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Solar Oven Bag

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The Solar Oven Bag is built to be highly portable, it folds into a bag to carry and store your cookware.



Detailed Description

Portable Solar Cooker Oven Bag & Cookware Carrier for Survival

In a survival scenario, eating food that can give you ample amounts of nutrition is just as important to your health as drinking clean water. Depending on your current physiological state, you might be able to survive for weeks subsisting on just water, but not without consequences to your overall health. If you are not at the peak of health, your body’s condition could suffer with just a couple days of being starved of real food. This is what makes a portable solar cooker oven bag essential to almost any survival kit.

Putting Together a Survival Kit

Survival gear bags or survival kits are usually put together with specific scenarios and conditions in mind. Assembling a particular kit requires sufficient knowledge of the particular scenario for which the kit is going to be used. Each item in the kit should be useful in the said scenarios and conditions. This is why an emergency flood and earthquake survival kit might contain rope, batteries, flashlights, a tent, and possibly a puncture-proof reinforced inflatable boat for crossing dangerous flood waters.

The Solar Oven Bag would be a great addition to this type of survival kit. In fact, any of the following other kits could also benefit from having this sun-powered cooker in its inventory.

A bug-out survival kit could certainly use a device that can allow you to cook food without lugging around either gas or wood for fuel. It would also contain flashlights, batteries, charged power banks for emergency use, and if possible, a tent that can accommodate more than a single person at once. Whatever scenario you want to be amply prepared for, there is probably a survival kit out there designed for it.

These kits are not just for emergencies. Some survival kits are created for recreational outdoor activities that can allow you to test your own survival skills in relatively controlled conditions. For instance, there is the popular camping survival kit, containing everything that you might need in order to survive for a few days, weeks, or even months in the woods. This type of kit is bound to come with at least a knife or a blade, some rope, navigation equipment, fishing equipment, and several other objects that can make your camping experience better and possibly more self-educative.

Some of these objects allow you to learn real survival skills that can be useful not just in recreational outdoor activities but in real emergencies and natural disasters as well. When it comes to survival gear camping equipment are some of the most useful items. The Solar Oven Bag is an example of camping equipment that is also useful in almost every emergency scenario that can happen to you and/or your family. This is the type of device that would be welcome in almost every emergency/survival kit.

How Does This Solar Oven Work?

Simply unfold the bag and allow it to stand in an angle that best catches the sun. Follow each and every instruction for using the device properly. With its UV index of 4+, you can cook entire meals with this solar oven. The device can reach temperatures of 285 degrees Fahrenheit, but this, of course, will depend on your location, the current season, the temperature, and the amount of sunlight hitting your oven.

As you can imagine, the ability to cook anything as long as there is ample sunlight is going to be useful in a number of scenarios. Whether you just want to save on gas or are camping for the weekend, or if you are conducting military operations in wide forested areas, this device is going to come in handy. It even folds down to a very convenient bag that is 2 inches thick, 15 inches wide, and 19 inches long and can fit easily into any packrat’s inventory. You can also store any cookware you have in the bag.

Surviving the Outdoors Using the Solar Oven Bag

Cooking by using natural and clean energy is just one step in the path to becoming a true survivalist. If you know how to cook any game that was taken from nature, you should also know how to hunt game. For that, you will need a Survival Knife. A reliable short blade is necessary not just for hunting but also for dressing and cleaning meat for cooking. As you might expect, there are countless other uses for a Survival Knife, especially in the outdoors. Cooking and whittling dry tinder from trees is just the tip of the survival iceberg.

Having the Survival Knife as well as the Solar Oven Bag on this site and some cookware can allow you to live comfortably and well-fed while out in the woods. You can even attach the knife to a tough wooden pole to make a spear. This will give you some reach so you can avoid getting hurt while hunting for small to medium-sized animals.

Get Solar

If you are into using clean energy directly from the solar system’s main source of heat, you should also look at the Portable Solar Kettle that we have, a solar water heater that can boil water in just 30 minutes. With both the Portable Solar Kettle and the Solar Cooker Oven Bag, you will not need to bring any fuel out in the woods just to have a hot meal and some coffee in the morning. As long as it is sunny, you can rely on these two devices to perform their jobs well.

When it comes to survival gear needed for nearly every survival kit on the market, these two products are great examples. They can be really useful even outside of recreational outdoor activities. When you have a means to boil water and cook food without using traditional sources of fuel, then you and your family will have way better chances of surviving most types of natural disasters or emergencies.

Not only do these two devices use clean and free power, they are also very portable and easy to carry, making them the perfect additions to any emergency, bug-out, or outdoors survival kit that you are putting together.

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