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Stun Master® Lipstick Style Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlights

The key factors in defending yourself properly include having a self-defense weapon that is small, well disguised, and easy to use. These factors are even more important for women, who are attacked more often than men. You can get all these factors in one device with a lipstick style rechargeable stun gun.

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Why Size and Looks Matter

A lipstick size stun gun has two distinct benefits: it is small, and it is designed to look like real lipstick. You might think the large, bulky police stun guns are the best choices, but for civilians, mini stun guns disguised as ordinary objects might in fact be the better choice.

A great example is the Stun Master® 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight. Stun guns for women should be easy to use without losing their high-voltage power or the small size and disguise that compact stun guns have to offer, and this lipstick stun gun does not disappoint.

Small stun guns can be just as powerful as large stun guns, as power is not measured in size but in voltage. A mini lipstick stun gun with high voltage can knock out and incapacitate a large target instantly. However, the best thing about mini stun guns like those disguised as lipstick is that they fit anywhere.

You can hold them in your hand, and no one would notice. You can fit them in your pocket or keep them in your purse. There is no need for a belt holster or to drop them in a large backpack since they are small enough to fit anywhere you can fit your real lipstick products.

Another reason for picking up a lipstick stun gun sale item is that it is easy to conceal. One look at it would really make you think it was lipstick. People planning to attack you may see you take it out from a pocket or purse, but they will see only lipstick, not a dangerous stun gun.

The Stun Master® Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight comes in five colors to choose from: pink, black, purple, red, and gold. This lets women choose what kind of stun gun lipstick would match the items in their purse, camouflaging the weapon perfectly in plain sight.

These two factors, size and disguise, work together to give you one important advantage: the element of surprise. Cops usually say you should not let an attacker know you have a weapon because the mere sight of one might make them more aggressive. They could hurt you even more than originally planned simply because they want to take you out before you can fight back.

Disguised stun guns can be brought out in the open because they do not look dangerous. The only time the attacker will know this one is a stun gun is when you use it against them, sending 3 million volts through their body.

Using Lipstick Stun Guns

Using a lipstick stun gun should not be hard. After all, the average lipstick stun gun price is pretty low so you should not expect a highly complicated computer death-machine. As a matter of fact, you only need to think about three simple features.

Lipstick stun guns are small so you can’t fit too many buttons. Luckily, you need only two. The first one is to turn the flashlight on, and the other is to turn the stun gun active. Making it active is required to shock an attacker, obviously, but why would a stun gun need a flashlight, you ask?

Flashlight stun guns are not there just to help you see around at night. You can use the flashlight to surprise and blind an attacker momentarily. They will lose their concentration from the bright light, and you can use this short window of opportunity to stun them in sensitive body areas like their armpit or groin.

The third feature is the rechargeable battery. Simply plug it in, and you can power this lipstick stun gun back to full power in no time. There is no need to worry about AAA batteries or the like. A full charge can give you at least 30 full applications. Those are more than enough to take down even a group of muggers.

The Lipstick Stun Gun Payoff

Believe it or not, but one out of every five women get attacked. They are mugged more often than men and are raped more frequently than men. Break-ins tend to happen in women’s homes more often than a home occupied by a man. This is because most people believe women are easier to overpower.

That last statement is not true, and with this lipstick stun gun, you can take out attackers the size of a WWE wrestler. Whether you are walking home at night or you just happen to live alone in a dangerous neighborhood, having one of these stun guns makes you prepared for the worst.

The best part is that stun guns are legal in most states and cities in the US. Civilian stun guns may not be as powerful as a police-issue stun gun, but that is because these weapons are meant to keep you safe and not to destroy a person’s body.

The way stun guns work is quite simple: low amperage but high voltage ensures that a person gets shocked but not killed. The electrical current disrupts their nervous system, paralyzing them instantly. It impairs all motor control, so after you apply the stun gun to an attacker, they will just drop to the ground.

Women trying to stay safe should turn to a lipstick stun gun because it is quick and easy to use and also because it is safe. Stun guns are non-lethal, unlike guns or knives, but they can keep you safe all the same.

You do not want to alarm an attacker or stalker so you will want a small, well-disguised weapon. It should not be lethal, but it should take them down instantly. Size should not be a detriment to its power. You can get all that and more with the Stun Master® Lipstick Stun Gun.