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Li'l Guy

Li\'l Guy Compact Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight

When it comes to how firearms should be carried, gun owners often have sharply contrasting opinions. There are those who prefer to carry them out in the open right in plain sight (in states where this is legal) and others (even those living in states where open carry is allowed) who prefer to carry them hidden under a shirt or jacket, sometimes even under layers of clothing. Sometimes, even they still worry about their weapons bulging out underneath their clothes and possibly giving their presence away to the bad guys. It is pretty much the same with stun guns. Some practically announce to observers what they are and can do, while others are discreet stun guns that disguise themselves as other objects. The latter even look too small to be weapons, fooling criminals into thinking they are simply harmless everyday objects, until it is too late. There is a compact rechargeable stun gun with flashlight that does all this.

Stun guns are electroshock weapons. They use electric shocks to bring down even the largest, toughest criminal targets. Since they do not rely on the user’s physical strength to work, they eliminate the need to fight back. Fighting back is always very dangerous except for the most skilled and experienced practitioners of hand-to-hand combat. That is how stun guns offer safer self-defense. They are also safer for the targets, who will not get killed or suffer any permanent injuries and will recover fully after some time.

The Stun Master® Li\'l Guy 12,000,000-Volt Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster looks like anything but a defense weapon. However, this little weapon could very well be the most powerful compact stun gun. Because it is small, attackers will think it is harmless and will probably not bother to give it a second look. And it is available in all sorts of stylish prints and colors for both men and women. You can choose from an animal print, a flower print, blue, green, a snakeskin print, red, purple, pink, which would probably be popular with the ladies, and black, which would likely appeal to many men.

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The Surprise Factor

Flashlight stun guns are really like two weapons in one, giving you that extra edge over an assailant. These let you both see your target at night and blind them with the glare, making it much more difficult for them to attack you and also much easier for you to see them so you can take them down.

The idea behind disguised stun guns is that they look like other objects so they will fool any attacker. In the case of the Li’l Guy Stun Guns, these neat little weapons are not disguised as other objects. They are really hiding right in plain sight behind their colors, print designs, and small size. This means that they look like anything but weapons as well. For that reason, an assailant will never know what is coming.

Small stun guns like these ones give you yet another advantage. Their size allows them to be hidden in the hand easily so anyone coming at you will most likely not be able to see that you are holding anything at all, giving you another chance to catch your target by surprise.

Many people, even criminals who have unfortunately been at the receiving end of a stun gun’s prongs, have reported that they thought the device, even if it was held right under their noses, was something else entirely, like an electric shaver. A weapon designed to drop even some druggie high on crack was the last thing they thought it was. These Li’l Guy Flashlight Stun Guns have precisely that kind of effect.

Practical Self-Defense

There is also a practical contributing factor to the popularity of small hand held stun guns. It is the fact that they can be stored anywhere on the user easily. They can be either slipped into a pocket or purse or carried in stun gun holsters. Holstering them is still the best way to carry them, as this means that they are instantly accessible when needed. Putting your weapon elsewhere, especially in a bag or purse, will likely mean that you will be hunting for it at the bottom, where it is buried under everything else, just when your life is under threat.

Do remember, the quality of your holster matters. Make sure it is not just tough and long-lasting but it also will not let your stun gun stick just when you are trying to draw it, which would surely spell disaster in a defensive emergency.

The diminutive size of these stylish stun guns also means, especially for women with small hands, the user can easily maintain their grip on and control of their weapon during defense situations, when their adrenaline is pumping and there is no time to think, only time to react.

Your Tactical Edge

Women are about nine times more likely to become the victims of violent assault than men. Because of this, being able to control their weapon also means being able to take control of the situation during the first few seconds of an attack, which will probably mean the difference between their defending themselves successfully and landing in the hospital, or even worse, the morgue.

Just like with firearms or knives, weapon retention is paramount during a tactical situation. Having the most effective defense weapon in history obviously will not matter if your attacker has just grabbed it from you and is about to use it on you, too.

Another advantage with going for a stun gun is that finding a stun gun flashlight for sale is easy. The popularity of these weapons means they are all over the Internet. Of course, not all of these defense devices are created equal. Do not just fall for one because it is cheap or looks good. It might not deliver just when you are faced with a potentially deadly threat and you need it to work. One day, your stun gun could be the only thing that stands between your surviving a violent encounter and ending up in a body bag.