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This Slingshot has a Light aluminum frame and split leather pouch.

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Detailed Description

Light Aluminum Slingshots for Self Defense, Wilderness Survival, Hunting

Slingshots are some of the most underrated ranged weapons on the planet, but they can be just as effective as any other ranged self-defense weapon. In fact, slingshots can be as devastating as some guns or longbows. Unlike these more popular weapons, however, when you use slingshots for self defense, nearly any projectile can be used as ammunition. It just has to fit into the pocket or pouch of the sling and through the prongs of the handle.

The Perfect Ranged Survival Weapon

Whether you are prepping for the collapse of the world or you just want a way to hunt for game without having to carry firearms or cumbersome bows, the slingshot is for you.

It is perfect for hunting small game, scaring off larger game, and dissuading persistent criminals. With enough draw and the right ammunition, a slingshot could be used to make birds fall to the ground, kill small game like rabbits or squirrels instantly, and even stun violent and rabid wolves. If you have learned how to aim properly, you could disarm a criminal or impair their ability to walk and move by shooting a knee.

Using glass marbles as ammunition, you can go through thick plywood, and even damage bedrock slightly. Using the rubber’s maximum draw strength, heavy metal balls could penetrate skin and flesh or crack bone. In the hands of someone who knows how to use it, this is definitely no mere child’s toy. This is why it is recommended that you use survival slingshots with utmost caution, especially when you are able to hurl projectiles while drawing the rubber bands all the way back for maximum power.

This ranged weapon is a hunter’s tool. If you choose to wield it, then it is your responsibility to be a safe and cautious hunter.

The High-Velocity Folding Slingshot

For this particular slingshot aluminum and plastic make up the frame. The light aluminum frame itself allows it to be as tough as it is powerful.  The high-quality plastic handle is molded with finger grips that make it easy to hold and keep steady.

The included wrist guard supports your wrist every time you stretch the rubber bands for a shot. It allows you to pull further without having to rely solely on your wrist to keep the slingshot in place as you are aiming. Do not worry; the weapon does not have to retain this inconvenient shape all the time. The handle and the wrist guard fold atop one another, allowing the slingshot to be carried in a convenient little package, whether in your pocket or in a separate bag.

Attached to the two prongs of the handle are the rubber bands that can be stretched to several feet, building momentum with each stretched inch. At the end of these bands is the split leather pouch that can accommodate small metal balls, glass balls, pebbles, and with some modifications to the weapon, even arrows. Yes, there are slingshots that shoot arrows.

If you use standard ammunition for slingshots, the weapon’s range is an impressive 100 yards. You do not have to use recommended ammo necessarily. Basically anything can be used as ammunition, as long as it is light and small enough for the rubber bands to hurl without hitting the prongs, but also heavy and aerodynamic enough to fly through the air. Seriously, anything that fits this description can be shot out of a slingshot. There is even a slingshot expert on Youtube who managed to shoot playing cards out of an ordinary slingshot. It is difficult to do, but if you want to attempt it, every step of the process is explained on the video.

Practicing and Target Shooting

The first part of learning slingshot aiming techniques is holding the weapon firmly using your dominant hand. For the purposes of basic aiming, hold the weapon upright, with your eyes looking through the prongs so you can see where you are shooting.

Do not lock the joints of your dominant arm. It should be stretched out fully but not to the absolute limit of your elbows. Align your hand with your shoulder, and let your elbow bend just a tiny bit. This is going to give you better aim and control. Remember this position for your dominant arm.

Using your other hand, load a piece of ammo into the leather pouch. Pinch the ammo inside the split leather pouch using your thumb and forefinger. Make sure to have a firm hold on the loaded pouch.

Put your dominant hand into position and grip the weapon firmly. Pinch tightly and pull back with your other hand, stretching the rubber bands. Aim it, and release. In order to familiarize yourself with the proper use of the weapon, you can pull the rubber back just one or two feet at first. When comfortable enough, you can pull it farther back nearer to your face before releasing, allowing the bands to build up more power and momentum.

If shooting at targets from a full 100 yards, you can aim down the middle of the prongs for accuracy. However, if your targets are closer, you can use a method called intuitive aiming.

Intuitive aiming is aiming accurately just by estimating the trajectory of your projectiles without using the prongs as a targeting scope. If your targets are only several feet away, and you are already used to shooting with the slingshot, you can aim intuitively and still shoot accurately.

When aiming intuitively, you do not even need to hold your weapon upright, as you will not need to see down the prongs. You can hold it sideways and aim from the hip, or whichever way or angle is easier or faster for you. This allows you to reload, pull the bands back all the way, and fire much faster when your targets are getting close. This can be useful for when you are being attacked by wolves in the wild, or if you want to practice rapid-firing your weapon accurately on non-moving targets. As you can imagine, it is also a great way to use pain compliance against street criminals.

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