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Portable Mini Water Filter Pump

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The Portable Mini Water Filter Pump can be used for outdoor adventures, fishing, emergency relief, camping, scouting, hiking, and military or whenever you may need safe drinking water. 

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Detailed Description

Portable Mini Drinking Water Filter Pump for Survival & Camping

Based on a number of physiological factors, all human adults are about 55 to 75% composed of water. It is easy to see why (depending on who you ask) humans can survive days, weeks, and even entire months with no food and just water. However you look at it, clean water is indeed life, and with a drinking water filter pump, you can have access to clean water from almost any available source, giving you and your family the ability to survive in almost any emergency or natural disaster.

Survival Kits for Survival Situations

This Portable Mini Water Filter Pump is the best water filter for hiking, camping, and even emergencies and natural disasters. That is what makes it the perfect addition to almost any survival kit out there. Each and every survival kit is especially designed and assembled with a particular situation or scenario in mind. Everything in a particular survival kit should be able to help you in surviving the actual situation for which it was assembled.

For instance, in an emergency earthquake or flood survival kit, this pump is definitely a great addition. Besides the ability to filter water from most natural sources, you will also need lights and shelter, so the kit would also contain flashlights, batteries, thermal blankets, and possibly even a full-sized tent that can accommodate several people at once. If the kit is given out in an area that is prone to terrible flooding, then it should come with a life raft with a shielded bottom to prevent punctures.

There are also survival kits that are not made for surviving emergency situations, but rather, regular survival during outdoor camping. A survival kit for camping might include paracord ropes, strong strings, a survival knife, a compass, and a small kit for making fires. Anything in the kit should aid you in setting up camp and basically surviving in the big, bad outdoors.

Whether you are just camping or preparing for an actual emergency scenario, this Portable Mini Water Filter Pump is going to come in handy. There is no substitute for clean, drinking water. If you fear having to source drinking water from questionable or dirty water pump filter technology is what you need.

How Does This Water Filter Pump Work?

If you get this water filter pump backpacking trips can also mean journeys of discovering different natural sources of potable water. This device may be small and portable, but it is a serious 3-step filter with serious filtration ability.

Its high filtering accuracy is provided first by the Pre-Filter, which removes rust, sand, and other bigger particles in the water. Next is the Carbon Filter, which has the ability to eliminate any and all odors, heavy metals, and dirt. This is different from filters that use Granular Activated Carbon aka GAC, which can sometimes leave small carbon balls in the ‘filtered’ liquid. The Carbon Filter does the job without introducing any new contaminants.

The last but definitely not the least step is the 0.01 micron UF Filter, which can separate actual harmful microorganisms from the water that you are planning to drink.

At just 6 and 1/2 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches thick, this tiny, highly portable package is capable of big things. Any stream, lake, or body of standing water can become a viable source of drinking water, allowing you, your friends, and your family to survive another day in whatever emergency situation in which you are trapped.

Besides natural disasters and emergencies, this device is also going to be useful for hiking, camping, scouting, fishing, and most outdoor adventures, and even for sustaining military efforts and activities.

Making the Most Out of Your Water Filter Pump

Purchase the device, and you will also get the following for free: a carrying case and 2 separate hoses (1 outlet hose and 1 inlet hose equipped with a floater for keeping the pre-filter on top for retrieving the cleaner water).

If the source of the water that you are filtering is highly questionable, you can add another layer of filtration via our Portable Water Bottle with Filter. Sold separately, this water bottle is in itself a filter. You can filter water using the Mini Filter Pump, and then let it flow into the Portable Water Bottle with Filter, forcing the liquid to undergo further filtration, possibly eliminating any and all harmful substances in it. This is highly advised if you are filtering water for people with sensitive stomachs.

You can also repeat the filtration process by running filtered water through the pump again. In fact, if you are planning to purchase this Mini Water Filter Pump, you should look at the Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter and Replacement UF Filter that are also on this site. If you have replacement filters, you will not have to worry about overusing the existing filters installed in the pump. The more replacements you have, the more clean water you will be able to produce from whatever source.

Not Just for Drinking

Potable drinking water has plenty of uses other than sustaining human life directly. When it is used with a Solar Kettle, a device that can heat water just by using the rays of the sun, you can boil your filtered water to make it even cleaner. There are plenty of uses for hot, clean water. It can allow you to clean up greasy utensils easily. You can sanitize knives and other tools with it, too. You can also use it to make a cup of coffee or tea, providing a much-needed source of comfort in emergency situations.

Allow the heated and filtered water to get a bit colder, and it can be used to clean wounds for proper dressing. If you need to sow a large cut shut, the water can be used not just for wound cleaning but also for sanitizing the needle and scissors needed to close the wound.

Remember, in any situation, there is really no substitute for clean, drinkable water. And if you get this Portable Mini Water Filter Pump, finding clean water will not be a problem.

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