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Red Leatherette Holster for Li'L Guy Stun Gun

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Deluxe red leatherette holster for Li'L Guy stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Li'l Guy Red & More Stun Gun Holster Designs

Stun gun holster designs are geared towards weapon protection, convenience, and quick draw ability. Among these practical benefits, the most priceless is the last. The ability to draw your weapon at a moment's notice, whenever you need to, can spell the difference between winning and losing a close-quarters encounter with a criminal. It is easily the most important benefit that you can gain from using a holster.

And it is crucial to anyone whose living or working circumstances force them to walk through dangerous areas alone at night. If this is an accurate description of your daily or weekly commute, and you are considering carrying a stun gun, you should check out this Red Leatherette Holster for the Li'l Guy Stun Gun.

Be a Stun Gun Quick Draw

When you have a stun gun holster hip placement of your weapon becomes a viable option. Like most stun gun holsters, this particular model has a simple belt clip that can be attached to your belt, right on your hip. If you are right-handed, the ideal location for your holster would be at the 3:00 or 4:00 position of your belt. If you are left-handed, it would be at either the 8:00 or 9:00. Usually, the closer the holster is to your dominant hand, the faster you can have access to it.

Just because you have a holster does not mean you are ready to reap its benefits. You can't be a quick draw overnight. If you are not already used to drawing a stun gun out of a holster, you are going to have to practice. Take note that having experience in drawing and shooting guns quickly does not make you an expert at stun guns. The two are holstered in the same way, but they are completely different weapons, in shape, weight, and use.

If you want to be able to take your weapon swiftly out of your Stun Master® Li'l Guy Red Stun Gun Holster, you are going to need to spend some time practicing. Just keep repeating these motions: release the retention mechanism (the cover), pull out your Li'l Guy Stun Gun, and activate the stun mode. And then put the stun gun back in the holster. Keep practicing these motions until you are comfortable with the movement, until doing it is second nature to you. Practice it every day for a couple of minutes, and in 2 to 3 days, you will be surprised at how easy it is to do quickly.

Color Me Stunned

With a stun gun holster material is important. These leatherette holsters are stiff enough to retain their shape even without the small stun guns that they were designed for. This is an essential part of why you can draw and holster your weapon all with just one hand.

They are also tough. You can be sure that each of the Li'l Guy flashlight stun guns protected by these holsters is safer from the wear and tear of the outside world, all thanks to the cheap and durable material that is leatherette.

Another awesome thing about this material is that it comes in color choices besides red. You can get it in blue, purple, red, pink, green, or flower print. Similarly, the Li'l Guy Stun Guns come in different colors and patterns as well: purple, red, pink, black, blue, green, flower print, animal print, and snakeskin. Imagine a snakeskin pattern stun gun holstered in this bright red Li'l Guy Stun Gun Holster. Who says self-defense can't be fashionable?

Not only will this stylish combination not be an eyesore, it might also pull together certain outfits that complement the bright red color and the sleek snakeskin pattern. Self-defense becomes style. But beyond fashion, this also opens up a deceptive self-defense tactic that you can use to get inside your target's guard.

Stylish color combinations can make your stun gun look just like a holstered cell phone. If criminals see a harmless everyday gadget, and not a high voltage 4.4 milliamp stun weapon that can render them immobile with a 5-second prolonged contact shot, they will not expect you to put up much of a fight or have a fighting chance against a criminal. You can allow this deception to last up until the moment that you can get close enough to stun your target.

This tactic works better if you have practiced drawing and triggering your stun gun. If you can do that in one liquid motion, you can always make the first move in an encounter where your opponent is not expecting you to be able to fight back.

With a stun gun shot to the neck, armpit, stomach, or if it is their lucky day, the groin, you can surprise your attacker with the realization that they picked the wrong person to rob, assault, or rape. The surprise might just cause your attacker to drop any deadly weapon they are carrying, increasing your chances of escaping the encounter with no injuries or further incident.

Other Stun Gun Holster Benefits and Uses

When you have a stun gun holster handbags are not exactly obsolete. Besides allowing you to draw your weapon quickly, one of the other important functions of a holster is to protect your weapon. This includes anything in your own pockets or bag that might compromise the effectiveness of your stun gun. If it is in a holster and you put it in your bag, there is no chance of it getting turned on accidentally, even if you rummage blindly through your belongings.

However, a naked stun gun in a messy bag can be a dangerous shocking hazard. You never, ever want to be confronted by a criminal, and then shock yourself while trying to retrieve your stun gun hastily from your own belongings. That will not happen if you have a Stun Master® Li'l Guy Red Stun Gun Holster.

It also has a metal ring if you do not want to use the belt clip. This ring can be attached to the outside of bags and other small containers, saving space while keeping your weapon readily accessible.

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