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SafeFamilyLife Kits

Home, College, Office, Women\'s Personal Care Survival Kit

Security should not be taken for granted. Even if there has not been any incidence of violence in your area, it is still best to prepare. Buying different security and self-defense products can be time-consuming and expensive, however. Determining the right products to purchase is also confusing. It is a good thing you can buy a personal care survival kit that is already loaded with the right and practical products to use.

By opting to purchase a pre-organized set of security and safety items, you will not have to go through the hassle of building a personal survival kit. Each set is put up with a specific scenario in mind, and you get to choose which ones are best suited to your lifestyle. The range of SafeFamilyLife Kits can help you narrow your options, as there are survival kits for crimes committed frequently to women, in offices, in homes, and even in vehicles. Wherever and whoever you are, there are ideal safety and security kits for you.

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Aside from self-defense and security products, each SafeFamilyLife kit also contains a tutorial DVD for you to learn how to use each device. You will get hold of special safety reports as well that focus on the specific scenarios the kit is made for. These valuable documents and videos will help increase your knowledge in protecting yourself and improving your awareness of safety issues.

When you opt for a kit, you do not have to deal with the guessing game of identifying the right products to buy. For example, the items contained in each SafeFamilyLife kit are chosen carefully by self-defense and security experts for use even by an ordinary person.

In addition, getting an all-in-one set will generally save you money in the same way that buying any product in bulk will. Furthermore, you will save time because there is no need to search for and buy each item from different sources just to be able to organize your personal set.

Different Kits for Different Dwellings

People live in different types of homes these days. College students stay in dormitories for most of their days, while young adults start to live independently in apartments. Wherever you live, there are suitable survival kits for you.

One common set of safety and security products is the home survival kit, which is designed to protect you and your family in your house. The home should be the safest place to anyone. Thus, it is just logical to invest in this type of survival kit.  The SafeFamilyLife home survival sets come in two variants. One is the Basic System, which is ideal for new or small families, while the other is the Advanced System and is ideal for expanded or large families.

Home survival kit items should include a diversion safe for storing valuables under thieves’ noses, as well as pepper sprays with wall mounts for convenient access. A variety of alarms should also be available, including those used to detect glass window breakage or unauthorized entries through doors.

The SafeFamilyLife home protection kits contain safety guides to childproofing your house, preventing and handling burglaries, and protecting your family and property from a home invasion.

On the other hand, if you are living alone or staying in a shared dwelling, SafeFamilyLife offers the Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit to help you boost the security of your private place. The kit contains a diversion safe, pepper sprays, and a selection of security alarms. Informative guides to apartment complex safety, selecting a secure apartment, and preventing break-ins are also provided. This kit is a great send-off gift for young individuals who are soon to live independently.

With a college survival kit, students can enjoy peace of mind when staying in dormitories or when roaming in and out of the campus. Young individuals have to protect themselves, too, whether from aggressive bullies or from room intruders. Parents can be freed from worries when they know that their children will be safe by having a personal safety kit made specifically for them.

Just like the survival kits for home defense, a security set for students should include pepper sprays in covert designs and different alarms. A diversion safe in the shape of a book as well as an electronic pocket whistle will also be valuable. The SafeFamilyLife kit for students contains all those plus information on campus safety, sexual assault, and safe dating.

Other Survival Kits to Consider

Driving your car should be a safe experience for you. It is essential to have the right security and safety tools, such as those packed in the SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit. Incidents that a motorist can experience include vehicle theft, car burglary, and auto emergencies. Your car security and safety kit should include auto pepper sprays for self-defense and a nap alarm for you to remain awake during a long drive.

If you are thinking about the ultimate personal safety kit for women specifically, think about pepper sprays that look like lipsticks. A book diversion safe is useful for hiding jewelry, money, and other valuables in plain sight. An electronic pocket whistle and a personal alarm with light are just as necessary for your safety. There is a SafeFamilyLife women’s kit for that, and it comes with information on safe dating, female travel safety, and self-defense techniques.

The workplace should be an equally safe place to be, not just for your personal welfare but also for your confidential work files. Office safety and security kits should include a hidden camera with DVR for covert surveillance as well as for recording videos to review events later on. Pepper sprays are definitely staples in every survival and personal defense kit.

In addition to practical survival devices, the SafeFamilyLife office kit comes with information on discrimination and harassment, creating a safe working environment, and protecting confidential information.

Never put your life at risk by ignoring safety and security matters. While finding and buying the right self-defense products and security devices can be laborious and perplexing, it is ideal to opt for safety kits instead since they are organized carefully by the experts with specific crimes in mind.