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Stun Master Stun Guns

Stun Master Stun Gun Flashlight, Lipstick, Baton & More

The best way to avoid danger is to be nowhere near it, not unlike your best chance of surviving an assault is by running from it. However, an attack can reach a point of no escape. The attacker might have you cornered, be gripping your clothes, or stick a gun to your chest. With no way to run, your only recourse will be to stop them, but can they be stopped at that point? Do it with a Stun Master stun gun flashlight. In that moment, the takedown power of a stun gun becomes invaluable. It is instant, reliable, and non-lethal power that could save you just when the bad person’s next move might be to end you.

Stun guns are some of the best self-defense weapons to have for stopping assailants in their tracks at close quarters. When the mugger or rapist is in your face and it does not seem like you have an out, a single thrust of a stun gun to their body for three to four seconds will immobilize them. Even if they are so close you can hear them breathing, they still will fail to move a muscle to harm you. Half a second of contact alone will cause them pain and to twitch uncontrollably.

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It Matters What Stun Gun You Buy

When you press the trigger button and then push the stun gun toward the target’s body, electricity coming out through a pair of probes will shock the body and upset muscle activity. This paralyzes the muscles temporarily, inflicts pain, and messes up one’s equilibrium, all for some 30 minutes. Thus, you have an opportunity to flee without being pursued and to find help.

Now, this assumes your stun gun will work every step of the way. In reality, you would be a fool to leave your defense to any substandard defense weapon, whether it is a stun gun or something else. That would be even more foolish when there is no shortage of high-quality stun guns and defense weapons out there.

Stun Master® has been a trusted stun gun brand for more than two decades, and its weapons earned their popularity through old-fashioned excelling in product performance, safety, pricing, and range. All the stun guns run on high-voltage, low-current electrical charges to ensure they can incapacitate ably but non-lethally. And the manufacturer has emphasized the importance of low amperage since day one.

The variety covers compact, disguised, fashionable, and flashlight-equipped stun guns plus tactical and aircraft-metal stun batons. One steady hot seller is a rechargeable multifunction stun gun packed with voltage in the millions, an LED flashlight, flashing emergency lights, a loud alarm, a disable pin wrist strap, a rubberized grip, and a free nylon stun gun holster.

There is a Stun Master® Stun Gun for everyone. What is more, you can find your chosen stun gun for sale cheap at wholesale rates and resell them if you want to earn from home.

How to Find Your Best Stun Gun

Small stun guns are easily the most advisable to people in general. After all, stun guns were always meant to be handheld weapons. A stun gun is built to administer an electric shock regardless of its voltage, but its size can either help or hurt its effectiveness. Anything too bulky or too heavy would not be enticing to bring along at all times, for instance. Unfortunately, you could be robbed and hit on the one day you think to leave home without your big and burly stunner.

The weapon’s small size is advantageous for various reasons. It is an inconspicuous size so lurking wrongdoers will not be forewarned that you are armed. Neither will you be scaring other people away with a blatantly displayed electroshock weapon. Besides, a palm-sized stun gun can fit in a pocket, purse, or holster, and it can hide on your person, where it should be.

Any other feature of the device in addition to a handy size will vary in usefulness. However, a built-in flashlight will be universally beneficial inasmuch as anyone can be threatened someplace dark or at night. Small flashlight stun guns, like the Stun Master® Lil Guy Stun Gun, can be used to blind and disorient the attacker briefly. At the same time, the light can guide your aim when you need to move fast.

In contrast, large stun guns would usually refer to stun batons. These can take after just the shape of a baton or also have the tough metal make of one. They can be tactical batons with a fixed length or telescopic batons that can either collapse or elongate in a single step.

Whereas small stun guns aim to be invisible, stun batons are meant to be overt. They are useful in applying intimidation as a defense tactic, especially to prevent the escalation of force. For example, the police or community watch might wear stun batons when patrolling the streets or doing crowd control.

Stun Master® Stun Guns for Women

What should women look for in a stun gun? Much of it can be found in the Stun Master® lipstick stun gun. This mini stun gun will be undetectable, whether to someone hostile or friendly. Even if they catch a glimpse of it in your evening purse, they are bound to mistake the disguised stun gun for mere, harmless lipstick. Also, it’s got a flashlight.

Because men are often bigger and stronger than women, compact and concealable weapons figure a lot in women’s defense. Aggressors tend to drop their guard when they believe you are defenseless, and this gives you an opening for a counterattack. Such an opening is priceless, as they will not be using their size and heft to obstruct your little lipstick. Their physical power becomes irrelevant.

For the same reason, stylish stun guns in fun colors or designs can leave the opponent blindsided. Pink stun guns or the Li’l Guy stun guns in flower or animal prints are not recognizable as weapons, more so in equally deceptive-looking holsters. Blue, green, purple and red stun guns can help both men and women conceal their defense some more.