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Replacement Cotton Pre Filter

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The Replacement Cotton Pre Filter for the Mini Water Filter Pump.

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Detailed Description

Replacement Cotton Pre-Filter for Survival Water Pump Filter Change

Whatever type of emergency, natural disaster, or outdoor survival situation you are in, you are going to need clean drinking water. Depending on the nature of the scenario, access to clean, potable water can get difficult. This can be remedied by having a reliable water filter pump in your inventory. And if you have the equipment to do a water pump filter change, including this Replacement Cotton Pre Filter, you can have access to more clean water, even if the only nearby natural sources are questionable.

Survival Scenarios Entail Survival Kits

If you want to be prepared to have some control over events like emergencies, disasters, calamities, accidents, or just outdoor camping activities, this is essentially what survival kits are for. A complete survival kit is the collective effort of experts in survival and whatever particular situation for which the kit is being assembled. These kits are designed to give non-survivalists access to equipment, supplies, and other useful items that they do not already have prepared.

Flood and earthquake survival kits, for instance, can come with not just flashlights and batteries but also possibly an inflatable and puncture-proof boat for rescue purposes. Similarly, a first-aid or emergency-aid kit is going to come with tools and supplies for cleaning and closing open wounds. There are also survival kits geared towards non-emergency situations. Instead, these other kits are assembled for controlled outdoor scenarios where you can test your survival skills.

Outdoor or camping survival kits are all about independent, off-the-grid living. It can be hard to live off the land with little to no modern amenities, but with one of these survival kits, it is highly possible. One of the best additions to this type of survival kit is what is known as the Solar Kettle, a device that allows you to use the rays of the sun in order to boil water. It is a great way to start your mornings at camp with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Each one of these survival kits has its own particular situation to address. What do all of those situations have in common? What does an outdoor hike or camping trip have in common with emergencies, calamities, accidents, and disasters? Besides allowing you to put your survival skills to the test, what else? All of these situations can use clean, drinking water.

In any flood or earthquake, there is an immediate risk that access to potable drinking water is going to be cut off. In a first-aid or emergency situation, clean water can have plenty of sanitary applications. If you are going camping, or even just hiking, water is one of the things that you literally can’t survive without. In fact, in any and all of these situations, keeping yourself hydrated can give you a clear head and keep your body in optimum condition, allowing you to address whatever scenario with everything that you’ve got.

Always Have Access to Clean Water

Clean water is one of the most important substances necessary to life, even outside of emergencies or camping trips. In those situations, it is doubly important. This is what makes this Replacement Cotton Pre Filter such an essential part of nearly any survival kit setup.

This water pump pre filter is the first layer of filtration in the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump’s three-step process. It is the first defense against whatever is contained in the water you need to consume. The Cotton Pre Filter is what rids the water of larger particles such as rust, sand, hair, and whatever other objects of similar size that are not fit for consumption.

As you can imagine, in time, it is eventually going to lose its filtration ability. The more water you filter, the more you wear out the filters that are in the pump. You are going to need a replacement (or several) if you want to be able to filter more water from whatever questionable source.

The Portable Mini Water Filter Pump

This Replacement Cotton Pre Filter is made for use with the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump. How does a water filter pump work, exactly?

If the Pre Filter is the first step in the filtration process, then the second step is the Carbon Fiber Filter. This one deals with any odors, small dirt particles, heavy metals, and other possibly toxic substances that are in the water. The most impressive part of the process is the last and third step, the Micron Filter. This 0.01 medical-grade Micron UF Filter is able to clean your water of any harmful microorganisms that can cause harm.

Through this three-step filtration process, you are ensured that the water you end up with is clean and drinkable. If you want to be extra-careful, you can just run the filtered water through the pump’s filters again, doubling the filtration action. This is advised for if you are filtering water for the consumption of people with weaker immune systems, such as the sick, the elderly, and children.

If you have one of these mini portable water filter pumps hiking can also become a journey of discovering different watering holes. If you are feeling adventurous, do not be afraid to try out this water filter pump even if you are not in any emergency scenario. Just knowing how to use it well, replace its filters, and maintain the device are great survival skills that can be useful in a wide array of situations.

The Portable Solar Kettle

Boiling filtered water is an even more thorough way to ensure the water is clean and drinkable. If you have our Solar Kettle in your camping/emergency kit, you will not even have to make a fire in order to start boiling. As long as enough sunlight reaches you, then you can use the sun’s clean and free energy to make a cup of coffee, sanitize medical tools, make a hot compress for sore muscles, or bathe in comfort in the cold outdoors.

So, if you are putting together a survival kit, do not forget the Replacement Cotton Pre Filter, the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump, and even the Solar Kettle.

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