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Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

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The Stun Master mobile charger flashlight stun gun is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton.

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Detailed Description

Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight Charger with 18,000,000 Volts

Whether you are walking home at night when someone attacks you or you are at home or in your vehicle and someone tries to break in, having a stun gun flashlight charger can be of great use. You can use the light to blind them and disorient them and then use the stun gun to shock them, thus ensuring your safety.

If that fails, then you can always use this flashlight stun gun as a blunt weapon to knock the attacker on their head. It is because the Stun Master® 18 Million Volt Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun is a rare stun baton that embodies all three of those features.

A Stun Gun That Is Also an Impact Baton

You will notice before anything else about the weapon that its body is industrial-strength aircraft aluminum. This makes it not only a heavy duty stun gun flashlight but also probably the strongest stun gun flashlight you will ever come across. One hit from this to the head can knock an assailant out cold.

As a blunt weapon, it can be used to hit someone on the head or shoulder or to knock away any weapon they might be pointing at you. If you stunned them first, then you can hit them with the stun baton to finish the job and knock them out so you can run away and call the police.

For sure, you should use it as a blunt weapon only as a last resort. This weapon for self-defense is a well disguised stun gun since it is designed to look like a regular flashlight. It feels like a flashlight, it is just as long as a flashlight, and the cool thing is that it actually works as a flashlight!

The Stun Master® stun gun flashlight is 120 lumens bright, ensuring that a single blast of its light to the face can momentarily blind and disorient anyone trying to do you harm. If you are defending in the dark, this is also a good tool to help you to aim your stun gun strikes properly or to find an attacker hiding in the shadows.

You can use it as a flashlight to ensure you are facing only one enemy at a time. Muggers and rapists sometimes come in groups of three or more. With a flashlight, you can maneuver around them to ensure that none of them can ambush you from behind or from the sides.

With the device as a stun gun, you could not ask for more. This flashlight stun gun taser delivers a total of 18 million volts and 4.6 milliamps when fully charged. That kind of power guarantees that even the toughest attackers will go down, even when they are wearing thick clothing.

You will want to strike their armpits, groin, neck, and tummy since these are all very sensitive areas of the body. Use the flashlight to aim and then strike carefully so you can knock them out with a single shock. This way, you will have enough battery life left to defend yourself against several more attackers.

Since it is designed misleadingly as a flashlight, you can carry it openly on your belt, and no one would suspect it is a weapon. If an attacker tries to get near you, they will not be alarmed when they see you reach for the flashlight. They will keep their guard down long enough for you to blind and strike.

It is very important never to show attackers that you are armed. That will cause them to feel more aggression and to keep their guard up. Because this stun baton looks like any regular flashlight, they will not see your sudden attack for self-defense until they have been stunned and are on the ground.

What Else the Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun Has

The flashlight stun baton has other features as well. At its bottom, you will find a USB charging port. You can use this to charge any iPhone or MP3 player that uses a USB charging dock. If you use other self-defense weapons that might need to be charged on the go, then you can use this charger for convenience.

Also remember that this is a rechargeable stun gun. Rechargeable stun guns have the advantage of being more convenient to maintain since you will not have to buy new batteries constantly. Charging is also very easy since this does come with a USB port. If you are on the move, just plug it into a mobile charging dock.

The Appeal of Stun Guns

The Stun Master® Mobile Charger Stun Gun Flashlight is a very efficient weapon due to its design and features, but essentially, how does it work? You will need to understand how stun guns deliver a powerful electrical shock without causing long-lasting damage.

Stun guns require a high voltage in order for the electrical current to work through garments and skin. It is why this one has 18 million volts in order to push through thick clothing. However, a high voltage will not kill a person so long as the amperage is low.

That is the reason this baton stun gun features up to 4.6 milliamps. The amperage is high enough to cause damage but not too high for it to be lethal (unless you stick the weapon into a person for far too long). It is powerful enough just to knock down and incapacitate even larger opponents.

Electrical currents from the electroshock gun pass through the skin and muscles and affect the person’s nervous system. It stops the synapses from delivering messages from the brain to the different body parts, and vice versa. A few seconds of applying a strong current can wreck a person’s mobility completely.

The current will disrupt the nervous system and make a target lose movement in their muscles. They will experience muscle spasms as the nerves lose control over the shocked body part, and eventually, the target will experience momentary paralysis. It may take 15 to 40 minutes for them to recover fully from a short 3 to 5 seconds' worth of an electric shock.

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