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Small Stun Gun Holster for Running, Belt, Pants

Any handheld, close-quarters weapon is only as effective as the hand that wields it. Whether wielding a katana or a stun gun, it is your own hand that determines what the weapon can do to your attacker. That is why you should use a stun gun holster for running, hiking, or simply walking along dangerous streets at night. Stun gun holsters can give you the advantage of having your weapon within quick and easy reach. And in an encounter with a criminal at close range, you will need every advantage you can possibly get.

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Self-Defense Starts with Readiness

Small stun gun flashlights like the RUNT and the Li'l Guy are much more effective when carried in their corresponding leatherette holsters. These holsters allow you to have your weapon at the ready. You will not have to waste seconds fishing around in your pocket or your bag to retrieve your weapon, which is crucial to being able to defend yourself, as even mere seconds are going to be valuable during a melee or close-combat encounter. It takes less than a second for anyone to get stabbed with a knife and killed, but do not worry: it also takes less than a second to administer the shocking pain of live stun gun contact.

When your Li'l Guy Stun Gun is kept in its beautiful, practical leatherette holster (which comes in pink, purple, red, black, green, and blue), you will be able to administer that electric shock in one liquid motion. The same can be said if you keep your RUNT Stun Gun in its corresponding holster, which also comes in various colors like red, purple, pink, green, blue, and black.

Fashion as Self-Defense

The leatherette Li'l Guy Stun Gun holster also comes in a unique pattern: flower print. It just might be the missing piece in that outfit you are working on. More than that, it can make your Stun Master® Li'l Guy look like a harmless, ordinary electronic gadget, hiding the fact that it is a high-voltage self-defense weapon. This is a shared characteristic of all stylish stun gun holsters that come in non-threatening patterns and colors (like pink, green, or purple).

It opens up a tactic that can allow you to catch criminals off guard. When you do not look like you are armed, the criminals who may be targeting you will not expect you to fight back, certainly not with a stun weapon. Some criminals who might mistake your stun gun for a smartphone might even attempt to grab it while it is in your hands, practically giving you the opportunity to send a shock through their very hands. When they realize you are really armed, it would already be too late for them to react accordingly.

This tactic is especially useful if you can pretend that your stun gun is just a flashlight or a phone. Some creative thinking can allow you to maximize the capabilities of even the smallest compact stun guns.

Holsters are also about protecting yourself from your own weapon. You do not want to shock yourself accidentally while attempting to retrieve a naked stun gun from your pocket, purse, or bag. That would be stupid and dangerous, especially during an actual violent encounter. This will never happen with a holster, as you will need to deliberately draw your weapon and turn the safety off to activate it.

Additionally, a holster provides your stun gun with a layer of protection against moisture and impact, securing the integrity of the internal parts that keep it in good working condition. This is a good way to lengthen the service life of your stun gun.

Quick Drawing Requires Training

If you want to maximize having a holster for your RUNT or Li'l Guy, find and pick gun holster positions you are comfortable with, and practice drawing your weapon from those positions. In a melee encounter, instinct can easily take over, especially for most civilians who are not really used to fighting in close quarters. When that happens, you had better have some instincts that are useful for this type of combat. The good news is that those instincts can be created and developed through practical training.

If you spend just a few minutes of every day training with your weapon, that is already a large step towards being prepared for the real thing. Go do some research for yourself. Find and practice stun gun drawing and deployment methods that you are comfortable with, and keep practicing those techniques. You may be armed with a powerful weapon, but if you do not know how to use it properly, you might as well keep it at home.

The clean and quick motion of drawing a stun gun, followed by a warning cackle of its electrodes, can sometimes be enough to send the message that you are not to be messed with. The sound and sight of a person who is ready to defend themselves at a moment's notice can be enough to deter a criminal from attacking. You might not even have to actually stun your would-be attacker to prevent a violent encounter. This is because criminals prey on people that they think will not put up a fight. If you look like you are ready to fight back, that alone can be enough for most criminals to rethink their actions.

You can do all that with your RUNT or Li'l Guy stun gun. Just train with your weapon and a holster. Develop your close-combat instincts so you can be more effective in real situations.

When you are practicing with a stun gun holster jeans held up with a belt work best. As long as any belt is part of your wardrobe, you can secure your stun gun to it using the gun holster belt clip. Belts are the most convenient places to keep your weapon on your person. If you are the type who appreciates the quick draw potential of holstered weapons, you can even secure these leatherette holsters onto the bigger belted holsters that already hold your other weapons, adding a stun gun to your existing arsenal.