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Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter

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The Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter for the Mini Water Filter Pump.

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Detailed Description

Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter for Survival Gear Water Filter Pumps

What survivalists will tell you is top priority in every survival situation is preparedness. Given that the basics of human survival are food, shelter, and especially water, you should be prepared with a survival gear water filter and water pump combination. Remember, the most critical part of having a fresh supply of drinkable water is being able to filter out harmful impurities.

It is essential to have a clean water supply wherever you might find yourself since you never know when you will end up in an emergency. A water pump with filters enables you the convenience of having fresh drinking water from almost any source. It is best to bring a number of replacement filters for your water pump, which eliminates the need to bring gallons of water instead.

The Importance of Having a Survival Kit

As the filters in a water pump tend to clog up after catching all the harmful impurities, make sure to take a Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter with you. Ideally, you pack in a few of these. No one can predict accurately when an emergency will crop up, but the next best thing to do is be prepared. This life lesson comes in handy even if you spend most of your time within the city.

Preparedness is exactly what survival kits are for. There are numerous survival kits out there that cater to almost any situation. Some kits are made specifically for an earthquake, whereas others provide items that would prove useful during a hurricane. Everyday kits that have become popular recently are the aptly named 72-hour survival kits. For whatever purpose you choose survival gear to buy and stash, a survival kit should be a good foundation for ensuring your personal safety.

The Essentials of a Sustainable Water Supply

A water filter pump provides you with clean water by filtering out hazardous impurities from any source of water. Filters are its most important components. A carbon fiber filter in particular makes use of activated carbon, which is an excellent purifier of water.

Activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been processed to let liquid through but is small enough to catch impurities. It has small and low-volume pores, which can effectively catch harmful particles that pollute water.

The Portable Mini Water Filter Pump that we have involves a thorough, three-step filtration process in which the second step is carbon fiber filtering. This Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter fits that pump and other such portable pumps.

A carbon fiber filter is ideal in water purification because of its efficiency in filtering unwanted compounds. Just one gram of carbon has enough surface area to match an area of 500 sq. meters. Its high surface area makes it an effective filtration system that traps contaminants and impurities.

After untreated water has passed through a bed of activated carbon, you are left with purified, odorless, and potable water. Having this Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter in multiples would supply you with enough water to have on your trip or in your kit. This is advantageous, as it lets you save weight, which is preferable in any situation, more so in a survival situation.

Replacing Your Carbon Fiber Water Filter

When you find yourself in a situation wherein clean sources of water are scarce, you will be able to obtain fresh and potable water by making use of a carbon fiber water filter. It can remove most organic compounds, which are attributed typically to odor and taste. This leaves you with fresh water that you can actually drink.

Inherent to the filtration process, filters clog up due to the significant amount of untreated water passing through them. So, take care to have a good number of these Replacement Carbon Fiber Filters along with your mini portable water pump.

Carbon fiber filters are designed to be compact, and thus, ideal to fit into a portable water pump. This allows you to have an efficient water filtration system without having to sacrifice storage space.

No Survival Gear Is Complete Without Water

Finding yourself in an emergency would test how well you have prepared for such an occasion. When you see survival gear in bulk, you would often find that the inclusion of shelter and food has been taken care of. However, you would hardly find gallons of water being paired with survival kits. That is because it is quite impractical for these kits to carry heavy loads, as the kits aim to be taken anywhere with ease.

When trekking or camping in the great outdoors, packing light is an advantage. Our Portable Mini Water Filter Pump is a practical item to bring, along with its replacement filters including this Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter. Even in desperate times, such as in the event of a calamity or a disaster, this would ensure your survival by providing you with fresh water, even when you are cut off a clean water supply.

A portable water pump, along with its necessary filters, enables you to have a fresh supply of safe drinking water from any water origin. You do not have to worry about getting ill for drinking from an unreliable water source. This advantage would certainly prove essential to your health, as you would need to hydrate to keep your body sustained.

The Replacement Carbon Fiber Filter catches any impurities you might get from lake, stream, or still water. This leaves you with a sustainable drinking supply everywhere you go. It catches all the carbon particles in untreated water, which include heavy metals, organic materials, and pesticide residue. With the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump, this stage of filtration also eliminates odors from a dirty water supply.

Untreated water will come out as fresh as any bottled water can provide, thanks to the pump’s ingenious filtration system. The cotton pre filter, carbon fiber filter, and UF filter that it uses in a three-stage process ensures no harmful particles will contaminate your water supply. This is essential in a hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster scenario, and it is just as beneficial in a relatively tamer situation, such as trekking and camping.

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