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Steel Batons

Telescopic Steel Baton Self Defense Weapons and Accessories

There is a wealth of self-defense weapons out there that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit just about everyone’s needs. Many, if not most of them, are highly effective. However, when you are defending yourself against an actual attack, it is a safe bet you will want something that lets you strike back at your attacker while keeping them the heck away from you. You will want to rely on some trusty steel baton self defense instead of something that you will need to get up close to your assailant to use.

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That is pretty much what sets steel batons apart from the rest of the personal defense weapon lot. The problem with a lot of other weapons in this set is that you need to stick them right in a charging target’s gut or ribs. And while they may be suitable for use under certain circumstances, overall, the last thing you want to do about a violent criminal high on crystal meth who is flying at you with, say, a razor is to let them get anywhere near you. Only a steel baton’s reach lets you establish a safe distance between the two of you.

How Steel Batons Will Work for You

Steel batons have always been some of the toughest and most effective weapons out there. They are certainly topnotch from the defensive perspective, but since they are high-impact weapons, they make pretty good offensive weapons, too. That is provided they are being used by uniformed officers and under the correct circumstances, of course.

This is exactly why these hard stick weapons are very popular with law enforcement. They give the police and other law enforcers a great alternative when, in trying to subdue a violent suspect, they have to use more force than just using their bare hands would allow, yet employing firearms would be too extreme an option.

Using steel batons lets law enforcement agents increase the amount of force that must be used against a suspect when fighting unarmed would make them vulnerable due to the extremely violent nature of the individual concerned. In these situations, lawmen need impact weapons that can not only strike the target with an effective amount of force but also block blows just as effectively.

Standard batons are extremely useful additions to any lawman’s arsenal. However, when carrying a weapon, law enforcers must also take into account practical considerations such as weight and portability.

That is where telescopic batons have a clear edge over their standard fixed-length counterparts. When not in use, telescopic batons can remain collapsed and very compact and thus easy for officers to carry on themselves. When the collapsible baton is needed to counter a threat, a firm flick of the wrist will extend it to full length.

These tactical batons come in varied lengths. You can choose which one would be most convenient for you to carry, and more importantly, which length would be comfortable for you to handle should there be a need suddenly to deploy the weapon. The biggest is not necessarily the best in this case. It would not be very useful to get the longest baton only to discover that it is awkward for you to handle. And the worst time for you to learn about this is just when you are trying to stop a knife-wielding assailant from coming at you.

Your Steel Baton Defense Choices

There are various SafeFamilyLife Steel Batons. The 16 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton is the shortest and handiest in the group. It is a great choice for smaller, lighter people, as well as bigger people whose first priority in a defensive baton is lightness and speed.

Next in line is the 21 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton. It is the one to pick if you are looking for a medium-length baton that is convenient to carry on you and offers extended reach.

If what you want is a baton that will give you both maximum reach and leverage and also let you unleash the greatest amount of force possible with this type of weapon, only the 26 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton will be good enough. It is the hardest-hitting among the three.

No matter which SafeFamilyLife Rubber Handle Steel Baton you end up choosing, you can get it with an LED Light for Steel Baton use, which comes in handy not just for seeing targets at night but for blinding them with the glare, too. There is also an optional Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap for emergencies. All three batons come with a heavy-duty nylon holster.

Using a Telescopic Baton

It is easy to bring a telescopic baton with you. Slip it into a jacket pocket, or keep it next to you in the car, where it is accessible immediately if you are ever attacked while behind the wheel.

While anyone can strike an assailant with a baton, you really should get professional training in how to use a baton for defense. There are many clever techniques for baton use you should not miss out on knowing. Without any training, batons will not be as effective as they should be.

Steel batons are not just weapons. They are also emergency tools that can be used to break open windows or as levers to open vehicle or building doors. They are also good for breaking open fire extinguisher enclosures. These are just the tools you will need during disasters.

Many of the best defense weapons can scare off potential attackers just by the sight of them, and steel batons often have this effect on criminals. Street thugs know just how hard it is to take getting whacked hard by these impact weapons (and how hard it is to recover), and they often back off when they see their intended victims holding these.

There are several advantages steel batons have over similar weapons. They are not only carried and deployed easily, they also lack the sharp edges that can damage your clothes or hurt you. And they are noticeably better balanced when compared to most other impact weapons.