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Purple Leatherette Holster for Li'L Guy Stun Gun

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Deluxe purple leatherette holster for Li'L Guy stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

Li'l Guy Purple Stun Gun Holster Running Gear

If you are a new citizen in your community, headed to an unfamiliar place, or apt to go home from work late at night, owning a stun gun may be necessary. And using a holster will allow you to move securely without inflicting injury with your own self-defense weapon. A holster will keep your stun gun in a secure position while providing you with quick access to it when the time comes to deliver some electroshock power against a criminal attack. With the right stun gun holster running toward an attacker while drawing your counterattack weapon all at once will not be difficult at all.

The stun gun holster you should use must be comfortable to wear, lightweight, and consistently in position for your fast access to your stun gun. You can choose from various designs and types of holsters such as inside the waistband, shoulder carry, drop leg, cross draw, ankle, pocket, and belt. However, the most appropriate holster for a stun gun, being a handheld weapon, is a belt holster, such as the purple leatherette holster for the Li'l Guy Stun Gun.

You can find a lot of stun gun holster brands on the market, offering products that are made from various durable materials and with styles for specific types of devices. Just remember what your main objectives for holstering should be: securing your gun, accessibility and re-holstering ability, concealment, and avoiding self-injury.

How to Benefit from Stun Gun Holsters

Holsters are commonly firearm accessories, and gun holster locations vary with user preference. It could be for small of back or SOB carry, wherein a firearm is tucked at your back, or an appendix carry, with the firearm situated right of your appendix. A shoulder holster is concealable with a jacket and will have adjustable straps to fit any body type.

There are the purse holsters that women prefer, bra holsters that can be attached to the middle of a brassiere, and thigh holsters that are suitable for a dress or skirt. An ankle holster can be attached to your lower leg and covered with your pants. The belt holster situates your weapon at your waist or hip, and it is perfect for most any gun as well as stun gun.

Now, in self-defense, you do not have the intention to hurt anyone seriously and aim only to escape an attacker right away and call the nearest police station for help. There is no need to get a lethal weapon and undergo too much paperwork for a license to carry a gun. You would do better to equip yourself with a small stun gun that can shell out millions of volts with a non-lethal amount of amps. Make sure, however, to pair it with a stun gun holster.

The Li'l Guy purple stun gun holster from Stun Master® is one hardworking belt holster. It has a heavy-duty belt clip, a ring with which to hang the holster, and a magnetic clasp that will secure your weapon in place. It is certainly an improvement from the free nylon holster that comes with the Li’l Guy Stun Gun.

This holster is ideal for use every day. Whether you are at work or outdoors, wearing your stun gun in it would not be an issue. If you are always on the go or physically active, it is important to secure your device in the appropriate stun gun holster, say, while jogging or running errands. It happens this one is tailor-fit to a 12,000,000-volt small stun gun flashlight that will come in handy 24/7 for defense against violence and aggression.

The Li'l Guy Stun Guns have different styles: purple, blue, pink, green, black, red, snake skin, animal, and flower print. You can mix and match those models with the purple holster or also the other design choices for the holster: blue, red, pink, green, black, and flower print. Any of these holsters is made to last a long time owing to its use of high-quality leatherette material.

Why You Need to Holster Stun Guns

Stun guns are non-lethal incapacitating weapons that administer an electric shock. They can surely hurt not only your assailants but also the people around you, your loved ones, or yourself if you mishandle one. After all, they can’t provide defense effectively unless they can stop the offense. To observe safety when carrying your stun gun and make sure you do not shock anyone unnecessarily, it is a must to put it in a holster. A stun gun will never fall out from a well-designed holster and will not misfire in it.

Another reason holsters are needed is for concealment. You do not want everyone in your office, in public transport, or in shops to know that you are armed. Also, a holster can serve the purpose of not allowing your stalkers to know you have a reliable means of self-defense.

There are ways to maximize the use of your Li'l Guy Stun Gun Holster. If you do not have adequate training in combat, your weapon could be taken away from you, especially if you are surrounded by multiple attackers. So, practice drawing your stun gun from its holster. Also, familiarize yourself with the spots on the body where to hit your would-be assailant. Try re-holstering, too, after drawing the weapon. Do it while wearing the holster where you intend it to be located on your person and with your usual everyday garments.

Stay away from stun gun holsters that are bulky and thus uncomfortable, not to mention noticeable. The holster for the Li’l Guy stun gun is nothing like that and has a good level of retention.

Pay attention to the use of different locking mechanisms that allow you to re-engage once you release your stun gun. The Li’l Guy holster, for example, has a magnetic clasp that will surely hold your stun gun in place and make it easy for you to grab once you need it.

Carrying a stun gun does not have to be a challenge. With the right stun gun holster, you can be assured that you are safe from your own self-defense weapon.

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