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Purple Leatherette Holster for RUNT Stun Gun

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Deluxe purple leatherette holster for RUNT stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

Purple RUNT Stun Gun Flashlight Police Type Holster

You’ve got the powerful and small type of stun gun flashlight police tend to carry, but it will not be of much use if you can’t get it out in time during an actual emergency. It is very important that you can draw your stun gun out quickly during an emergency. Every second counts.

Take a look at any police officer, security guard, or member of a neighborhood watch. They do not keep their firearms, steel batons, or stun guns in their bag. Instead, they always keep these holstered to their waist so that they can grab what they need the moment they need it.

If you own a RUNT stun gun, which is arguably one of the best due to its features and compact size, then you should use the Purple Leatherette Holster for the RUNT Stun Gun. This holster is custom-designed specifically for RUNT stun guns and will ensure that you can pull yours out at a moment’s notice.

Reasons to Holster Your RUNT

Most stun gun holster brands offer nylon or even cloth materials, which are fine, but they can seem flimsy and may tear easily after some time. With the RUNT Stun Gun Holster, you get only stun gun holster designs made from leather, ensuring that they are comfortable and long-lasting.

This is a police-type holster in that it does not exist to disguise a similarly undisguised stun gun, although it can be used with stealth. Other than purple, it comes in black, pink, green, and blue. If you keep it at your waist and you know how to use it, then attackers will not be too eager to get close to you. They will know to stay away.

Of course, looks will not do much if it does not help you reach for your weapon as quickly as possible. There are three main features on this RUNT holster that make sure you can reach for your stun gun instantly at any moment.

Some people just toss their stun guns in their bags, and this is never a good idea. What happens if two guys pounce on you in an alley? You would have to open your bag, dig inside, look for your stun gun, and then pull it out and activate it. Most attacks happen really quickly, so if your stun gun is in a bag, you might never get the chance to use it.

With a holster, this issue is resolved. You can keep your stun gun by your side, allowing you to take it out in just a few seconds. If someone is stalking you, then you can keep your hands at the ready. If they surprise you, then you can still reach for your stun gun in an instant since it is right by your waist.

The Features of the RUNT Holsters

The first important feature to look into is the magnetic clasp. Other holsters use button clasps or clips. These are all right, but sometimes, they can be a bit too hard to use. Locking and unlocking can become an issue of tugging or pushing down too hard, and that just wastes time.

With a magnetic clasp, similar to those found on a gun holster for purse and small pouch types, simply putting the clasps close to each other will lock them together. The magnetic hold will ensure that the holster does not come loose even if you are running or jumping, but it is also easy enough to undo when necessary so that you can pull out your stun gun during an emergency.

The second main feature is the heavy-duty belt clip. Belt clips are there so you can place the holster instantly on your waist, which is essentially the best area to keep your stun gun. Some police officers keep their guns and weapons holstered to their shirt stays, and with this belt clip, you can do the same.

The belt clip will not tear like those found on cheap nylon holsters. The leather material and the support inside ensure that this belt clip will not rip off suddenly when you have to grab your stun gun in a hurry. After all, you want a holster that can least for years, not one that breaks on the first day you use it.

You will also see that the RUNT Purple Stun Gun Holster comes with a steel ring. This is included so you can attach the holster to your key chain, ID straps, or chain. Police officers keep their holsters on their waist, but you might find it convenient to keep it hanging by your side or underneath your shirt.

Personal Protection with RUNT Stun Guns

Keep in mind that these holsters are for RUNT stun guns. Those are ideal handheld weapons for self-defense because of their small size and fashionable colors. They can generate 20 million volts and 4.5 milliamps, which can knock down even large opponents and even groups of attackers.

Stun guns use sufficient amounts of voltage to push the electric current through thick clothing and skin. However, the small amperage ensures that the shock will deal damage, such as immobilizing and disorientating an attacker, without killing or causing any permanent harm.

The small RUNT stun guns go a few steps further, as they are easy to conceal and convenient to carry, even for women or people with small hands. They feature a retractable charger so you do not need to worry about long cords or about buying disposable batteries every other day.

They come with a built-in LED flashlight. This can light your way at night, surely, but is also useful in confusing and surprising an attacker. If you flash the light right at their face, you can blind them momentarily long enough for you to step in and stun them with a well-aimed strike.

Now, in order to use the stun gun when assailed, you should be able to pull it out before the assailant gets to you. Do not waste time keeping your weapon in a bag. Use a stun gun flashlight holster, and keep your stun gun within reach at all times.

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