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Instructional Fighting DVD's

Defensive, Military, Unarmed, Women\'s, Street Fighting Instructional Videos

You never know when you might get attacked by muggers or rapists. You never know when a group of delinquents just might gang up on you for no reason. You will not always have a weapon, either, so knowing how to defend yourself even when unarmed is crucial for survival. If you need to learn how, then defensive combat and street fighting instructional videos will become your best tools for staying safe.

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Where Instructional Videos Have the Upper Hand

Self-defense instructional videos are far more convenient compared to enrolling at a gym. You can learn at your own pace, in your own home, at your own schedule. You can even pause the videos and go back to re-study parts you find difficult to master. There is no one to stop you from revisiting earlier lessons.

This becomes crucial for teenagers and working moms. Teens need to juggle their time with work, and working moms have to switch between taking care of their kids and earning money to live on. With instructional fighting videos, it all becomes convenient and all in your power.

There is also no doubt that these videos are cheaper than the price you would pay for a class. Just compare how much you would spend in a month.

You can buy a self defense takedowns video set for $80 and be able to watch it over and over again until you have mastered every technique. If you took classes, you would be paying an average of $85 to $100 per month, but in reality, you are getting only a few hours per week. And unlike a video, you can’t re-do them.

That means if you lag behind, you will need to pay for another month and then another month. With an instructional DVD, whether a hardcore weapons training video or female self defense videos to stay safe during rape and mugging incidents, you can keep revisiting the lessons anytime you want.

These instructional videos are also ideal for people who know they do not want to invest ten years of their life studying and mastering martial arts. Sometimes, all you need are a few basics to boost confidence in what you already know. Or you might just want to learn the basics to stop a rapist or mugger trying to hurt you.

Instructional fighting videos are the solution. They give you the basics and the mid-level techniques, and it is up to you to study them when you want and where you want. Once you are comfortable with what you know, you are done. There is no written commitment binding you to a year of martial arts class with these DVDs.

Besides, you may not even know what kind of martial art you want. Perhaps you want something used by the Army Delta Force, SWAT, or Navy SEAL. There are fighting instructional videos that teach you their techniques. Or maybe your body is built for the Israeli Krav Maga or Indian fighting arts like Okichitaw.

The point is, with these videos, you have no obligation to stick to just one martial art. You can browse, try them out, and switch over to something else until you find what works for you. You are free to experiment and even try mixing them together until you are confident with your skills.

The DVDs also make it easy to learn for people with absolutely no experience in combat. Whether you are a black belter in Russian Systema or a total novice, the way these videos are structured is to ensure everything is taught properly to the viewer.

Novices will want to know everything from the basic movements to breathing exercises and even the right kind of mindset to get you into the proper mood and boost your self-confidence. For expert combatants, the videos are a good way to hone your skills and learn new things.

If you are a trainer, then these are the perfect videos to help your class get started. You can either watch them as a class or study them yourself and use the knowledge and then pass it down during sessions. The knowledge will stay with you and those you teach.

What You Will Learn with Self-Defense Videos

Well, what do the videos contain? The most obvious is instruction on hand-to-hand combat, particularly unarmed combat. You will be learning how to take down one attacker, a group of attackers, people with a knife, and even people with a gun.

Taking down someone larger than you might seem intimidating at first. However, martial arts teach that a large person’s size and strength can be used against them. Before you know it, you will have them on the ground, allowing you to run away and call for the authorities.

When attackers have weapons and you do not, the obvious choice is to run. Even Bruce Lee advised that. However, if you have a gun pressed up to your head and your back is against a wall, there are techniques to get the gun safely out of the attacker’s hands. You will learn that in these DVDs.

Some of the martial arts that these instructional videos focus on are street fighting techniques or also Russian, Israeli, or Native American fighting arts. There are police self defense training videos, advanced combat tactics videos, and a fighting mindset video to help you clear your head and how to focus during a fight.

Some of these DVDs are designed and used by the most elite military personnel across the world, ensuring you get nothing but the best training possible.

Coach Frank Cucci was a Navy SEAL for 12 years, Coach Nir Maman was an IDF commander, and Coach Ben Cooley is a professional SWAT Team trainer. All of the other coaches carry equivalent standards, meaning you are getting the best instructions from the best coaches in the world.

Use Instructional Fighting Videos to Your Advantage

Use these street fighting instructional vids to your advantage. They are affordable and designed for novices and for master martial artists, and you can study them anytime you want, anywhere you want. With these, you should have no reason to be unprepared.