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Lipstick, Cell Phone, Women\'s Pink Stun Guns for Sale

Stylish stun guns like these pink stun guns for sale are weapons of deception. They are part of a line of stun guns for women who want solid and reliable security but also do not want to lug around bulky and obvious self-defense weapons. With these small stun guns in pink, you can opt to appear as though you have no means of fighting an assault on your life or your property. Why would you want this? Because it can be used to turn the tables on criminals who prey on those who appear weak.

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Take Your Attacker by Surprise

Criminals prey on the weak and harmless because it is a more economical choice for them. The less their target is likely to fight back, the better their chances of turning a profit from their illicit activities. However, with a pink stun gun, you can use this to your advantage.

By looking like an ordinary electronic gadget instead of a self-defense weapon, a pink stun gun allows you to look like you are harmless and not really armed with millions of volts of electric stopping power. The more harmless you look, the more confident your attacker is going to be that they can pull this crime off. Because your attacker is not expecting resistance from any type of weapon that you may be holding, their guard will be lowered considerably. That is when you can strike easily with your stun gun.

As with most stun guns, half a second of live contact is enough to rattle a person, push them back, or even better, distract them so you can hit them again for a longer duration. When a stun gun is applied to the body for three or more seconds, this is when you can really disrupt the muscles and administer temporary paralysis, giving you more opportunities to escape unscathed from the encounter. In an escalating situation where your life may be threatened, do not be afraid to aim for areas of the body that are more susceptible to getting shocked, such as the neck, shoulders, and abdomen, and even the groin, ensuring short but immediate incapacitation from pain.

This tactic is much easier to apply when you are armed with a pink stun gun that looks more like a harmless object than a weapon. And you can employ it if you buy pink stun gun devices from RUNT, Stun Master®, and Pretender, the top makers of these products.

Catch Your Attacker off Guard

If you are looking for flashlight stun guns that pack a solid punch, RUNT and Stun Master® have you covered. Their ordinary-looking rechargeable pink stun guns come in a size and a shape that make them not only very easy to conceal but also very easy to handle and operate. And because they can also be used as flashlights, you can appear like you are holding just a normal household flashlight when you are walking down dark and dangerous areas of the neighborhood.

Similar in size and function is the pink stun baton. It is rechargeable and conveniently shaped and also works like a flashlight. And simply because of the fact that it comes in pink, it can look harmless even in the light of day. This baton has a unique feature that is not shared by other pink stun guns. Besides its frontal electrodes for administering shock, it also has metal strips running down its side, shocking anyone who attempts to take the weapon away from you.

If an attacker succeeds in taking the weapon despite the shock, the wrist strap disable pin will be dislodged, rendering the weapon useless in their hands. Even if the weapon is taken from you, it can't be used against you, and it can't be used again until you plug the disable pin back in.

Employ Subtler Tactics via Disguised Stun Guns

Some stun guns are subtler than others. This is certainly true for the lipstick stun guns by Stun Master®. These are self-defense weapons you can bring out in the middle of the day without anyone batting an eyelash, unless of course they are looking to borrow some lipstick. In the dark, you can also use them as flashlights, allowing you to keep them handy when passing dark areas where you are likely to get attacked.

Because of its disguise, you can keep a stun gun lipstick anywhere you want, in your favorite purse, your bag, your pockets, or even your desk at work. Anyone who finds it is going to assume it is merely a harmless object and not the electric weapon that it really is.

The same can be said for the cell phone stun guns by Pretender. While ordinary pink stun guns can look like cell phones from a distance, each of these can look like a normal phone from up close, even in daylight. That means you can just pretend you are using your phone, looking completely like you are half-immersed in tinkering with your gadget, when in reality, you have already drawn a stun weapon.

It is going to be doubly surprising for any attackers who attempt to grab your 'phone' and instead end up getting the shock of their lives. If you want to use the element of surprise against criminals, one of the best ways to do it is with this pink stun gun cell phone.

If you want weapons that can intimidate would-be attackers at first glance, these are not the weapons you are looking for. These are designed to surprise clueless criminals, to teach them the lesson that preying on the weak can yield some seriously painful consequences. That is the simple power of the color pink.

All stun guns use high-voltage and low-ampere currents in order to administer a stunning pain that can literally stop a man in his tracks.

Take advantage of lower pink stun gun prices by buying retail right here. Most of these pink stun guns are rechargeable, and those that are not use common batteries that can be bought easily from hardware or general goods stores, and right here.