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Red Leatherette Holster for RUNT Stun Gun

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Deluxe red leatherette holster for RUNT stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

Red Holster for RUNT Men and Women's Stun Guns

Everyone needs very little convincing now about the importance of staying safe. Due to the natural human instinct for life preservation, people understand right away why, for example, they have to carry a stun gun for self-defense. What takes longer to grasp, though, is why they have to carry it in a stun gun holster, too. A holster will keep a stun gun in place, secure, and quick to draw. If it is designed smartly, like the Red Leatherette Holster for the RUNT Stun Gun, either men or women's stun guns also become virtually unseen even while being carried openly.

How to Wear the RUNT Stun Gun

It is easy to undervalue weapon placement, often to one’s detriment. For a stun gun specifically, the best placement is at the waist, slightly behind and above the hipbone. It is the fastest location from where to grab the device, whether you are vertical or horizontal, plus the most comfortable for carrying it around if there is no imminent threat.

A belt holster that is outside the waistband, and thus also called an OWB holster, is the best kind for wearing a stun gun at that 4:00 position. From such a holster, your dominant hand can retrieve the weapon swiftly and easily, with no help needed from your weaker hand, which you can assume will be busy obstructing your assailant’s punches or slamming doors behind them in a chase.

However, a belt-type stun gun holster without belt attachments would be pretty useless. It is why the RUNT Stun Gun Red Leatherette Holster comes equipped with a belt clip, a ring, and a magnetic clasp. Each one performs critical functions and is, in fact, recognized as an essential part of many gun holsters.

Its heavy-duty belt clip is a fundamental part. This keeps the stun gun at the waist even if you are moving. That means with a belted stun gun holster jogging, carrying things at the workplace, or getting on and off trains or buses will not be difficult. Law enforcers are most comfortable with belt holsters when on duty.

Both an addition and an alternative to a belt clip for securing your stun gun at your 4:00 is a ring used for hanging the holster on the belt. The clip and ring alike also allow you to carry the device inside the waistband, in an IWB holster. For civilians, OWB holsters are generally for open carry, and IWB holsters are for concealed carry. But you can also conceal an OWB stun gun holster under shirt inside jacket sorts of outfits.

Can You Run Around with a Stun Gun Holster?

Whereas a belt clip and a ring will keep your stun gun at your waist, a magnetic clasp will keep it in the holster. Restricting the movement of their contents is a primary function of gun holsters. If you clutch your topsy-turvy stun gun from your bag, with no time to waste in pointing it to your assailant’s body, you could be looking at its metal prongs pointed at your hand instead. Or those prongs could be pointed to your body just when your non-holstered stun gun goes off suddenly.

Moreover, since the magnetic clasp will keep your RUNT encased, it will prevent an attacker from snatching it away. Retention is just as important as restriction. Often, in an encounter between an unarmed attacker and an armed but untrained civilian, the civilian ends up losing their weapon to the attacker and having it used against them.

As for that belt clip and ring, they also let you move the RUNT Stun Gun Holster in Red Leatherette to another area in your body’s midsection than your 4:00 near the hipbone. Carrying a concealed weapon or a backup weapon is a common reason for doing this, such as at the small of one’s back. Another example is for carrying your weapon on your weaker side when sitting down, in a cross-draw belt holster that is also believed to fit a female body better.

Inside the RUNT Stun Gun Holster

Features notwithstanding, the best holster for your stun gun is one that was custom-designed to it. Thus, the best holster for a RUNT Stun Gun is no other than a RUNT Stun Gun Holster. Only with a customized holster can you be 100% certain that your weapon stays in position and away from the hands of a wrongdoer.

After all, their sizes go together. For the RUNT, the size is a measly 4 ¼ inches high, 1 5/8 inches wide, and 1 inch deep, and so you get an equally small stun gun holster. A compact stun gun and case like this will be no hassle to bring along anywhere, on your person.

Also, their looks go together. Red, pink, black, purple, green, and blue are the color options for the RUNT as well as for the holster. Knock yourself out mixing and matching. If you walk around with a blue stun gun in a red holster, for example, everyone is likely to assume that is a mobile phone or an mp3 player on your waist since many enough people have the same.

Of course, the colorful object on your waist really fires 20 million volts out through 4.5 milliamps to deal an electric shock plus pain and disorientation to any aggressor. By the way, it sports a built-in flashlight that is just blinding enough to distress the culprit, plus a wrist strap disable pin that would disable the stun gun in case it is grabbed from you. But no one could tell from the small, red-on-blue, or green-on-pink, or other groovy-colored thing you have, could they?

In reality, the RUNT 20,000,000-Volt Stun Gun with Flashlight and Wrist Strap Disable Pin will unload an incapacitating dose of electricity once drawn from the holster, activated, and fired. To the bad person on the wrong end of it, this means 20 to 40 minutes’ worth of contending with loss of mobility and balance, muscle spasms, pain, and paralysis for as long as the stun gun is shocking the body.

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