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The SolarPack is ultra-compact yet a powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your portable devices directly from its USB and 12-volt DC charging ports.

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Detailed Description

SolarPack Portable Solar Electronics Charger with USB & DC Output

Embracing the great outdoors has its advantages. Although some of us are reluctant to go off the grid and toss out our electronics, we would not have to leave them all behind just yet. The problem with this is that we then would have to carry spare batteries or a charger, which is not always the practical choice due to the sheer weight of batteries and the lack of power outlets in the wild. This portable solar electronics charger device is a quick and easy way to remedy that.

You have to take into consideration that being prepared is always the best way. The SolarPack solar-powered portable charger will enable you to charge not only your mobile devices but also practical survival tools such as flashlights and radios.

Always plan ahead of a trip and pack the essentials first. Several types of survival kits should give you an idea of the important supplies and tools to have. In the event of an earthquake, for instance, there are kits prepared specifically to get you by such a disaster. These come packed typically with a first-aid kit, a few rations of food and water, and a hand-cranked radio.

In addition, survivalist bug-out bags usually have enough supplies to last you for up to three days. Ideally, these packs would also come with a flashlight and a radio, which in a survival situation could mean the difference between life and death.

A Compact, Useful Survival Tool

In the modern age, we are surrounded by sophisticated electronic equipment and tools that are quite helpful to our way of living. There are perhaps so many that essential electronics are often overlooked: flashlights, radios, and cell phones. These are more useful than most to have in a survival situation.

The SolarPack solar-powered portable charger enables you to carry electronic devices without having to worry about the power supply. Some would argue that one should carry numerous battery spares for one’s numerous electronic gadgets, but with this solar-powered charger, you can shave off a few pounds in batteries and replace those with a more practical power source to recharge your electronic survival gear.

Clearly, the SolarPack is ideal to use in the great outdoors. It can be used in a variety of activities, such as camping, skiing, biking, mountain climbing, and recreational outdoor activities. This takes the survivalist’s methods to a whole other level, as it blends the rustic nature of the wild with modern conveniences.

The SolarPack Design

This could be the best portable solar charger for hiking and camping, as its design allows it to be compact with almost no trade-offs. The SolarPack provides 12 watts of solar power, which should be enough to power up the essential electronics.

It is light in weight, and it is inherently flat with no bulk areas. This allows it to be stored easily in a backpack, even along the lining, not needing much space. It also has a convenient carrying pouch that enables you to store its included connector cords and your other small devices as well.

The device is waterproof and weather-resistant. Its shape and design open it up to multiple ways of using. This efficient, portable solar charger for USB devices and DC-output gadgets can be attached against your backpack while facing outward, for instance, as you hike along your path. This enables you to cover the needed distance even while you are charging devices actively.

It has the capacity to charge USB and DC devices relatively quickly, which is two hours on average, due to its smart chip. It outputs 5V/10W & 12V/10W, with optimal operating temperatures of 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is allows it to be used with a variety of electronics in almost any weather condition.

Therefore, as to which portable solar charger is best, the SolarPack is no doubt on the running. A flat and sleek design allows it to be used while attached to your backpack. A smart chip enables efficient charging, which especially includes the charging of USB devices automatically whenever the charger is exposed to sunlight. Each unit produces 12 watts of energy from the sun. There are solar panels with a wide enough surface area to catch the sun’s rays effectively as you go, or while you are camped out, for that matter. You can throw your worries away and let the solar-powered charger do its thing.

New Possibilities in Survival

The SolarPack solar-powered portable charger pairs well with the PowerPack, a portable charger that has enough juice to get your electronics going. If the two are used together, the SolarPack has the capability to charge the PowerPack’s 5000mAh lithium polymer battery in just six hours of sunlight.

The “backpack method” would prove perfect for this purpose. It optimizes the time for you covering distances while charging the PowerPack, which can charge up to two USB devices easily due to its dual output. The two devices definitely go hand in hand as they open the possibilities to portable charging. Adding in the abundance of solar energy, this can be as close as you are going to get to unlimited energy.

The SolarPack and the PowerPack can be used together to charge rechargeable batteries, too. This would prove useful for your more demanding electronic devices, such as multiple flashlights and radios. The charger can also supply your cell phone’s energy needs even when the sun has come down, so that you are not off the grid completely. In certain emergency situations, a charged mobile phone can get you connected to rescue. It is as convenient as it is practical.

Still on the subject of harnessing solar energy, the Portable Water Kettle is another essential piece of survival gear. It has the capacity to hold three cups of water and boil this in just about 30 minutes. That adds to your choices for making your camping experience more efficient and convenient. While you are charging your devices and waiting for your water to boil, you can utilize the time further by spending it to hunt for food or gather firewood. This makes outdoor adventures more comfortable.

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