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Personal Alarms

Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly, Children, Students

Purchasing and using security alarms is a personal choice towards living a safer and therefore more comfortable life. These personal alarm devices for the elderly, women, parents, students, children, or travelers, can also be used by anyone else who can benefit from threatening but non-confrontational and non-lethal methods of self-defense and personal security. That includes people whose living and working circumstances expose them regularly to criminal danger.

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Personal Alarms for Everyday Self-Defense

Noise can be a very powerful criminal deterrent. Take, for instance, the Mace® Screecher. It is so loud that it can be heard up to 1/4 of a mile away. It can be very useful in a situation where you are cornered and forced to confront a criminal. What the noise does best is get attention. If people within a quarter of a mile hear it, some of them are bound to react to what is going on. This is something that any criminal attacker does not want: interference from bystanders or law enforcement.

That is not even what makes the Screecher possibly the best personal panic alarm available. Imagine that noise blasting in your face up close. If criminals are expecting you to fight back, they are probably expecting you to use your fists, a stun gun, pepper spray, or some other weapon. The ear-piercing noise is going to be a surprise. And it might be enough of a surprise to stun your attacker and allow you to act accordingly.

Similar to this is the Electronic Pocket whistle with its ability to release a 120dB noise. If necessary, you can even use these alarms to get the upper hand while engaging your attacker with other self-defense weapons. Criminals who are not expecting such a loud noise are going to be rattled, and most will be rattled enough to lower their guard, making them more vulnerable to other self-defense techniques that you can employ alongside your alarm.

While alarms give you the option of getting the upper hand in an encounter with criminals, you can also use their confusion to just get to safety rather than engage them.

Personal Alarms for Traveling or Dormitory Living

Some personal alarms, like the 3 in 1 130dB Personal Alarm with Light, are designed to be used not just during criminal encounters. If you are a traveler who sleeps in different rooms every day, week, or month, you can benefit from a little room security to ensure that you and your valuables will be safe while you are asleep or busy with other things. This is exactly what this device can do for you.

Besides being a personal alarm you can carry with you to fend off criminals, it has attachments that can be fitted onto windows, doors, or most other forms of entry into a room. This includes a hook attached to a pin that is inside the unit. Once the pin is pulled out, it emits a loud noise that will surely wake you up as well as startle whoever intruder is inside your room. With a little creative thinking, you can use it to rig almost any barrier (and some containers) with a noise alarm.

It can also be carried as an alarm for pickpockets. Simply attach it to yourself with the belt clip, or hook it to your wallet, purse, or bag, and it is going to make noise once the attached object is pulled from your inventory. Just remember to secure the device, as you do not want thieves to simply take your alarm, too.

Separately available is the Water Overflow Sensor Attachment. It is a sensor that activates the alarm once touched by water, making it perfect for alerting you to flooding in the basement or laundry room.

Besides travelers, these can benefit students who live in dormitories as well as boarders who share houses and/or apartment buildings with strangers. A defense alarm is a backup plan should any of the locks on your windows and doors fail.

Even if you are not expecting trouble, the 3 in 1 Personal Alarm can be useful because of its built-in flashlight. This also means you will not need a separate flashlight if you are going to set up the alarm in a dark or poorly lit place.

Other Uses for Loud Alarms

Some elderly and/or disabled members of the household will not be physically able to help themselves once accidentally injured. They can shout for help, but not only will that cause them more stress and discomfort, it could also take some time before anyone hears their calls. It is not so with the Mini Personal Alarm with Key Chain LED Flashlight and Belt Clip.

If you are looking for personal alarms for disabled people, you have found them. These small, simple, portable, lightweight devices can emit a 120dB noise bound to get attention even in large houses or facilities. They work with a simple push of a button. Just remember which button activates the alarm and which one activates the flashlight. Besides the elderly and the disabled, these are ideal personal alarms for community nurses who are in charge of taking care of these people.

The Nap Alarm is another useful device that uses loud noises to help people. If anyone you know tends to fall asleep at the wheel, this is the perfect gift for them. Using an electronic position sensor, this sleep alert can detect if it is no longer in an upright position. You maintain its upright stable position by wearing it on your ear and not nodding off to sleep. Once your head tilts down, it sends out a noise sure to wake you up as well as alert your passengers.

All of these personal alarms are either aerosol or electronic devices capable of creating sounds that are easily recognizable as distress signals. Besides criminal danger, physical injury, and other similar circumstances, they can also be useful in emergencies such as earthquakes, landslides, and cave-ins where loud noises can be used to locate missing persons. Thus, any of these alarms would be a valuable addition to a bug-out bag carrying emergency essentials.