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Stun Batons

Few defense weapons are as effective as stun guns. Law enforcement agents use these not just for defense but also to take down suspects who are resistant to the idea of getting handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car. Powerful as they are, though, stun guns are not without their limitations. You have to stick close to your target to use one, which means it could get grabbed from you. This is an even greater danger if you are smaller than your attacker. With a baton stick stun gun, you will have reach as an additional edge besides the weapon’s voltage, and your attacker can’t get near you.

Standard stun guns already give you a good defensive edge by letting you use an electric shock to drop an attacker instead of using your own strength. This means much safer self-defense, especially if your assailant is a 6’6”, 300-pound linebacker and you are a teenage girl who is barely five feet tall and weighs just 90 pounds. It is even safe for your attacker, who will survive as well as recover fully without any trace of injury.

Improving on the Already Powerful Stun Gun

Stun batons are stun guns in baton form. With their extended reach, you can reach your attacker but the culprit can’t reach you. That distance buys you a few more precious seconds so you can get away more easily and seek help from bystanders or call 9-1-1. And stun batons’ portability makes them easy to carry.

If you are convinced you’ve got to have one of these stick weapons, good. But beware. Although there is no shortage of defense weapons online, including stun batons, they are not all well-made. Be careful when choosing one.

Stun Master Stun Batons are the primary choices. Stun Master® has been manufacturing stun guns since the 1990s. Its products might just be the best stun gun batons around. And although they are great at taking down even the biggest and toughest suspects, they are non-lethal weapons that do not maim their targets, either. This is because even if their voltage gets very high, their amperage stays really low. They are made to be reliable but safe.

Stun Baton Effectiveness

Do stun batons work for people on the streets as well as they do for law enforcers? Stun Master® Stun Batons certainly do. These can take down assailants of all shapes and sizes in more ways than one. By taking different approaches simultaneously to defending people against the bad guys, they are effectively like two or three weapons, all rolled into one.

Take the Stun Master® metal stun batons, for example. They will drop anyone coming at you like a fly with millions of volts on contact, and that is not all they can do. These batons are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, one of the toughest materials around. This means you can also whack an attacker over the head with one of these, assuming you will ever need to as a matter of life and death. When it comes to defending yourself against a violent attack, it is always good to have options.

These particular metal batons are extremely tough, yet aluminum is a very light material, meaning that no one will find the baton difficult to carry in a bag slung over their shoulder, for example. This is good news, particularly for small women. They will have no trouble bringing these weapons along in their shoulder bags.

And then there are the telescopic stun batons that Stun Master® offers. If you are looking to keep a violent assailant far away from you but are worried about being able to keep a long baton in your bag, then get one of these telescoping batons and you will be able to do both. These are only 13 inches long when fully collapsed for your carrying convenience, but they flick out to a full length of 21.5 inches. Having both high voltage and reach on your side is a defensive combination that is tough to beat.

The aircraft-metal and telescopic models all carry powerful flashlights, too. Not only can you see anyone attacking you late at night, you will also be able to blind them with the glare, leaving them open to your counterattack. This gives you yet another defensive option.

If carrying convenience is an absolute priority, Stun Master® has mini stun batons for sale, which will slip into a bag or purse very easily. They are even stylish stun batons for both men and women that come in pink or purple. The last thing that anyone who sees these small, brightly colored batons will think is that they are powerful weapons that will drop anyone. This puts surprise on your side. In many ways, the most effective weapon is one that does not look like a weapon at all.

If you need another reason to get a Stun Master® baton stun gun for yourself, here is another one. They might hurt more than anything your target has ever gotten hurt by, yet they do not even depend on pain to stop the target. Their powerful electric current disrupts the nervous system, which makes movement impossible and causes the target to fall. It means that these stun batons will drop even those who are drunk or high on drugs and thus may be insensitive to pain.

As if it is not enough that a stun baton will keep an assailant at bay and give you a much better chance at defending yourself against a knife attack, its powerful current tends to make a target jump away as well. The wrongdoer has just two options at that point: run away or fall down.

There is one more edge a Stun Master® Stun Baton will give you over other defense weapons. Just firing it into the air could intimidate a suspect into turning around and running off. Just seeing and hearing the current sparking across the electrodes is frightening. In this regard, the best kind of defense weapon is the one you end up not having to use at all.

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