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Cell Phone

Pretender Rechargeable Stun Gun Disguised as Cell Phone

Having a self-defense weapon that looks like an ordinary item can mean the difference between life and death in dangerous situations. Women, in particular, who are more at risk than men of getting assaulted or attacked in the streets, will find a stun gun disguised as cell phone to be a handy tool in protecting themselves. As no assailant will ever suspect such a harmless-looking device to be a weapon, it gives women the advantage they need to defend themselves in an instant.

Stun guns are among the most popular non-lethal self-defense weapons in the market today. These battery-powered weapons discharge high-voltage but low-amperage electricity aimed at incapacitating an attacker. The idea behind the device is to “stun” an attacker with an electrical charge that can leave them in pain and mental confusion. The electricity pumped against their body will render them temporarily paralyzed or unconscious.

The effect of a stun gun depends on the pressure that is put behind it. When the trigger is held for mere seconds, this can cause the attacker to be confused momentarily and fall to the ground. Holding the trigger for more than five seconds can cause them to lose control over their balance and render them disoriented. The effects of a stun gun can last for around 30 minutes.

For those who do not want to carry lethal weapons like firearms, stun guns are a good alternative for protecting themselves against attacks. Police officers, too, carry such devices, as they provide easy access to protection without leaving any damaging or lethal effects on their attackers.

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How Cell Phone Stun Guns Provide Defense

Stun guns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, voltage power, and colors. The ones that are popular nowadays are disguised stun guns, which are designed to look like simple, ordinary items such as lipsticks, torches, perfumes, or a pack of cigarettes. Mobile phone stun guns are becoming preferred choices, especially among women who want an effectively disguised self-defense weapon that is handy enough to be carried anywhere or conceal inside their purses. A weapon that is camouflaged as a cell phone enables them to apply surprise defense that in no way can be expected by any attacker. This element of surprise catches an attacker off guard, giving women the chance to escape and seek help.

Cell phone stun guns are the perfect weapons to carry, as they look ordinary enough without alerting anyone that you are carrying a weapon. Since a lot of people carry cell phones these days, no one will suspect that what you are holding in your hand is really a cell phone with stun gun. You can carry it around and hold it against your ear as if making a call, without anyone thinking that it is a self-defense weapon.

There are a variety of cell phone stun guns on the market. The Pretender 4.5 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun is a good cell phone stun gun to invest in. It comes in the color pink, which is perfectly tailored for women who want to have a non-lethal yet fashionable-looking weapon. It also comes in black to cater to men and to those who are not into girly colors. Coming from a top cell phone stun gun brand, Pretender Cell Phone Stun Guns are available in both standard and rechargeable models, with a built-in light that provides instant illumination and tactical defense for when you have to pass through someplace completely dark.

Picture this: you are walking in some remote area when a mugger suddenly comes at you from behind. Thankfully, you are armed with a cell phone stun gun, the voltage of which can incapacitate your attacker instantly. They will have no idea what struck them, as they would think you were holding just some innocent-looking mobile phone. Upon rendering your assailant paralyzed, this can give you the time to run away and call 9-1-1. Wherever you are, this dummy phone can be the thing that protects and saves your life.

Making the Most of a Disguised Stun Gun

Whether or not they resemble cell phones, flashlight stun guns are similarly popular options. The device serves a double purpose in the interest of self-defense: as a flashlight and a stun gun. You can use the flashlight while walking in a dark alley or to blind an attacker temporarily with its glare. The stunning feature, on the other hand, can help you disable your attacker instantly so you can run to safety and get help. Such a double-feature self-defense weapon will give you peace of mind and the protection you need when you find yourself in areas or neighborhoods that are not exactly safe. All cell phone stun guns from Pretender have a bright, built-in LED light.

While these non-lethal self-defense weapons provide the protection one needs against attacks, the question that most people have in their minds is: are they safe to use? Some would shy away from purchasing a cell phone stun gun for fear of suffering the same electric shock because they are holding their attacker. The fact is that you will not be affected by the shock even while the attacker is holding on to you, as the effect is concentrated on the part of the person's body that is being stunned. Moreover, stun guns feature a safety switch to avoid any accidental discharge.

A stun gun disguised cleverly as a cell phone or any other simple, ordinary-looking item might just be the thing you need to enhance your protection in the streets. Your security should be your topmost priority, and you can ensure the same with the help of a non-lethal self-defense weapon that looks stylish yet is perfectly capable of protecting you from an assault. When faced with unfortunate situations, remember to keep calm and be alert. Once you have disabled your attacker, run away as fast as you can. Be on the move until you get yourself to safety. Never wait around to see if your attacker will get back up, as this will just give them a chance to go after you.