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Portable Water Gravity Pouch

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The Portable Water Gravity Pouch can be used to store your filtered water.

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Detailed Description

Portable 72 oz. Survival Gear Water Storage Gravity Pouch

Whether you are out camping intentionally to test your survival skills, trapped suddenly after an earthquake, or stranded at sea, there are survival kits that will help you stay alive even without major facilities like hospitals nearby, at least for a few days. One essential item is survival gear water storage.

Water is important – a human being can die in mere days without a steady water supply. While the saying goes that you need eight glasses of water per day, the reality is every human needs a different amount to survive due to differences in activity, health, metabolism, and others.

However, when you are out trying to survive and your survival kit is all you have, then you should be prepared for the worst by packing in this Portable Water Gravity Pouch. This will ensure you can stay hydrated until help arrives or until you find a fresh supply of clean water.

Surviving with a 72 oz. Portable Water Gravity Pouch

The biggest benefit of this Portable Water Gravity Pouch is its capability of holding up to 72 ounces or 2 liters of either fresh, clean drinking water or filtered water. The average person needs around 2 liters of water per day, but if you are in survival mode without a supply of water nearby, then this amount can last 2 to 3 days when necessary.

Of course, this will mean you will not feel full after drinking, but it will keep you alive until you do get to a source of drinking water. As a matter of fact, some people stranded at sea have survived on as little as 12 oz. of water per day by keeping out of the sun’s heat by using their clothes as a shade.

The pouch features an 18-inch hose with a valve. This is good because it means you are not required to bring the pouch up to your face to drink from it. This is an important feature in cases where you are trapped under rubble or hanging upside down from a tree or cliff.

The valve will ensure that water does not pour out by accident. While it might seem like an arbitrary feature, out in the wild, you will want to save every drop you can, even when you are out intentionally for camping and survival treks.

As the item’s name suggests, it is designed so you can use the valve and hose to drink even when you are upside down or in any other awkward position.

Being a portable water storage, this pouch also has a hanging handle that makes it easier to carry and keep in storage. You can hang it on a tree branch or in your tent, or hook it to your belt loop. You can carry it in your hand or tie it to your survival bag if you are carrying one with you.

Now, this would not be good survival gear if it was too expensive. Luckily, if you want survival gear on a budget, then this is the water pouch for you because it is very affordable without sacrificing its quality. Although affordable, it has the capacity to carry the water you need efficiently and conveniently.

Because it has a hose and valve, it also becomes more efficient than just carrying water in a canister or sealed mug. With this hose, you will not spill a single drop, and you can drink even when prone or when you can’t use your arms fully to lift a mug up to your lips.

Survival Gear a Water Pouch Should Go With

Keep in mind that there are other survival gear you need in order to survive out in the wild, in the desert, or at sea. One essential item for all such cases is the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump.

There may be moments wherein you find water, but it might be stagnant and littered with bugs or just plain dirty. In order to drink this kind of water, you will need to use the water filter pump. It uses a pre-filter to remove sand and other large particles, and then a carbon fiber filter to get rid of heavy metals and smaller dirt particles, and a medical-grade .01 UF filter to ensure you are drinking the cleanest water possible.

Use the filter to cleanse whatever water you can find, and then store it inside the Portable Water Gravity Pouch.

Most survival gear recommendations will suggest you carry a knife, but our special Survival Knife does more than just cutting. Inside its handle, you will find 2 band aids, 1 safety pin, a fishing line, 2 small fishing hooks, 1 lead fishing shot, 2 matches, 1 match flint strip to build fire, and 2 sewing needles.

At the bottom of its handle is a compass to guide you on your way. This 14-inch survival knife (9-inch blade) also comes with a nylon sheath and a sharpening stone to ensure you can carry it and use it efficiently no matter where you go.

Some Instances When the Water Gravity Pouch Will Be Needed

If your house is flooded, then this 72 oz. Portable Water Gravity Pouch will be of great use because it will allow you to store clean drinking water even when you are trapped on the roof, waiting for the flood waters to go down. It is also important for those out in the wild, as rivers and springs can become hard to come by.

However, if you are surviving out in the desert or are stranded at sea, then this gravity water pouch will become a major lifesaver. Water is almost impossible to come by in these instances unless it rains, and this pouch will be the only saving grace you have. So keep it with you.

It will also become an important asset in case an earthquake occurs and you are trapped under rubble from a building or your own house. You never know how long it will take for search and rescue teams to get to you. Having 72 ounces of clean drinking water will help you survive until they do.

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