dog could attack one’s cat. A male dog spotting another male could result in a bloody dogfight, which is very hard, not to mention very risky, to break up. Fortunately, apart from being effective self-defense weapons, these dog deterrents are also handy enough to carry around anytime, anywhere.

Why Carry a Dog Repellent

Although most dog owners claim that strangers are safe from their pets, with their beloved canines said to be trained properly or kept within their premises, there is always a chance that a few of these supposedly harmless pets are not as gentle as their masters want to believe. Moreover, there could be strays roaming around, which could attack suddenly at the most unexpected time and place.

Even one fierce dog that manages to run off into the street poses danger to pedestrians and bikers. Worse yet, some irresponsible owners let their pets get out of the premises and run after bikes and cars, and then they turn a blind eye to the risk this involves. While there are law enforcement and animal control agencies, they can’t always monitor the presence of strays – which might turn out to be rabid – and they are often made aware only after an attack has already happened. There are even cases of highly dangerous strays wandering around in packs.

For protection, you can choose between a spray-type dog repellent and an electronic one that uses high-frequency sound. But how is dog repellent effective?

Using Defense Sprays to Ward Off Dogs

Many people are already familiar with pepper sprays used on human attackers. These are non-lethal self-defense weapons that contain the chemical compound oleoresin capsicum (OC) extracted from pepper plants.

Once an attacker is within range, the wielder sprays the OC solution at them, which causes an awful burning sensation on their skin upon contact. If the compound hits the miscreant squarely in the face, their lids shut automatically due to the severe sense of burning, and their eyes produce tears incessantly to try to flush out the foreign compound.

Furthermore, pepper sprays cause uncontrollable coughing and flow of mucus, which deters a thug from pushing through with their evil plans. The effects last for roughly half an hour, giving the would-be-victim enough time to run away to safety, after which the unpleasant sensations wear off, leaving no lasting damage.

Dog repellent spray for runners and pedestrians will work in much the same way, except it is formulated specifically for canines. The solution causes pain that drives the threat away. Although some might think it is quite harsh, it is really humane treatment given that the effects are temporary and will wear off without lasting effects.

The EPA-approved Mace® Muzzle Canine Repellent can be clipped onto your belt or used as a key chain, making it portable and easily accessible. This 17-gram dog spray can produce 10 one-second bursts good for 10 feet.

Since dog pepper sprays are designed for dogs, they are not to be used on humans, and sprays for humans are not to be used on dogs, either.

Using Sonic Sound to Scare Off Vicious Canines

Another option in repelling threatening, and possibly dangerous, dogs is the Electronic Dog Repeller. It emits a high-frequency sound that humans are incapable of hearing but is very disconcerting to canines, causing discomfort, thereby driving them away. The dog repellent high frequency sound, ranging between 20,000Hz and 25,000Hz, works up to 40 feet, so a fierce dog can be warded off before it gets too close.

The Super Dog Chaser is also equipped with an LED strobe light that a wielder can point at the threat. The extremely bright flashing light blinds the dog temporarily, thus resulting in confusion. This function doubles as a flashlight, so it is a rather nifty device to carry around.

Reasons for Carrying Dog Repellents

Having to face a dog that shows signs of viciousness, or one that is taking a rather offensive stance, is a very scary experience. It can be that the dog dashes in, barking fiercely, or it prowls, growling with its teeth bared menacingly, poised to attack. It becomes even scarier when you do not have anything on hand to defend yourself with, especially when you have your kids in tow. Carrying a dog repellent takes away the sense of helplessness without going so far as to cause lasting harm on the animal.

Dog repellents are designed for protection and self-defense, and they are intended primarily to ward off and scare a vicious threat away, not to harm them or cause permanent damage. Injury, or even death, of either the person or the dog can be avoided by repelling the threat before it comes close enough to attack.

It prevents a person from having to go head-to-head with an animal whose body is made of solid muscle and whose jaws and teeth can clamp onto human flesh without much effort. It also gives one a gentler option than resorting to violent means of self-defense.

Since the effects of dog repellents are temporary, the canine returns to normalcy in no time, but not without receiving the hard lesson of not messing with people again. The pain and discomfort it experiences would teach it a lesson, so it is likely to have second thoughts before trying to threaten another person next time.