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RUNT 20,000,000 Volt Pink Stun Gun with a Flashlight and Wrist Strap Disable Pin

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The Pink Rechargeable Runt 20 Million Volt Stun Gun is easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or a man.

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Detailed Description

RUNT Pink Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight for Women

The RUNT 20,000,000-Volt Pink Stun Gun with a Flashlight and Wrist Strap Disable Pin is the very definition of “small but terrible”. At less than 4 inches long and at just an inch thick, it is very easy to handle, even if you have small hands. Despite its size, this pink rechargeable stun gun packs enough punch to administer unforgettable pain to even the toughest street criminals.

These small stun guns are perfect for those who need to walk or commute alone in the dark of night, possibly exposed to criminals who may try to take advantage of them. You will be able to carry sufficient power to protect yourself from these criminal elements, all in a convenient size that fits in the palm of your hand.

If you are armed with the RUNT Stun Gun 20 million volts of electric stopping power are at your command. Those millions of volts of potential are paired with 4.5 milliamps of current. Just make sure that your unit is fully charged. Otherwise, it might not be able to dish out those 4.5 milliamps in full.

With rechargeable stun guns like the RUNT pink stun gun flashlight, there will be no need to bother with finding and buying the right batteries. You need only to find a wall socket where you can plug it in to keep it fully charged.

How to Use RUNT Stun Guns Safely and Effectively

Your primary concerns should be your personal safety while using the device and its effectiveness against the criminals who attack you.

It all begins with the proper handling of the weapon. Hold it firmly in the palm of your hand. The side of the weapon where the controls are should be facing your thumb, allowing you to switch between safety on, flashlight mode, and shock mode. Thanks to the size of these flashlight stun guns, it will be quite easy to reach and handle these controls.

You will definitely see and hear electricity dancing on the probes at the top of the weapon when it is sufficiently charged and activated. In certain cases, this threatening treat for both eyes and ears is enough to make weak-willed criminals reconsider attacking you, allowing you to avoid confrontation.

If that does not work, do not worry. The pink RUNT Stun Gun is designed to make close-quarters melee combat easy. You will not even have to hit hard. As long as the live probes make contact, you can touch your attacker's skin with the weapon even just effortlessly, and they will still feel the shock.

RUNT Stun Gun Strategies for Self-Defense

If you are worried about not being able to make contact with your flashlight stun gun, there are ways to make it easier for you to hit your attacker with these pink stun guns for women. For instance, the built-in flashlight is not just a convenient tool for finding your way or other things in the dark.

When you are in an area with very minimal to no light, a flashlight turned on to the face can be enough to blind a person for a second or two. That seemingly small amount of time can be put to very good use. Distraction is a powerful tool. A distracted criminal is one that is vulnerable to getting shocked by a stun gun, and you could do it all matter of seconds. You can also take advantage of your criminal's temporary blindness to attack with something other than your stun gun.

In any melee encounter, remember that you are armed with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. With a little training, you can use the other parts of your body to set up your stun gun attacks. Your entire body can be used as different weapons. Your stun gun is just there to provide you with 20 million volts and 4.5 milliamps of backup, all in a convenient package.

The areas of the body that are most vulnerable to high voltage stun guns are the groin, neck, shoulders, ribs, and stomach. Essentially, these spots are vulnerable not just to electric shock but also to any significant strike with your fists, feet, or other weapons.

Style can be a defense strategy too. Through these RUNT fashion stun guns, you can apply a deceptive technique against criminals. To begin, you need to understand something about criminal psychology.

Criminals attack people whom they think are unable to put up a fight. When a person looks weak or harmless, he or she is more likely to be targeted by criminals. The more harmless you look, the more confident criminals will be with pulling off a successful robbery or assault on you. Confidence is good for criminals, but too much of it can make them careless.

Combined with the general look of the RUNT Stun Gun, its pink color makes it look harmless when seen from afar. To a criminal who is observing you, it might be just a smartphone or some other harmless gadget. When criminals do not think you are armed with a self-defense weapon, they can get careless enough to let their guard down, giving your weapon's electrical probes easy access to the vulnerable areas of their bodies.

Besides pink, you can also get the RUNT in green, blue, purple, and red – non-threatening colors that will allow it to look like a harmless everyday gadget. If you prefer, you can also get it in black.

Another thing that makes these RUNT units possibly the best small stun guns available is the included Wrist Strap Disable Pin. You just plug the disable pin into the weapon and wrap the strap on your wrist while attacking or defending. If and when someone manages to grab it from your hand, the pin will naturally be pulled out, automatically disabling the weapon. So, even when you are disarmed, your attacker will at least not be able to shock you with your own weapon.

For these pink stun guns sale comes with a lifetime warranty. Its exact dimensions are: 4 ¼ inches in length, 1 5/8 inches in width, and 1 inch in thickness.

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