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Garrett's SuperWand

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The Garrett's SuperWand has a 360° detection field provides uniform sensitivity and tip pinpointing to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy.

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Detailed Description

SuperWand Security Scanner Garrett Handheld Metal Detector Wand

Criminals are coming up continuously with devious ways of hiding weapons, stolen goods, and other contraband. It is important to be able to detect these things, especially in public places where there are a lot of people. The perpetrators also smuggle these kinds of goods into commercial establishments, where they may use these for other crimes, such as kidnapping and robbery. With that being said, it is important to have a device as reliable as the Garrett handheld metal detector wand for the detection of those dangerous items.

When people think about metal detectors, they usually think about Garrett’s SuperWand, whether knowingly or not. This is because, out of all the metal detectors out there, this device is the most likely to be found being used in airports, malls, and other public establishments.

All about Security Scanners and Metal Detectors

Security scanners and metal detectors are useful devices for keeping people safe in public places by detecting dangerous weapons and illegal substances. Security scanners in schools are as important as those in malls, sporting events, and airports.

Before the use of security scanners became widespread, security personnel would check each piece of baggage extensively using only their sight and a security stick to siphon through the bag’s contents. There were several disadvantages to this, however.

First of all, that outdated type of security check was very time-consuming. A handful of security personnel checking meticulously for contraband among a large amount of containers would take time and definitely create a line congestion. Secondly, the search would not be extensive enough. Criminals could hide smuggled goods easily under other objects or in secret compartments. Lastly, a lot of people argued against this check, believing it was a clear invasion of privacy.

The use of security scanners and metal detectors eliminates most, if not all, of these disadvantages. It takes only a few seconds for the Garrett SuperWand, for one, to detect contraband in a piece of baggage. No invasion of privacy is committed, as the device needs only to hover around outside a bag or a container to work.

Introducing Garrett’s SuperWand

Garrett's SuperWand has a 360-degree detection field, which is much larger and more efficient compared to the much smaller fields of detection provided by other metal detectors out there. It can detect iron, stainless steel, and other types of metals, weapons included. Different types of contraband, such as drugs, can also be detected.

It has uniform sensitivity all throughout. No matter which part of the device is pointed towards an object of interest, it can still detect with extreme accuracy. The scanner allows for high-volume screening, thanks to this uniform sensitivity and the added speed in checking that it brings about. So, there will be no line congestion during a security check.

Although almost its entire body (except the handle) can be used for metal detection purposes, the SuperWand from Garrett also has a tip pinpointing function. Tip pinpointing is used to detect different types of contraband accurately.

This metal detector wand is self-calibrating. It makes use of digital microprocessor technology to be so, thus eliminating the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

A security scanner of choice for security personnel, it is a lightweight device with an ergonomic and comfortable handle for ease of use. The handle can fit in virtually any size of hand, a male’s or female’s.

Although the device is lightweight, it is highly durable as well. The manufacturers use rugged injection-molded construction in order to create an incredibly sturdy security product. This type of construction includes adding a structurally isolated coil for added impact absorption.

How to Use Garrett’s SuperWand

It is easy to learn how to use the security scanner properly. It makes use of a simple one-button interface for activation. This means that even people without any prior experience with using metal detectors whatsoever can learn how to do so with this product with no trouble at all.

Firstly, Garrett’s SuperWand features three colors of LED lights. These colors light up depending on how close the device is to any of the objects that it can detect.

Secondly, the Garrett SuperWand has a versatile dual alarm mode. It can conduct either an audible or a silent search. During an audible search, it will sound a loud alarm to signal that something of interest has been detected. In contrast, searching in the silent mode does not activate this alarm. Rather, your unit will vibrate when it detects metal or contraband.

Thirdly, this security metal detector from Garrett features an easy ‘on’ and ‘off’ battery cover. That allows you to change the battery quickly when you need to do so, even in the middle of a workday. The SuperWand is powered using a standard 9-volt battery, which comes included with each purchase of the device. Any brand of 9V battery will work, and there is also a Rechargeable Battery Kit available on this site that is compatible with all Garrett metal detectors.

Why Choose the Garrett Security Metal Detectors

Garrett is without a doubt a very trusted brand when it comes to security metal detectors. Its products, all 100% made in the United States, are affordable considering their durability and ease of use. Garrett has now become a household name since the company’s humble beginnings in 1964 because of these reasons.

It is important to have a security metal detector as effective as one from Garrett in your security arsenal. Its products can be used in different settings, such as airports and sporting events. A lot of lives can be saved through the use of reliable airport security scanners technology like Garrett products have.

Aside from the SuperWand, Garrett also produces the CSI Pro-Pointer, the Tactical Hand-held Metal Detector, and the SuperScanner V. The first two products come with their own respective holsters for easy carrying. If a person uses their Garrett security scanner or metal detector regularly, they will want to look at the available batteries and recharging kit here for these products. That battery pack works with the SuperWand as well as any of these other Garrett security scanners that we have.

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