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Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter

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The Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter turns rain, lake, and river water into drinkable water immediately.

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Detailed Description

Portable Reusable BPA-Free Drinking Water Bottle with Filter

You never know when a natural disaster may strike. Such an event can occur at any time and without any prior warning. A lot of things will go rushing into your head during these scenarios, but you should not forget to find a source of drinking water. This is why you should have a device that can turn any rain, river, or lake water into safe and potable water. A reusable drinking water bottle with filter would be a great investment to this end.

What Should Be in Your Survival Kit?

You may think that taking everything but your kitchen sink with you in your survival kit would be a good idea. Unfortunately, it is not. Bringing too many supplies can definitely hinder your mobility, as your emergency survival kit will be quite heavy. You should carry only what you absolutely need.

An example of a necessity to have is this Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter. It is used to have a supply of clean drinking water, which is no doubt a need. It is important to keep yourself hydrated during emergency situations.

You should make your emergency kit as portable and lightweight as possible. It is highly likely that you will be carrying it around for an extended period of time if the situation ever calls for that. Another reason you should have only the essentials in your kit is to stop your kit from getting cluttered with all of the extra things inside it.

However, survival kits are not only for emergency purposes. They can also be used by people going on camping trips and by survivalists who wish to make their regular excursions into the wild. No matter the purpose, you should keep one thing in mind: you should put only what you absolutely need into your emergency survival kit.

There are some things that need to be included in any emergency survival kit. For example, you should always have a sufficient supply of canned or dehydrated food items in your kit, as well as medicine and toiletries. If possible, you should have an emergency light source and an FM radio to keep yourself updated. A change of clothes would also be nice to have in an emergency situation.

There are some emergency items that are meant for different situations. There are emergency preparedness kits for floods, earthquakes, fires, and drought, among others. For example, you should have dust masks during earthquakes and fires because there will be a large chance that you will encounter soot and dust. 

Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter: A Must for any Survival Kit

A water filter is a small device placed in a water pump or a water bottle in order to turn the murky water inside it into potable water. You can get water from any source, clean or dirty, and a water filter will be able to clean and distill it. This innovative water bottle filters as you drink the water.

This water bottle with a built-in water cleaning filter is definitely the more ergonomic option compared to bringing a portable water pump. It is lightweight, and it can be filled easily with the right amount of water to keep you from getting dehydrated. Dehydration is dangerous, as it can lead to heat stroke and other more serious conditions. This is why you should always have a supply of drinking water.

The filter used in this water bottle is created using medical-grade materials. More specifically, it is made using a membrane silk filter core. This type of material has a filtering precision of 0.00001 mm. With this type of precision, you can rest assured that no bacteria or virus can get through and mix in with the water you drink.

This Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter is made of durable material that is 100% BPA free. What this means is that the water bottle, being free of the industrial chemical besphinol A (BPA), is safe for use by any man, woman, or child. It has a user-friendly design that was thought up with equal parts comfort and functionality in mind. It has a retractable spout, which can be folded out easily from the side of the water bottle’s cap.

The filtration rate of this water bottle is fast. It can filter 400 ml of water in a minute. The water filter in this bottle can filter up to 80 liters of water before it needs to be replaced. There is no doubt that this is the best water bottle for hiking and for other recreational activities such as fishing, camping, and hunting.

A water bottle like this can hold up to 600 ml of liquid, which are more than a large enough supply. If you are looking for a water bottle with filter in it, this choice should be a no-brainer. It is affordable, and it is built well. The replacement filters to be used with this device are also affordable. You should certainly include one of these in your emergency survival kit.

Devices to Use with the Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter

Nowadays, there are a lot of devices that are designed for use during situations wherein there is a noticeable lack of resources. This could be either during a real-life emergency or during recreational hunting and camping trips in the great outdoors. These devices can be paired together with this Portable Water Bottle with Filter.

This portable water bottle can be used with our Portable Mini Water Pump. The bottle has an inlet where you can fit the aforementioned pump. By using these two devices together, you will be able to filter the water twice before you drink it. This also saves the life of the filter because it is now assisted by another filter, lessening its work.

Another product to use with this Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter is the Replacement Water Filter that we have. That functions just as well as the original water filter that comes with the water bottle. The filters in the bottle need to be replaced from time to time, and this is your best option for replacements.

Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter

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