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RUNT Stun Gun 20 Million Volts with Flashlight

RUNT is not exactly the runt of the litter when it comes to stun guns, especially considering the 20,000,000-Volt RUNT Stun Gun with a Flashlight and Wrist Strap Disable Pin. That amount of voltage is even more impressive when you consider the fact that this device is just around 4 inches tall. If you are looking for compact stun guns that can pack a punch and also function as flashlight stun guns, then look no further than the RUNT Stun Gun 20 million volts stunner. This small-but-terrible package is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to defend themselves against criminal attacks without having to carry a huge weapon.

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The RUNT: Ruthless, Reliable, Rechargeable

Do small stun guns work? There is more than just one RUNT Stun Gun video on the Internet that can tell you this one does. In fact, online, there are countless videos of people allowing themselves to get hit by live stun guns, letting you see what a couple of millions of volts can do to a person. With the RUNT, you can replicate those results all too easily.

Armed with millions of voltage and 4.5 milliamps (as long as the batteries are fully charged), you can use the RUNT's electric shock to administer a pain that will likely scar the memory of anyone unfortunate enough to receive this shock. And that is just with half a second of live contact.

The device's ruthlessness is really unleashed when you manage to sneak in an attack that lasts for a few more seconds of contact. Given that duration, the effect is closer to true neuro-muscular incapacitation, similar to what taser guns can administer. You can accomplish this by setting it up with a couple of quick, short jabs of live stun gun contact. While your target is confused or distracted by those small attacks, you can come in with a shock that lasts for 3 to 5 seconds. The resulting effects would give you the opportunity to seek safety and escape the violent encounter without getting hurt.

RUNT stun guns are reliable not only because they are high voltage stun guns but also because they are working flashlights. When you are walking down the dark and (potentially) dangerous streets you have to pass through in order to either get home, do your chores, or go to work, you can already have the RUNT in your hands as a flashlight. Unbeknownst to any nearby criminals who may be preying on you, your flashlight is the same as your self-defense stun weapon: you are already armed and ready, even though you look like you are just holding a flashlight because it is dark.

This is an especially useful feature because it illuminates dark paths while also allowing you to keep your weapon drawn in areas where you are likely to get attacked. This makes it perfect for nurses, doctors, students, or teachers who often have no choice but to commute at night.

It might even make you look like you are holding a cell phone instead of a flashlight or stun gun. When that happens, you will have the opportunity to shock the hand of anyone who tries to take your 'cell phone', teaching them a painful lesson about how looks can be deceiving, especially in the dark.

The reliability of the RUNT extends to its care and maintenance. Each 20 million volt RUNT comes with a lifetime warranty. That is so you will not have to worry about any defects on any unit you purchase.

When your RUNT flashlight stun gun is out of juice, you simply need to pull out its prongs and plug it into a wall socket to charge it. With rechargeable stun guns, you can be sure you are at least packing the maximum volts and amps that the weapon can dish out before entering any areas where you just might be attacked by criminal elements.

Being Armed and Ready Is No Reason Not to Look Good

Besides being some of the smallest stun guns on the market today, these are also some of the most fashionable stun guns for men and women because of their shape, size, and availability in various colors. The RUNT comes in classic black, which is a favorite of law enforcement, private security firms, and civilians who do not tolerate crime.

There is also pink, which will allow your RUNT to look as though it is not a stun weapon but another ordinary, everyday electronic gadget, like a cell phone or a music player. The same can be said for the RUNT that comes in the colors purple, green, red, and blue. And when you are armed with a weapon that looks too colorful to be an actual weapon, you can surprise your attacker during close-quarters combat (and look good while doing it).

In the world of self-defense, fashion can have a very practical application. When your stun gun does not look at all like a stun gun from a distance, there is a large chance your attacker is not going to be prepared to defend themselves. And when their defenses are lowered because they are not expecting retaliation, this is when you can strike first. This is an underappreciated benefit of stun guns that can also look like harmless everyday objects.

Safety Comes with Security

As a practical weapon for self-defense, the RUNT comes with some practical safety measures. Besides a working safety on/off switch, it is connected to a wrist strap disable pin. With the wrist strap looped around your wrist, the disable pin is plugged into the RUNT. Should an attacker be successful in grabbing the weapon away from your hand, the disable pin would be pulled out, effectively stopping it from working in your attacker's hands. This ensures only you can use your weapon. Just do not let your attacker wrestle the wrist strap disable pin from you, as plugging the pin back in can make the RUNT work again.

The RUNT Stun Gun: a reliable, rechargeable, and safe but ruthless self-defense device that fits just about anybody's hands.